1. kiter

    Norway Adventures...............

    Probably wont sleep tonight as pretty excited, head off tomorrow for 5 weeks in Norway, plan is to try and get all the way up to Tromso, with about 2 weeks in the Lofoten Islands en route. Van all packed and tin tent hitched so ready to roll first thing tomorrow am. Scary how much 'stuff '...
  2. R

    -21°c sunset and the van performs great.

    Its cold, I’m loving the heated screen and seats
  3. Pounty

    Europe and Scandinavia van site app

    hi, going to be doing a lot of driving through Europe and Scandinavia. Is there an app that shows sites, etc. So I can stop on the hop if needs be! Thx, Andy
  4. J

    Hello from Finland

    Hello i have been driving transporters from t4 series... Also i have been driving other vans too vivaros,hiaces,vitos etc But last week i bought my second T6 :) It is very nice 4Motion "bulli" with biggest diesel engine available automatics etc... Just wanted to say hello here.....
  5. VanBlanc


    A few folk have mentioned plans to do this trip. This year we did 4400 miles up the Norwegian atlantic coast to the Arctic Circle and back through Sweden. I know the area around Stavanger and Stockholm but not much more so it was an adventure. There are a lot of pics on our FaceBook page Van...