essential camping items

  1. Ads_Essex

    Sold Camping Lamp (x4 AA batteries)

    LED hurricane camping lamp, takes x4 AA batteries. May be useful in lieu of H4 headlamps. Beer for scale, not included (but recommend trying)
  2. andy greenwood

    Campervan meal ideas please

    We are away for a week shortly in The lake district, it will be a mix of eating out and cooking meals at the van. When we cook meals at the van we always seem to have the same though..pie and peas / bbq / pizza on the cadac. What are other forum members cooking ? Were after some inspration for...
  3. LMJCS

    New to this

    Hi all, Just bought and wating to pick up a T6 conversion campervan. Just wondering if anyone has or can provide a essentials list. We have 3 kids looking at an olpro cucoon breeze awning and porta potti qube 145 qube. Would appreciate any opinions and advice. Thanks Rob
  4. R

    Equipment - must have / useful / can't do without items

    Just purchased my newly converted T6 and working through the process to get hold of all the necessary kit - pots and pans, bedding, fire extinguisher, etc, etc. Is there a definitive list out there of the essentials and nice to haves? Also, on bedding, we have an elevating roof with built in...
  5. kn0bby

    What Pots & Pans Are You Using?

    Need some suggestions please.. Pots and pans to use with my Cadac and hob inside the van. Thanks..
  6. robbiebrown34

    Best Camping Stores?

    Hi All Pickup our new VW Camper in a couple of weeks and I wondered if anybody had any recommendations around the Midlands/North West where we could go and purchase any supplies we're going to need? (Cutlery, Porta-Potty, table, chairs etc?) We've been to a few but never found one that sells...
  7. 2018t6

    Camp Bestival

    We have booked to go to Camp bestival in Dorset this July, we are staying in our camper van in field A, it’s our first time and would appreciate any recommendations. What should we take and is there a good place to park in field A. Any other tips and advise would be appreciated.
  8. Kfant1

    What Essentials Do We Need ?

    Hi We’re getting closer to our camper build being finished and We have have booked our 1st trip away over easter as well as camper jam. We’re starting to buy bits to keep in the camper, cutlery, pans, storage boxes, thermal blinds for the front etc. Is there anything you couldnt live without...
  9. M

    New Cali Ocean. First Things To Buy?

    Morning all, today we're picking up our new Cali Ocean, after months (maybe years) of pondering motorhomes, campers and all the various options. Like most people, we've blown the original budget so money is tight for a while. Aside from some Gas, what's the first things we should stick on our...
  10. P

    Heat To Eat Ready Meal Reviews

    ParsleyBox This company does mail-order, ready-to eat, hermetically-sealed meals that can be kept almost indefinitely at room temperature. They recently did an introductory discount offer in the CCC magazine, so I gave them a try. They're ideal for keeping in reserve in the camper van, with no...
  11. Ed Webb

    Easy camper recipes.

    Im a man of few pleasures; my van, coffee, gin and a good breakfast. I've got a simple yet (for me) awesome recipe that I make when away in the van. However on an admin day at home I decided to treat myself as it's been a while and thought I'd share mine in the hope to create a thread of...