1. Bobmarsh

    Dog travel + folding bed

    Firstly, what a great forum! Thanks for all the great info already! Secondly, we’ve decided on a T6 kombi and a now working out a few customisations. The one we’re a bit stumped on is finding a good solution which combines 1. Safe travel for our large dog (golden retriever) and 2. A full width...
  2. Dino

    For Sale Dog cage.

    For sale. Aluminium dog cage. Fits T6 kombi. 1210mm wide. 1140mm high. 1350mm deep. Comfortably fits 2 Great Danes. £400. East Yorkshire.
  3. F

    Thoughts on my layout ?

    I’m thinking of converting a LWB Kombi and wondered if anyone can see any snags or issues with my plan! (I’ve attached my scribbled design ) I plan to use the van as my main vehicle so need 4 seats minium. I need to cart about a large dog and several bikes daily. I also want to be able to do...
  4. J

    T6 dog tailgate - advice appreciated

    Hi I’m a newbie with a T6 that I’ve had for a couple of years. I have 2 large dogs and I want to get a tailgate so I can leave the back open and the dogs will have fresh air but not escape. They do not need crates and 2 crates that fit them will not fit in behind the seats. Does anyone have...
  5. S

    Dog vs Carpet

    So white dog vs Black Shuttle carpet resulted in a 2 hour hoovering session. I need a solution to help with the state it gets in from the dog and from general camping mess - shaving the dog is not an option apparently. I was toying with the idea of removing the rear carpet, but would I need to...
  6. Insert Coin

    Dub Dogs, let’s see them :)

    Here’s Ted the standard poodle :cool:
  7. Martin Gibson

    Caravelle Bed And Captains Front Seats

    Hello,we are thinking of fitting Caravelle rails and 3 seater bench/bed into our Kombi. We have a large dog cage at the back when we go anywhere as we always take our two bulldogs with us. What we would like to know is if we slide the bed forward and flatten it and then swivel the two captains...
  8. A

    Dogs - How Do You Transport Yours?

    Having settled on a Kombi SWB to have professionally converted to a camper I've got the new concern of transporting my dogs. How do you transport yours? I'd be keen to see pictures of dog travel arrangements. I've got two Border Terriers who travel well in the back of my estate Octavia and my...
  9. Richard h

    Kombucha Triple Middle Seatbelt

    Morning , put my puppy in the van this morning only to find out he has chewed through the middle seat belt on my tripple kombi seat . Anyone one know where I can sort a replacement or if a new belt can be installed in the mechanism? Cheers
  10. Jay586

    Dog Guard/cage Under Exploria Bed

    I now have an Exploria bed but need some way of keeping the dogs under it? Anyone know of anyone that can fabricate some dog guards with a door? Or have pics/designs for alternatives? Thanks.
  11. PenfoldE6

    Dog / Luggage guard for Caravelle

    Hi. I am new to the forum and loving all the advice. I have a new t6 SWB edition 6 velle and for my holiday trips i plan to remove the two middle seats and push the bench seat forward. I am after then installing some sort of luggage gaurd and load up all the luggage so nothing comes into the...