1. F

    Replace starter motor

    Hi! I'm new to this forum. I live in Sweden and own a 2018 T6 2.0 tdi DSG. I need to replace the starter motor. Does anyone have some useful tips/tricks. Looks like I have to do it from above? Do I need to drain the coolant expanaion tank? It looks like there is a hose at the bottom of the...
  2. BigYoeKing

    Reimo pop top: EasyFit or SuperFlat?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a pop up roof for my t6. I chose reimo and now I'm deciding between easyfit and superflat. don't know how it is with the installation? superflat is also self-adhesive and just sticks like easyfit? Thank you
  3. RobJH

    The dreaded digitiser/touch screen

    Has anyone successfully removed the old digitiser? It appears mine has partially unbonded itself so a replacement over the top won't really cut it. Am I opening myself up for all kinds of pain trying to separate the two?
  4. Ayjay

    Tools for oil change

    For those who do their own oil changes - do you use a pump to get the old oil out from the filler or dump it into a tray / container from the bottom. When it comes to the filter, are there any special tools needed? Sorry for the idiot questions but I'm a complete mechanical numpty and you've...
  5. NickyBrown08

    Making a T6 Gear Knob.

    So looking for a new gear knob and noticed not much out there and decided to make one myself. I have the luxury of working in a machine shop with lathes and cnc lathes. So had a few hrs spare today and knocked up one. Just took old gear knob off and took a few measurements. The gear knob didn’t...
  6. A

    Sliding Bed Plans

    Looking to do a Sliding Bed ( Wood ) for our VW T6 ( SWB) and looking to see if there are any plans out there before we attempt to draw them up. Struggling to find set instructions. Wood size? etc. Thanks.
  7. N

    Simple kingsize+ bed on DIY ply base - anyone else done similar ?

    For occasional overnight use, I've made a ply base that covers nearly all of the rear of our Shuttle (with both rear rows of seats removed), and will just throw 2 80x200cm Ikea foam mattresses on top of it, which are almost a perfect fit. Total cost £120 for three 8x4 12mm ply sheets from...
  8. P

    Sliding door - DIY Power-Closing

    hello I would like to motorize the sliding door is it possible
  9. Urbanfox

    Brake Bleeding - sequence?

    In the not too distant future, I intend to replace my rear disks and pads,Brembo. While I'm at it I will also replace the brake fluid. Is the sequence for bleeding, rear offside, rear nearside, front offside and front nearside? I'm just going off the position of the abs not the cylinder. Thanks...

    Dead spots on my multimedia touch screen

    My 2017 highline with the larger multimedia screen has decided to give me some dead spots on the touch screen middle to the right of the screen. Does anyone know of a fix that doesn’t break the bank? I see you can potentially reprogramme it? Cheers Callum
  11. D

    DIY Beds

    Hi all I've been searching for some DIY bed ideas, as some of the ones I've found online are quite expensive. I've found a couple of previous posts, searching for "DIY beds", so maybe I'm using the wrong search terms, but I'd be grateful to see what you've managed to build yourself for a T6...
  12. K

    4motion rear diff oil change... anyone doing this ??

    Is anyone changing the rear diff oil on a 4motion? I'm not talking about the Haldex oil. I bought a 2018 T6 T32 LWB Kombi, 4motion, 204hp, DSG with VW FSH, 39k miles from a small trader in Dec 2023. 3 weeks later I popped into my local van centre and they offered me a warranty/service...
  13. D

    Touchscreen Replacement for OEM Head Unit Digitiser

    I know there is a post somewhere guiding you through the DIY repair of a touchscreen by adding an overlay. However this one provides a screw by screw guide with no missing bits to cause confusion. Literally just finished mine and it was a breeze.
  14. B

    [Guide] Kombi Bed/shelf system DIY

    For anyone looking for ideas i thought i'd share my homemade bed/shelf. All in it cost me about £70 in materials. I wanted to make something that was Removable with no permanant fixings or holes yet fixed to the floor Fairly cheap to make Was tight to the edges of the van as to not loose stuff...
  15. R

    help with DIY poptop plan

    hi people of transporter land....first time i've done this kinda thing so go gently with this older dood. I'll cut to the salient point! I have had me likkle SWB kombi T5 (2015 plate) for a few years now and have been harbouring ambitions of poppping the top! ooh I've managed to acquire...
  16. Jon Sealey

    T6.1 Westfalia Towbar Fitting

    Hi all, it’s probably been discussed a million times but I can’t find a definitive answer. I’m wanting to add the westfalia towbar to my 21 plate t6.1 which according to the build sheet it has trailer prep from factory. So that ticks the easy box as such. The question is around the removed...
  17. B

    Rear aircon and poptop?

    So the van build planning took a break for a while but back on it, currently pondering the idea of if I find a decent kombi van with rear ac vents how difficult is it to reroute ducting and wiring once pop top is fitted, similar to that of a cali, I'm stuck on wanting a lwb or I think I probably...
  18. D

    Kill switch / quick question about wires and that

    Morning all I'm in the world of pain that is a 1500 page PDF of all of the possible combinations of wiring anyone could ever imagine might have been needed for troubleshooting T6 electrics. I have gleaned so far that SC56 is the magic fuse that's needed to start the van. If I follow the black...
  19. G

    Clutch master cylinder replacement

    I need to replace clutch master cylinder. Anyone got a guide on how to remove it as I am having a nightmare. I have removed pedal from the pivot point but I don't think that was right. I can't get the metal housing out. But refitting it the same way seems impossible. Also can I bleed it by...
  20. VesselPal

    Rear suspension removal 4Motion

    I've noticed that the rubber under my rear springs has disintegrated and I ordered those uprated powerflex ones. As I tow a lot and the van is loaded most of the year I also got 13mm spacers for the back. This is a 4motion, do I have to remove the cv axles to complete this task? I know the...