1. Daryl_88

    Hi from Essex!

    We currently have 2x t6 camper conversions 2018 swb 150 dsg 2018 lwb 204 dsg Wondering if anyone has a vcds in Essex to help remove a speed limiter from the 150 for me? Obviously happy to pay for your time and help.
  2. C

    Ghost immobiliser installer near Rainham Essex

    Can anyone recommend a Ghost 2 installer in the Rainham Essex area that has experience fitting to a t6.
  3. Eyres'ee

    Hi from Essex

    Good day to all my first post. I am hoping to be the proud owner of a VW T6 in the not to distant future. Got a long weekend booked in a hire bus end of September to try to convince Mrs E that this is what we should do with our hard earned lolly, so just been stalking about on here for ideas. I...

    Garage recommendations - Essex

    Dose anyone know of a good garage in Essex to get Cambelt replacement done please southend area
  5. Jonesy68

    Van in need of mods - Essex

    Hi guys, first of all thanks for all the info on the forum, it's really helped me choice what I wanted to buy for our needs. So I'm in the process of buying a 6.1 Caravelle and will need to have some mods once it's finally here. But I just can't find any firms in Essex that deal with VW...
  6. Bazaboy66

    Audiofile incar limited Bishops Stortford

    Audison Speaker Upgrade with Custom Rear Speakers along with JL Audio Amp and Sub What a great audio upgrade supplied and fitted by Audiofile incar limited Bishops Stortford. Excellent service and customer care and they really know their game! Sounds Awsome!
  7. Woodman

    Essex Boys and Girls Gt Bentley tonight?

    Hi all, its such a great evening, I wondered if anyone is going to come over to Gt Bentley village green this evening for a meet and greet? I know its a bike meet usually but there is enough room for us all, plus I no longer ride bikes on the road! I find the pavements safer :) !!
  8. Taylorm

    VW The only meet is Essex 2022

    Anyone ever been to this event? If so, is it good?
  9. P

    Essex - ABT kit spray and fit?

    ...anyone recommend a company in the essex area who are competent in fitting the abt t6.1 body kit and colour coding
  10. Kippers123

    VW Approved Used: 6 month review

    So, I bought a 67 plate registered 18 last May. T6 LWB 32 highline. 1 year warranty. Through a VW dealership. I've done approximately 2.8k miles since. Today it went into VW for a service and mot, and to fix a few issues. They rang me back saying I need new break discs and pads to the rear...
  11. Ricardo T

    Alloy wheel 'repair' recommendations - East Anglia.

    As the title suggests...looking for a 'repair' only and not a complete least I dont think so. Any recommendations please, preferably East Anglia. Cheers guys and gals.:thumbsup:
  12. M

    Paint shop East London / Essex

    I have rust bubbling on my n/s sliding door which VW are refusing to do under warranty, (it's 2 years old with 15000 miles). Can anyone recommend a paint shop in the East London / Essex area?

    tow bar installers in the southeast?

    Has Anyone in the Essex area has a towbar fitted for a good price and a good fitter ..
  14. M

    Upholsterers in Essex

    Any recommendations for a trimmer in Essex.Id like to get my ply bulk head trimmed in my Kombi sportline.Was considering doing it myself but there's way to many angles so I think it needs a pro's touch. I've used Hoods county customs in southend before for a bike seat but they don't seem to be...
  15. Donk

    Suspension - Essex

    Anyone recommend anywhere in Essex / Kent or east London area to fit Bilstein B14 stuff? The thoughts of trying to do it on a sloping driveway strangely enough doesn’t appeal.
  16. S

    Robert’s Trim Shop, Romford, Essex

    Great fella to deal with, years of experience, nothing is to much trouble. He’s trimmed the rear of my T6 and also the panels in my split screen.
  17. D

    Phenolic ply around Essex

    I’m struggling to find a supplier of the Hexagonal pattern phenolic plywood. Anyone know of a source around the Essex area? TIA
  18. Pete bee

    ESSEX & HERTS - Where do people get T6 mechanics done?

    Can any recommend a good Vw independent Garage near me (Bishops Stotford).
  19. Y

    Awning installer in Essex?

    Hi all, New to the world of campervans and just got myself a T6.1 camper. Want a Fiamma F45s fitting and struggling to find anyone in the Essex area who can do it. Contacted a couple of companies but they have not got back to me, seem very busy so probably a low priority job for them. Any...
  20. J

    Seat supply/fitting essex

    Hi looking for a localish company in or near Essex who are able to replace a front heated captains seat with a double bench seat for 2018 T6. Thanks