fault codes

  1. A

    ECU Fault Codes

    Hi just had the first service at an independent VW specialist They picked up the following fault codes: P2A0000 P2EAF00 P157000 P204B00 I’m informed that the presence of the fault codes will prevent a Regen Contacted WV who can’t investigate until mid Feb at the earliest which is far from ideal...
  2. Stead4119

    Glow plug light flashing fault code 16056

    Hi .have had this fault for a few months now. When engine run from cold , glow plug light starts flashing and goes into limp mode. Won't rev past 2800 rpm. Van still drives OK. As soon as engine temp reaches approx 70 degrees I can clear fault and it doesn't return. If fault is cleared before...
  3. Crazymind

    Christmas codes

    All is good with trasporter untill is not? Cold morning. Just realised rear heated window doesn’t work nor the front heated windscreen. Carista throwing loads of faults Basic OBD2: P20B9 (Pending) - Reductant Heater "A" Control Circuit/Open P20BD (Pending) - Reductant Heater "B" Control...
  4. S

    Electrical error codes help pleaae

    Hi all Had these 3 error codes (pic below) when doing a Carista check (had a bulb warning light, so went hunting for the root cause, it comes on intermittently with Travellin lite LED headlights it seems). Looking at 03301 I suspect a drivers door module based on Google, on the odd occasion the...
  5. dave_b

    My engine error codes

    Recently had the MAF sensor replaced. Recently had an EGR error that was reset a few weeks ago and not come on again since. Still getting some lights on the dash. These are my codes. Looks like a need a new glow plug?
  6. sam wildcat

    Fault codes

    T6 T32 5speed gearbox 2litre engine 2017 53.999 miles. Got 2 fault codes from carista P5824 DPF Regeneration Duration and P2463 DPF restricted soot accumulation. Engine fault 23902 and 23967 both say manufacturer specific code. Got the coil light flashing Amber and engine light on steady...
  7. L

    Replace the Diesel Particulate Filter

    So we’ve been told we need to replace the DPF filter on our 2015 T6 (we are currently touring Germany when the fault occurred) the engine management light / diesel particulate filter and flashing Emmission control lights came on. We’ve pulled over and are in a VW garage who are saying we need a...
  8. carlg

    I have this code P003C(C8)

    Just scanned my van and have this fault code P003C (C8) Intake camshaft profile control A Any one had this fault, is it an easy fix?
  9. djg87

    Possible egr failure after 100 miles ?!?!

    Picked up the van from darkside yesterday. Things didn’t really go to plan while the van was there. But that’s another story. One job that did go right appeared to be the installation of a new erg cooler……. Until 80 miles up the road the vans coil light came on and eml then limp mode. Had to...
  10. Stevio

    Fault code - B10A915 - Activation A/C Compressor, Open / Short Circuit to Positive

    Hi Guys, Currently having issues with my Air Conditioning. AC looks to be running as it should but no cold air coming from blowers. Checked with diagnostics tool and that was the code I got. Dropped the under tray to reveal the compressor, checked over the connectors but all looks normal...
  11. Pedro20001

    Engine code po235 help please!

    Hi all posted a couple of days ago , anyone got any advice on this code please? We are halfway through our holiday in germany. Will it damage the engine if I continue driving? Any advice is very much appreciated
  12. Y

    Tailgate Locking Problem.

    Hi All, I've seen a few posts on here re-tailgate locking issues but unfortunately none that have helped with my issue. The tailgate lock on my 2017 T6 (T32) seems to be "electrically" locked and I cannot open it with either the key fob, or either of the exterior or interior releases. I managed...
  13. B

    Flashing coil light P007B & P062B - resolved

    I posted in another thread that my van showed a flashing could light and going in to limp mode on Weds, we were travelling to France on Fri. My local VAG specialist were fantastic at accommodating and got two codes in VCDS that relate to the problem. P007B Intercooler Temperature Sensor -...
  14. M

    T6.1 - GPS Antenna, LTE Antenna 2, LTE Antenna 1 - All Open Ciruit

    I've got an issue with a T6.1 Transporter It has the following fault codes: B105413 - GPS Antenna Open Circuit B180B13 - LTE Antenna 2 Open Circuit B17FD13 - LTE Antenna 1 Open Circuit Now they don't clear, I know these are all located in the drivers mirror, however they are intact and are...
  15. M

    Parking aid crashes when screen illuminates [Resolved]

    Hi I've got a 2014 transporter with parking aid issues. Basically when you select reverse image comes up on screen but then system crashes. Fault codes 13632256 & 13639168 (missing message) comes up. I'm assuming one relates to the front and other to the rear sensor's. Have already changed PCM...
  16. A

    P226D00 late Filter Deteriorated/Missing Substrate Bank 1 ☹️

    Hi, Has anyone had any experience with the fault code - P226D00 - Particulate Filter Deteriorated/Missing Substrate Bank 1 Have taken the filter off to be cleaned, no visible signs of damage on inspection with camera. Not wanting to spend 1500 on new filter ☹️ Any help advice would be...
  17. F

    VCDS Fault 17: Instruments -Databus - Missing Message inst

    Hi all I have just purchased VCDS (all new to me) and on scanning, I have 2 fault codes I cant shift. any advice or help as to where to start would be great fault 1 Address 09: Cent. Elect. Labels: 5Q0-937-08X-V2.clb Control Module Part Number: 2Q5 937 090 A HW: 2Q5...
  18. S

    VW Transporter T6 2017 Error on Dash

    2017 VW Transporter T6 Dash Errors Error: Stabilisation control (ESC) Tyre Pressure Loss Indicator currently not available Error: Start-Stop Error message from Carista. 00288 Steering Column Lock Actuator (N360) Any ideas how to fix this issue.
  19. S

    Air Intake Issue

    Hi all, the P2279 fault - should any reputable garage be able to diagnose this fault? Air intake leak, is it relatively straightforward to find the issue? How many possible points of failure could there be? Thanks in advance.
  20. S

    EGR fault codes

    Egr valve problems Euro 6 102 Had an oil sensor go on the van the other week which through up a start stop error on the mfd called roadside assist and thay sent the AA out to me, as the AA can read the codes numbers but cant tell what they are related too, iwas then told to book the van in...