1. G

    Winter Campsites on the South Coast

    Hi all, I've just bought my T6 camper and can't wait to give it a spin. I live in Hampshire and all the campsites I would usually use in the New Forest are closed until late March. Do you guys know any winter / all year campsites in Hampshire, Dorset, Devon, etc.
  2. J

    Hello from Dorset

    Thanks from me and my big brown bus! She's a 2018 T6 Kombi Highline T32 LWB and owned her from new. 52000 on the clock now. Not saying its been a smooth ride she's had some problems, 4 Sets of tyres 5 Four wheel alignments (don't ask) 1 crankshaft oil seal ( now leaking again) 1 egr pipe...
  3. J

    Bodyshop recommendation - Dorset

    Hi Some low life bumped into my van yesterday evening while I was sleeping in the van They left before I even had time to get out ( so no idea what car/reg it was!...) At first couldn't see any damage, then saw this bump or rear right door at bottom + scratch on bumper i check the door open and...
  4. SNACK

    Caravelle Keyed!

    Our Caravelle was keyed down in Bournemouth while we were at the beach. Drivers door and offside electric slider both scratched. I originally thought it was down to the metal but on closer inspection, I dont think it is. Any recommendations on best way to get fixed?
  5. G

    VCDS in the Southwest

    Hello Anyone available with vagcom to do the usual tweaks in Jan or Feb 17? Thanks
  6. Fromow

    T6 friendly parking in Bournemouth.

    As much as I hate having to use public car parks! !! We are going to Bournemouth central so was wondering if any one had any recommendations for a well loved lowered T6 with big shiny alloys if you no what I mean.
  7. Ian241

    Dorset Indy service

    Hi People, can anyone recommend a good independant garage for servicing etc here in Dorset ? Cam belt due
  8. Long tall John

    ARB fitters in the south west?

    Has anyone got a trusted fitter in the south west or do I have to travel to Bognor?!
  9. nikster

    Conversion recommendations - south-west.

    Hi all I think we’re in the market now to move on from our lovely Beryl T6 Velle and go all out camper, starting to look around but thought I’d reach out to you guys to get the thoughts on who’s top notch nowadays. Have seen a lot of ‘we will source the van for you and convert‘ which obviously...
  10. Village

    The Towbar Company

    Had a westfalia detachable fitted by Gary at the Towbar Company yesterday. He’s based in Bournemouth but will travel. Very accommodating guy and very professional instal. Highlight recommended and can give his details on request. :thumbsup:
  11. N

    Wrapping recommendations - southwest

    Based in Dorset and looking for recommendations for a half wrap to a swb T6 any recommendations thanks in advance
  12. nobbyq

    Which Pendle Remap Agent On South Coast ?

    any recommendations ?thanks
  13. RyanGerry

    Breeze Van Centre Southampton Or Vw Van Centre Swindon ???

    So the vans due it’s first service in 500 miles and I have two dealers within the same distance to me. Does anyone have any experience with either garage? Breeze Van Centre Southampton Or VW Van Centre Swindon
  14. J

    Sold Give Away

    Needs to be collected (no shipping, no courier) from Shaftesbury Dorset ASAP original parts from before the conversion work: 1 pair of T6 H4 headlights 1 sliding door step set of 2 speaker and 2 tweeters 1 barn door step 2 cargo overhead lights + 1 cargo area rug for bugs black carpet if...
  15. Insert Coin

    Great One Nighter @ Newlands Holiday Park

    The weather forecast was looking half decent and so I thought we'd take a quick gamble and pack lightly for a one night stay at Newlands (our first time here). It was so good to camp in good weather, but also out of season so you could pretty much have the...
  16. C

    Funkydubz in Bournemouth

    Hi all, Has anyone had any experiences with Funkydubz in Bournemouth at all ? Heading down there over the weekend as they have a surf wagon day van which looks interesting.
  17. Dave F

    Looking For Site

    Hi all. We are doing a 3 week road trip in the uk this year and are doing a couple of sites. I’m looking for a site for a week that has plenty of water activity’s for me and my 12 year old. We aren’t experienced in much but love to try things like paddle boarding, surfing, we also like down...
  18. Cherokee

    Team South

    Let’s hear it for Team South!!
  19. J

    Recommendations For Garages In Bournemouth / Southampton Area?

    Hi All, I need to get my VW T6 campervan serviced and a few issues fixed, any recommendations for Garages in Bournemouth / Southampton way?