earth points

  1. Shortbread69

    Chassis earthing points

    Are these two point on the front passenger side chassis the main earthing points? can’t seem to see anything leaving the alternator?
  2. elTorerro

    Hardwire dashcam to T6.1 - Ground

    Hi All, I'm fitting my nextbase dashcam to my new T6.1, and can see there is a fusebox under the steering wheel which looks like an ideal location. My problem however is that I cannot see a location for the ground. Lots of vids on YouTube are based on the T6 but the configuration is different...
  3. S

    Just a quick question regarding negative busbar

    Hi, could anyone help me with this please? Is it ok to ground the leisure battery via a busbar which is grounded to the chassis? So i have a 16mm from the chassis to the neg busbar then a 16mm from the busbar to the neg of the leisure battery? Is this ok or would i be better with a 16mm...
  4. S

    Negative Terminals

    HI, Does anyone have a diagram of where the negative terminals are on a T6 please? Would be very handy for my planning! I am thinking that I can connect my circuits back to a negative terminal, rather than run them back to a fuse box / battery negative? Cheers Also, is it worth using...
  5. nikmartin1

    Earthing advice on T5 needed

    When I got my T5.1, it was already insulated and carpeted around the body. I know there are factory fitted earthing points at various points around the van (I used the one under the drivers seat for my main link for the split charge relay). But I'm struggling to know where any other may be. I...
  6. K

    Earth Point, Offside Rear Wheel Arch

    I'm about to install a Victron Orion DC DC charger to replace my Sterling unit. The leisure battery is situated in the units next to the drivers side rear wheel arch and is earthed back to the main starter battery up front. If there are any interim earth points behind the units they're invisible...
  7. S

    240v consumer unit earthing

    Hi all, I've earthed my consumer to the earthing point under my passenger seat. Someone told me I shouldn't earth the 240v to the van as if there was a fault it would fry my 12v system in the van. Instead I should rely on the red and the earthing back yo the who in the campsite. Good idea or...
  8. Deaks

    Best earth point for all leisure electrics?

    I’m getting close to installing all my leisure electrics, which is mostly Victron based. The two 130 Ah valence lithium batteries will be housed in the kitchen furniture, near the rear wheel arch (just in front to be precise). All of the kit will connect to a hefty negative bus bar that has the...
  9. Ethan Andrews

    Is there an earth I can use under passenger seat?

    Trying to hardwire my Blackvue battery that is under passenger seat. I got positive supply from fuse box. And found a suitable earthing point on the seat base. It has continuity to earth. i.e I am find it with a multi meter in any metal part. But I am not getting a power feed due to no 12...
  10. Pauly

    T6.1 VW T6.1 Earth Points 05/2019

    Diagrams/Listing For All Earth Point Locations Includes earth point reference number and relative torque values VIP Membership is required to download this document Below is a sample image of part of the document
  11. JasonW

    CTEK Charging Question

    With the van sat idle for a while I thought I would give the main starter battery a top up. So I've connected a CTEK MXS 3.8 battery charger. Black clip to chassis, Red clip to Positive battery terminal. With the Battery still connected to the van, Battery type - Varta AGM 7PO 915 105 A ; 12V...
  12. S

    Bad earth?

    Hi People. I have just bought a 2015 transporter shuttle LWB. it looks like it has been fitted with an alarm, and an aftermarket stereo. There seems to be a problem with the interior lights, as when you open the doors the rear light all got out and only the front above the mirror are on. The...
  13. superchargedpolo

    Off Grid Camper (no Hookup) - Earth Connection?

    My van is a completely off grid T6. I have solar, Lithium battery and a 2kw Victron inverter. I don’t have a mains hookup, don’t need it. Question is what do I do with the earth from the Victron inverter? I guess nothing, as I’m not hooked up to the grid so it is now redundant? Any advice much...
  14. Pauly

    T6 VW T6 Earth Points 2016

    Diagrams/Listing For All Earth Point Locations Includes earth point reference number and relative torque values Also check out the earthing concept literature which may be handy in conjunction with this document VIP...
  15. Dellmassive

    Battery Charging - Main Battery Earth Point -

    Battery Charging - Main Battery Earth Point - so weve all be told NOT to bridge out the battery monitor on the neg side of the battery when charging it. This is so the ECM can correctly gauge the SOC (state of charge) of the starter battery by monitoring the current flow in and out of the...