electric windows

  1. BIgben

    Carista stops auto window up when plugged in

    Possibly old news to everyone but…. I was thinking my new (to me) van was having electrical gremlins when the auto window up wasn’t working when driving along just now. I thought to myself, I must scan and see if I can reset that with Carista when I stop. I glanced into the little cubby hole to...
  2. P

    Anyone up on old t5 window contectors

  3. P

    T5.1 Electric Window motor help

    I've a old 2006 transporter but I have a t6 dash installed I think the t5.1 electric motors will fit on std t5 windows . ? I also have t5.1 highline bcm instilled mainly used for the heater controlls to move the heater flaps ( yes long story ) I'm assuming the t5.1/ t6 window switchers are the...
  4. P

    Any one help / advise window motors

    On a t6 for the window motors to work on an earlier van do they use the bcm or canbus to work ? Or can they they wired so they via power and earth?
  5. bucko1963

    Stuck window

    hiya folks,my driver side window has stopped going up or down,I can hear the motor working but I've had to push it closed by hand,before I pull the door card off,is there anything I should be looking for? Thanks
  6. C

    Folding mirrors not working after battery replacement [Resolved]

    My van starter battery started to die and wasn't holding it's charge then it went flat. I charged it up so as to start the engine. I bought a new replacement battery which I fitted - so far no problems. I then found that when I locked the van first click, then on second click and hold on the fob...
  7. S

    T6.1 Passenger window fault / folding mirror fault / manual emergency call fault

    Anyone have any idea please T6.1 Symptoms…. Passenger window fails to operate on either switch. If you leave drivers door window open and try to lock with remote the doors lock but the drivers window fails to shut. Also mirrors fail to spin up on lock. Also msg on startup on touchscreen...
  8. dandan88

    Disconnected battery, reset comfort windows

    I’ve disconnected the battery to fit my new steering wheel but the auto windows dont work and also the windows on the key fob don’t either? I can’t remember the process to get it all back up and running again? Please help Cheers
  9. S

    Bouncing passenger window

    Hello. My 2021 transporter passenger window keeps bouncing back when I try and close. I have silicon lubricated it to see if that would help and also tried the 5 second switch hold to reset unfortunately neither work. Also when I hold the lock button on my fob for the extra few seconds for the...
  10. Cupotea

    T6.1 Front Windows Outer Seal

    I recently had the driver's door outer window seal replaced under warranty as it had a gap. I questioned the passenger side and was told it was fine, though after recent rain it's clearly letting a lot of water through where the angle changes near the front of the window. A friend mentioned that...
  11. AdL

    Is my van haunted?

    So I was working on the van to fit a Vankraft hinge to the passenger seat. No key in the ignition. I was nowhere near the drivers or passenger door window controls. Not working on any electrics at all, just seeing how the seat fabric is removed and what spanners I needed. Suddenly both driver...
  12. J

    Child lock fault, front windows not opening and mirrors stuck in position

    Hi, New to T6.1 kombi ownership (2nd hand) and a problem has arisen! I’m getting an electronic child lock fault come up on the dash, as well as front windows not being able to open. Neither switches on either side are working to open window. As I if left mirrors rotated up, they are also not...
  13. D

    Help! What’s this??

    Found this at the bottom of the door behind the metal assembly panel of my drivers door?? Does anyone know what it is and what its for? cheers
  14. D

    Control drivers electric window from passenger side???

    Hi there, I've been toying with fitting a drivers side switch panel to the passenger door in my T6 Caravelle. The initial plan was to get a passenger side central locking button but none of the options I have found for the single window switch panel have the central locking buttons. So I've...
  15. J

    Electric driver window is stuck open

    Hey guys! On my t6.1, the driver window is unresponsive (and left open). It has happend while I was using it. I has open it, so it went down, and right away, I tried to close it and it was unresponsive. The passenger window is fine. Interestingly, the confort open with the remote key doesnt do...
  16. R

    T6.1 comfort closing problem [Resolved]

    Had the battery off ..(No problems before ) Know : mirrors won’t fold on fob : also windows do not work on fob ... I have done the window reset both ways up / hold /down & hold to no avail anyone any ideas please ? .
  17. chrissielesmore

    Window Regulator Part#

    Was lucky enough to get my front passenger window smashed in last week. The gift that keeps on giving… Eventually got the glass replaced today, to be told that the window regulator is bust and needs replacing. Have had a look and can only find ones marked as VW T5. I presume they are the same...
  18. T

    T5.1 electric window kit

    Hi all, Please can someone help me. I’m trying to fit my electric windows but there doesn’t seem to be a good video or a description. I have a rough idea through the instructions but I don’t know 100%. I also have the one touch up and down and open and close from the key fob. Please can someone...
  19. david173

    Front door window rattle when closing doors

    I have 2017 T6 Factory kombi. I find that when I close the front doors when the window is open at all the glass seams to rattle slightly? Its the same both sides. Never has this on any other vehicle, I didn't know if it was just because its a commercial vehicle and i'm yet to apply any sound...
  20. K

    Electric windows now clunking [Resolved]

    I recently had to remove the metal casing on the drivers door, after refitting it when I lower the window I get a clunk when it hits bottom, I`m guessing I have messed up the pully somehow. I feel a right numpty. Can anyone point me in the right direction for fixing it please. Thanks all