fault codes

  1. graffo

    OBD code P20EE

    I Have this (cheap) OBD11 The engine light is on and the code is P20EE which I assume is NOX sensor fault. I have had this at least once a year and it has reset after driving around for a few trips. This happened on a long drive in France but disappeared again after a couple of days. Then it...
  2. T

    Lots of errors!!!

    Greetings. I’ve recently had the orange coil light flash up on start and a stop start error. On checking I had the following errors: P064C00 - Glow Plug Control Module P172400 - Signal for starter lock, short to ground I cleared these a couple of times and would run fine and but now they are...
  3. X

    EGR error codes P040D00 & P040C00 (temp. sensor)

    Hey! First post here, was mainly reading until now. Roughly two weeks back I finally got a T6 transporter (CXHA) with 150k on the clock. The van mostly stood still other than the drive back from the dealer (~120km), since I'm preparing it for the conversion. Yesterday on a short drive the...
  4. Victor500

    2016 T6 Alternator/Charging Issues

    Hi all, I’m hoping for a bit of advice regarding some issues I’m having with my van. My battery light is on, my battery isn’t charging, and I’m struggling to figure out if it’s an alternator, battery control module or wiring issue. I’ve scanned the van and I’m getting a 02252 code, although I...
  5. Robs1000rr

    P067200 code

    Hi all Sorry to ask but the following code keeps coming up on my code reader and want to know is it correct what it is saying. P067200-Passive/Sporaaic Cylinder 2 Glow Plug Circuit Is this a true code for no2 glow plug not working and just wants a new glow plug putting in ? Just don’t want to...
  6. Caravelle Dan

    P226D00 - Particulate Filter Deteriorated/Missing Substrate Bank 1

    Good evening, it might not be related but since having some work recently (gearbox out) I am getting this fault. It is very intermittent and sometimes doesn't occur for a while but other times it will being on the EML. I have checked the pipework to the differential pressure sensor and that...
  7. andy greenwood

    Fault code P0299

    Not a good day for our van, fault code P0299 - turbocharger underboost. Im praying it doesn't end too costly
  8. M

    Fault code help

    I've just set off to the lakes with the kids and the engine management light came on. Pulled over and run a quick scan with the below. Do I need to worry or can it wait till I get home. I'm only 2 hours from home and not planning on using the van while up here 2019 t6 Can I clear and see if...
  9. ebiii

    Weird T6 Problems - Solved

    Hello everyone, I have a small question and I hope someone can help me. So brace yourselves, I have quite a story below I have a 2016 T6 4motion 2.0 TDI with a CXFA 150hp engine and 50,000 km mileage. History: A cable gnawed by a marten, hence a repair and installation of a marten deterrent...
  10. G

    intake manifold jamming & all in warranty issues.

    Hi, 2019 T6 150 DSG Highline. Purchased as pre reg & professionally converted to camper. On the road from late Nov 2020 with 300 delivery miles only ( registered Aug 2019). Not used as day van and only done 13500 miles to date. in June 2021 after engine management light on ( orange coil) with...
  11. WhatsGoingOnHere

    Bulb Fault lamp illuminated but no fault apparent

    Just after a little bit of help… Put a deposit down on a van at the end of March from a well established dealer. We were due to collect the van 10 days later but it had unfortunately come up with a fault before we were due to collect. The fault apparently is the ‘bulb out’ light on the dash. 4...
  12. Flanagans323

    EGR Deleted but... Some new fault codes P04CE and P04D0 Temperature Sensor

    So, I have had the EGR assembly removed completely, blanked off and a coolant bypass pipe fitted due to a coolant leak suspected from the EGR cooler. However, despite the tuners efforts I'm assuming a temperature sensor is still being read and needs to be "disabled" perhaps. Would any of you...
  13. JordanGT

    Carista Code 27167

    Just driving home and engine management light came on. When I have scanned with my Carista I have also see this code come up 27167 but no clear indication what it is or why it won’t reset.
  14. CJW

    Deeper dive into these fault codes

    Hi. For the year I’ve had this T6, there have always been two two faults codes from Carista: 05273 05459 The van runs and starts like a dream. @mmi rightly suggested this: I had the battery tested and it’s tip-top. I’m aware that these might be ghost codes from Carista, but don’t have VCDS...
  15. A

    ECU Fault Codes

    Hi just had the first service at an independent VW specialist They picked up the following fault codes: P2A0000 P2EAF00 P157000 P204B00 I’m informed that the presence of the fault codes will prevent a Regen Contacted WV who can’t investigate until mid Feb at the earliest which is far from ideal...
  16. Stead4119

    Glow plug light flashing fault code 16056

    Hi .have had this fault for a few months now. When engine run from cold , glow plug light starts flashing and goes into limp mode. Won't rev past 2800 rpm. Van still drives OK. As soon as engine temp reaches approx 70 degrees I can clear fault and it doesn't return. If fault is cleared before...
  17. Crazymind

    Christmas codes

    All is good with trasporter untill is not? Cold morning. Just realised rear heated window doesn’t work nor the front heated windscreen. Carista throwing loads of faults Basic OBD2: P20B9 (Pending) - Reductant Heater "A" Control Circuit/Open P20BD (Pending) - Reductant Heater "B" Control...
  18. A

    Error codes 07170 & 13631561

    Hi all my wife came back from work today and told me she had a error message on the transporter saying sos call workshop when I done a quick scan with my Carista code reader it kept coming back with 2 code 07170 and 13631561 has any had these codes or could help can seem be running fine ...
  19. stupot

    Electrical error codes help pleaae

    Hi all Had these 3 error codes (pic below) when doing a Carista check (had a bulb warning light, so went hunting for the root cause, it comes on intermittently with Travellin lite LED headlights it seems). Looking at 03301 I suspect a drivers door module based on Google, on the odd occasion the...
  20. dave_b

    My engine error codes

    Recently had the MAF sensor replaced. Recently had an EGR error that was reset a few weeks ago and not come on again since. Still getting some lights on the dash. These are my codes. Looks like a need a new glow plug?