fault codes

  1. Mupp3tt

    ABS ESP & Tyres Pressure Warning

    Can anyone enlighten me as to the following errors. I expect the near side ABS sensor, as that is generally the one that gets all the much and crud on it but can someone tell me anything else on these codes please?
  2. BlakeyG

    Pre-purchase check: error codes MY2020 T6.1

    Hi All, hope someone can help and provide a bit of advice. I've just had a RAC code check on a T6.1 i'm about to purchase. It came back with lots of error codes as follows :- ABS 1141 (intermittent) 1209 (intermittent) Auto Distance Regulation 1289 (intermittent) 2055 (intermittent) 2068...
  3. T

    p0191 fault code [Resolved]

    How do I find out about the remedy's people have found for the 132 kw t6 vw kombi transporter that has just developed a p0191 fault code . Rail pressure sensor range performance . Have replaced the sensor but the problem still persists . Clear the fault and you can drive 160 km no problem ...
  4. @

    18874 - Leak in Air Intake System - 23957 - Boost Pressure Regulation - 25958 - Boost Pressure Regulation

    Hi All, I was driving this morning, coming to a stop at traffic lights and saw smoke coming from engine bay area. Smoke dissipated once I was moving again but Van went in to limp mode with flashing coil light. Limited acceleration and speed but got me home. 18874 - Leak in Air Intake System |...
  5. O

    Bit of a noise. Fault code 0299

    Hi all I’ve got a t6 140bhp started with a bussing/Zissing noise at about 1250/1650 under load but not just revving her up had a Quick Look under the bonnet all good no problem all bolts seem tight no split hoses. After a M/way run coil light comes on, code P0299 comes up is that just replace...
  6. C

    Central Locking & Tailgate failure

    Good afternoon all, I am posting this issue to try and get some clarity on the next steps with my tailgate and central locking. Concerning a 2018 T6 Panel van in the throws of a conversion, For the past 4-6 months, the central locking has not been working, and the tailgate electronic switch...
  7. dandan88

    Carista fault codes

    Does anyone know if these faults are dodgy or what they could be/mean? I’ve attached a screenshot from the app
  8. G

    [Resolved] Carista fault codes

    The ESP warning light came on so did a quick scan with Carista and the following codes came up. 00778 steering angle sensor no signal 25809 power steering control module no communication 2516 invalid data received from dynamic control module 00166 Steering angle sensor no signal Also stop start...
  9. R

    P2006 (Inlet Manifold) and 15560 (EGR) errors 2016 T6 150

    I've FINALLY got into this forum - didn't realise hotmail addresses don't work. I have a 2016 150 T6 DSG with 70k. 2 weeks ago the coil light came on and the van kicked into limp mode. Later that evening the emision control light came on Initially I used a basic code reader and pulled the...
  10. graffo

    OBD code P20EE

    I Have this (cheap) OBD11 The engine light is on and the code is P20EE which I assume is NOX sensor fault. I have had this at least once a year and it has reset after driving around for a few trips. This happened on a long drive in France but disappeared again after a couple of days. Then it...
  11. T

    Lots of errors!!!

    Greetings. I’ve recently had the orange coil light flash up on start and a stop start error. On checking I had the following errors: P064C00 - Glow Plug Control Module P172400 - Signal for starter lock, short to ground I cleared these a couple of times and would run fine and but now they are...
  12. E

    EML: Intake Manifold Runner position sensor/switch circuit range/performance

    currently got this code that won't clear from what I can google it appears It might be an issue with carbon build up in the intake manifold? anyone experienced anything similar . the van is a 2018 204
  13. P

    P24ae code on 6.1 shuttle

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I have a 2021 shuttle which is showing an engine light. Code is p24ae which is the particulate matter sensor circuit according to my cheap reader. Is this something well known. Trying to save myself a day of hassle with the dealer in this but there is a warranty...
  14. X

    EGR error codes P040D00 & P040C00 (temp. sensor)

    Hey! First post here, was mainly reading until now. Roughly two weeks back I finally got a T6 transporter (CXHA) with 150k on the clock. The van mostly stood still other than the drive back from the dealer (~120km), since I'm preparing it for the conversion. Yesterday on a short drive the...
  15. Victor500

    [Resolved] 2016 T6 Alternator/Charging Issues

    Hi all, I’m hoping for a bit of advice regarding some issues I’m having with my van. My battery light is on, my battery isn’t charging, and I’m struggling to figure out if it’s an alternator, battery control module or wiring issue. I’ve scanned the van and I’m getting a 02252 code, although I...
  16. Robs1000rr

    P067200 code

    Hi all Sorry to ask but the following code keeps coming up on my code reader and want to know is it correct what it is saying. P067200-Passive/Sporaaic Cylinder 2 Glow Plug Circuit Is this a true code for no2 glow plug not working and just wants a new glow plug putting in ? Just don’t want to...
  17. Caravelle Dan

    P226D00 - Particulate Filter Deteriorated/Missing Substrate Bank 1

    Good evening, it might not be related but since having some work recently (gearbox out) I am getting this fault. It is very intermittent and sometimes doesn't occur for a while but other times it will being on the EML. I have checked the pipework to the differential pressure sensor and that...
  18. Jezmondo71

    Fault Codes P20EE00 & P007B00 2018 T6 150 T30

    Evening all, I've had the van for 5 months and mostly run it locally during weekends, whilst I decide on what day van conversion I want. After using the van last night without issue I jumped in today and the Engine Management Light was on, no obvious problem or performance issue, I completed...
  19. andy greenwood

    Fault code P0299

    Not a good day for our van, fault code P0299 - turbocharger underboost. Im praying it doesn't end too costly
  20. M

    Fault code help

    I've just set off to the lakes with the kids and the engine management light came on. Pulled over and run a quick scan with the below. Do I need to worry or can it wait till I get home. I'm only 2 hours from home and not planning on using the van while up here 2019 t6 Can I clear and see if...