door trim

  1. Keefff

    Replacement Door Cards

    Looking at replacing my plastic looking door cards for Caravelle ones. Clearly cheaper second hand off EBay. Has anyone bought the cards from Poland? They are mostly for LHD, do these readily fit a RHD van. Looking for any gotcha’s really?
  2. mommabear

    Wanted 2015 t5 passenger door card

    Looking for a 2015 T5 door card (passenger side) - looking for one at a sensible price thats not scratched up to hell. Ebays been a dead duck so far
  3. Big.mac

    Courtesy light circuit

    Can anyone tell me if the Courtesy circuit appears inside the front doors please. It will save me taking the door cards off and hunting through all the cables.
  4. C

    T6 Kombi Drivers door fixing part numbers

    Can anyone tell me the part number for the bottom drivers door trim fixings and the mid door threaded fixing as attached pictures? many thanks Chirs
  5. K

    For Sale T6 Doorcards, Dash trim & headlights

    Hi Guys, as pictured T6 lowerdash trim from a 2018 (68) T6. Minor wear in the pictures and the drivers door pocket has a hole for a usb socket. Open to offers. Kev
  6. Minimucks

    Sound proofing the plastic doorcards

    Apologies for asking a question that's been asked time and time again. I'm in the process of upgrading the system bit by bit utilising a few bits of old stereo equipment, and once I'm bored of each item slowly upgrading towards one of Jason's signature packages. I currently have a 10" sub in a...
  7. P

    Door Card Light

    Does anyone know the part number for the ambient lighting behind the door handle lever??
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  9. D77556ED-E56B-4A27-8ECC-1D98E505277C


  10. rtg1200

    For Sale Grey Highline Door Cards

    Grey door cards off my 18 plate highline, little dirty but will clean up nice £80 collected from Bolton thanks
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  12. Loz

    T6 Removing Door Carrier Assembly 2018-12-05

    Removal and installation are described only for the left side. Re‐ moval and installation of the right side is similar. Window regulator, door lock and loudspeaker are secured to the assembly carrier. The door lock can be removed only together with the assembly carrier. Assembly carrier can...
  13. PetroHeed

    Kombi Door Card Upgrades, What Have You Done?

    One of the biggest disappointments with the Kombi is the zero effort approach to the door cards in the passenger compartment of the Kombi. The cardboard isnt cutting it for me. Is there a common OE upgrade people do? Like whatever comes on a multivan? I guess as usual these will demand crazy...
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  15. Sturge

    Front door card removal

    Hi Trying to remove my front door card, and have got the bottom half free, so it is opening away from the bottom but not sure how to release the top section (the black bit with window controls). Do I pull outward (toward interior of car) with force, use trim tool to pop something, or upward...
  16. Sturge

    ambient lighting in doors

    Just pricing up caravelle door cards, and want to put in ambient lighting. The dealer has included a wiring loom at £315 per door (!) - part number 7E2 971 121 J I imagine there must be a lighting connector that i can tap onto without needing a new loom for the door? Obviously this is a big...