fault codes

  1. T

    Glow plug faults

    I have a 2017 t6 144k Engine management light on. Fault code's p067200 p067300 on glow plugs 2&3 passive /sparadic. Van drives spot on. Anyone had this problem.
  2. R

    T6 Multivan 2016 2.0 110kw fault codes PLEASE HELP

    I get this 2 fault codes. I know that 1st one is Start Stop as it is not working. The second one is a bit of unknown. Car Scanner ELM OBD2 DTC report Selected brand: Volkswagen VIN: WV2ZZZ7HZGH029471 ============1============== 25796 Raw code: 0064C4 ECU: 01. Engine control unit Status: Test...
  3. Smr72

    Van not starting p3054 00 (101) fault, resolved

    A few weeks back I had the above fault, which I have now resolve with the help of @Loz Van was running great until I went to start it this afternoon it clicked and wouldn’t turn over. Got engine management light and flashing coil. Got a bump start and fired up straightaway and lights cleared...
  4. T

    P164B 2.0 150

    Currently have a van in and out of limp mode due to flashing coil light and this fault. I've changed both sensors for genuine parts, new oil and filter, both plugs are getting voltage 7v top and 9v bottom kinda stuck anyone else had this issue with the sensors?
  5. Y

    Engine Management Light - P20EE/31103 What to Do??

    Van is a 2017 T32 SWB 150, owned by me from new. Remapped at circa 4k miles by Pendle - now showing 26k miles. Van software was checked at last service in August 2020 and confirmed up to date. I have had several cycles of the engine management light coming on - each time there is no...
  6. B

    Exhaust fault light

    Hi All Just driven home and had a warning light come up on the dash which is a picture of the engine and in the book it saya exhaust fault? Anyone know what this could be? (I know what an exhaust is so no need to state the obvious) Can I still drive the van? T6 2017 Regards Dean
  7. C

    31130 fault code

    New member on here. I have a 17 plate 150 kombi conversion. My issue is this, I have had a re map carried out to 185bhp by a reputable local company. 1 week later whilst driving to Brugge, the engine management light came on ( amber). This did not affect the vans performance in any way. I then...
  8. J

    Error codes

    Merry christmas all! Just got a carista today and ran it to check errors and to do some customisation. Got 2 fault codes, Rain and light recognition andd rear left door. I know about the rear left door and assume that's why my alarm light is solid for a minute or so before setting.. But is...
  9. Ashypants

    Bank 1 Sensor 3 Location

    Hi everyone, I have EML on - scanning with Carista it is showing P242C - Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Low Bank 1 Sensor 3 - does anyone know the location of Sensor 3. Google seems to suggest it's the sensor before the DPF but I cant find anything concrete....Also is it an easy fix? I...
  10. J

    Unknown Fault code 16099

    Having a few issues with my New 6.1 dsg. Started off with the engine cutting out when restarting during stop-start. It’s like it’d stalling but given its auto, I think it’s just failing to start. Had roadside assistance out - no fault codes. This has happened about 5 times over the last 4 weeks...
  11. T

    front fog lights not working [Resolved]

    Can somebody suggest why my 2018 Highline front foglights have packed up. They have been retrofitted with cheap LED type with resistor but no longer work. I fitted Osram H11 LED but did not work and then checked there was no 12v at lamp. Anyone got any ideas? Is there a fuse blown, and if there...
  12. B

    Carista codes help please

    Just purchased a Carista unit as I had the engine management light come on. The codes I have come up are P16 BF and P16 CB I cleared them to get me through an MOT but they have now reappeared, when I google it it comes up with faults but not specifically for a T6 anyone have a clue what they are...
  13. D

    Fault codes. AA referred me to VW.

    Anybody know what these fault codes mean?. Called out the AA because amber engine management light came on but not flashing...he was confused and told me to contact VW.
  14. B

    Anyone had these codes before ?

    Hello Has anyone came across these codes before as flagged by carista. Thanks
  15. M

    Airbag light on - code 01321 [Resolved]

    Hi guys my 2017 t6 highline is showing fault 01321 no comunication with air bag module, and won't clear with my delphi diagnostics any ideas where the unit is please ? and any help to diagnose or check wiring or fuses related cheers Jon
  16. Lewislovesbread

    Engine fault light - carista code 27176

    So engine light back on. Armed with carista this time... Engine - 27176 On Ross-tech website... 27176 - Coolant Pump for Intercooler Centra electronics - 03442 & 01504 ...Taking it to vass of bath be specialist.
  17. A

    Carista fault code 03444

    Found a fault using carista contact-switch ignition 03444 anyone Manchester area can scan it in to have a more detailed scan...? The actual fault is the radio not turning off ir on with ignition and the Bluetooth says it needs ignition on to turn on...??? Cheers Andy
  18. B

    VW codes link

    VW error codes link hopefully might be of use to someone with more knowledge about codes or to anyone who doesnt want to read the Sunday papers. https://errors-codes.jimdofree.com/volkswagen/
  19. cbrblade

    VCDS help with faults

    Can anybody help with this Address 08: Auto HVAC Labels: 7E5-907-047.clb Control Module Part Number: 7E0 907 047 AK HW: 7E0 907 047 AK Component and/or Version: Climatic-T5 H22 0708 Software Coding: 0000000003 Work Shop Code: WSC 02737 790 50316...
  20. cbrblade

    help with faulty codes

    can anyone help with these fault codes