electric windows

  1. FYPO

    Window Regulator

    Dropped the window at a drive-through on Friday at the services, made a horrific crunching noise and would not come back up again :mad: Staying away for the weekend and 450 miles left to drive my only option was to wedge the glass up against the frame with chamois cloth and wooden stirers. I'm...
  2. macaha

    2020 Caravelle child lock fault and windows not working

    With only 3500 k on the clock I am having a couple of issues. First was the drivers window not always wanting to go up ,it would reach a point then retract, dealer advised me to spray WD40 which didnt work. I have booked the van in for repair however its a 4 weeks wait list, today the passenger...
  3. Skyliner33

    Stereo volume linked to electric windows.

    I noticed something strange the other day, well, apart from the fact it was both dry enough and warm enough to open the windows. So the “interesting” observation. If I open my drivers door window below half way the stereo turns down the volume to the drivers a pillar speaker. Window back above...
  4. huw169

    Window comfort close not functioning [Resolved]

    Hi all It’s coded in, but doesn’t work on the door lock with key, or the long press on the fob. Im thinking bit 7 also needs checking to activate fully. Is this right, or is there something else that needs activating too? Thanks
  5. D

    Broken passenger window switch - replace?

    I wish I'd never started replacing the blimmin' speakers. In taking the passenger door card off, I've managed to break the passenger power window switch - there's bits of white plastic that I'm not sure where they go and the switch is all floppy. Should I just get a new one? If so, can anyone...
  6. T

    Passenger window not working

    My passenger window has stopped working after I had the van valeted. I have tried resetting on the key but the drivers side only goes down. Could this be a fuse and where would it be located. Many thanks
  7. F

    Any Idea Where This Goes?

    Took off inner door skin to sound deaden and found this white piece laying at the bottom inside of the door. Does anyone know where it’s supposed to go? My window makes a clunck sound when fully down so thinking it’s a stopper, but where does it locate? Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. S

    Passanger Window Issue

    Hi. When closing the passanger window on my T6 it stops about 2 inches from the top and lowers itself to about half way. I seems to be tight in the runners. Has anyone else had this issue and know how best to fix it. Thanks John
  9. J

    Sticking Passenger Window

    Anyone had problems with the front window sticking goes up half way then comes back down the only way to shut it is stop it half way then press up again it goes up slowly any ideas what it could be before I go to Vw.
  10. marmite monster

    Windows keep going down on their own

    So come home from work sit down and my keys are in my jeans pocket. The key fob is getting depressed in my pocket and dropping the windows on the van. This has happened so many times on all the t5/t6 vas I've owned resulting in wet seats etc. Is there anyway to remove the window dropping...
  11. F

    Bang When Putting Down Drivers Window

    Hi, I occasionally get a bang when putting the drivers side window down. It did it this afternoon but not for rest of the day and might not do It for a few days. Any ideas to the cause?
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  14. CJ_T6-red

    Van-x Window Switch Replacement

    just a small mod today, matching window switches to the housing surround. Only thing is that I have noticed is the symbol in the middle of the switch is slightly lower down than the originals. 92525AB7-BC38-4CB1-9619-FAC05BC8663C by CJ_T6-red posted 13 Jul 2019 at 16:47...
  15. Skyliner33

    Mirrors Stopped Folding On Fob After Battery Disconnect

    Yesterday I disconnected the battery. After this my mirrors will no longer fold with a long press off the key fob. They will still fold using the door control. Can disconnecting the battery reset the changes I did in vcds? It’s puzzling me and have not had time to check yet. Thanks.
  16. Wills

    Locking Van Situation

    This has occurred twice, the 1st occasion was mmmmm, maybe I didn’t..... Today it reoccurred in the rain!!! Scenario: I lock the van and walk away.... When I return both door windows are 1/3 open but doors locked. Is this a locking setting?
  17. J

    Electric Windows Speed

    Hi can the cabin electric window speed be adjusted. they work, but are too imprecise for my taste (compared to my BMW) for example, there are a few positions i try to achieve and usually takes a few retries: - ideal gap for deflectors - lining the glass with the front bottom corner i think...
  18. T6180

    Window Switch removal

    Can you remove the window switches without taking the door cards off and if so how?
  19. Littleblackflash

    Electric Window Not Working

    I used my van today and the windows on both sides didn't work. I can't see a window lock switch so I guess something is broken. I've been playing with VCDS to get my tailgate lock working (barn door conversion), could I have changed a setting by mistake?
  20. ei-aprilia

    Mirror And Window Issue

    Bit of a weird one this. My wing mirrors have stopped folding when using the key. They still fold using the door switch. The windows no longer open or close with the key either. The windows still work using the buttons on the doors. I did a scan with carista and no faults found. I disconnected...