Removing Door Carrier Assembly 2018-12-05

Door Carrier Assembly removal procedure

  1. Loz
    Removal and installation are described only for the left side. Re‐ moval and installation of the right side is similar.

    Window regulator, door lock and loudspeaker are secured to the assembly carrier.

    The door lock can be removed only together with the assembly carrier.

    Assembly carrier can only be removed when door window is un‐ bolted at window regulator clamping bolts. To do this, lower door window to the height of the assembly holes in assembly carrier and loosen clamping bolts.

    If door window cannot be lowered with electric window regulators, first determine the precise cause of the fault.

    If an electrical fault exists, rectify it first.

    If the electrical fault is due to the window regulator motor, it can be unbolted from the assembly carrier. The door window can be pushed into the necessary working positions by hand.
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