1. Strettyp

    Diesel heater - home installation

    With my gas bill coming in at an eye-watering amount last week, I am looking at ways to reduce the cost of heating the house, have got a newish energy efficient boiler, have dropped the temp on it to 17.5 and reduced the time slot it's on for etc Has anyone attempted to do this at home, mainly...
  2. J19WMK

    DIY Carpeting

    Just an update on the Van, carpeting all done. Panels individually done, carpet not tucked into drivers window yet. Van shades will complete the look.
  3. S

    Awkward it's an old T5 not a T6

    But i guess most of this interior is applicable to you guys......I kinda owe a dept to this forum and the electrickery implications i've stumbled into here.......... it's also probably the slowest of slow builds and I'm silly time pressed so you'll have to bare with me a tad. We are country...
  4. Texxaco

    One man brake bleeding kit recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a one man brake bleeding kit and if there is a sequence to bleeding brakes on a T6 T32? Looking to remove my brake calipers one by one to coat them hence the questions. Cheers all.
  5. A

    DIY Curtain rails

    Reading the posts on curtains for Caravelles. I was considering making my own system. This looked promising INAVIS Ceiling Curtain Track Anyone made their own? Any words of wisdom?
  6. Paynewright

    Sliding door maintenance

    Just wondered if there was any advice / VW schedule for maintaining the sliding door(s)? I guess keeping roller bearings and latches well lubricated and checking slider mechanism fixings for tightness are the things that spring to mind. Anything else to consider? There have been a few threads...
  7. McFlude

    Home built furniture. Can I see yours?

    It is one year ago today (at day of post) that I purchased a 2017 Kombi to convert. I still have to finish the door to the rear cupboard and a other few bits and bobs but thought that it is near enough finished to post a few pictures. When I was planning my conversion I was desperate for ideas...
  8. S

    Bespoke Van Furniture designed, made and almost fitted!!!!

    Have put a few posts up regarding the van furniture i have been designing. Well its now coming together in reality!! This is in my T6 LWB. Still got the read doors and top to put on and the control panel to cut in but i am beyond stoked with the quality i have been able to achieve.
  9. A

    Ceramic coating - DIY

    Hi, I just bought some Hydrolex ceramic sealant. Just wondering if anybody has done there own cermic coating? Are you happy with the result? Any tips? Cheers
  10. K

    My install: Ambient footwell LED lights install using OEM connector

    I had a go at installing the travelinlite 3 colour led footwell courtesy lights today as ambient lighting instead so connected to the illumination dial. I wasn’t keen on using the posi taps supplied with the kit or splicing and wanted to try and keep it as oem as possible and removable without...
  11. Peter Rhymes

    DIY pop-top roof kit supplier

    Hi, can anyone recommend a diy pop top kit for a SWB T6 ? Or if not a tried and tested installer. Also what are the feelings regarding high top roofs pros and cons over pop tops. cheers, Pete.
  12. Paynewright

    DIY Servicing

    SWMBO’s Octavia just been in for service and brake fluid - basically oil/filter change and check lots of things - £310 :eek: What is everyones thoughts on DIY servicing? Considering many of us rip stuff out, fit other stuff in and generally modify wherever possible! I’m the sort of person who...
  13. S

    T6.1 Front splitter fitting - DIY?

    Can I, a DIY hater/idiot fit a front splitter to my T6.1 ( if it ever arrives ) without jacking up the van?
  14. A

    Different grade birch ply for DIY units...

    Hi everyone. I'm going to take on the challenge of making some units for the t6. I can't get my head around the cost of pre made. Anyway, I've had a look at birch ply and it seems there are a few different grades which determines the quality (and of course the price!). I'm thinking to just...
  15. B@rrow

    My bespoke underseat battery tray

    Just finishing this, Really pleased how it works out. Enough space for several tops of battery and the other electrical gubbins fits in the front section.
  16. MRFU510N

    DIY pop top cost savings

    Hi all, I'm curious to know how much £ you can save by doing it yourself if you feel competent with these sorts of diy. Any info welcomed. As always, thanks. James
  17. D

    SWB Pop-Top strengthening frame. Anyone Know where I can get this ?

    HI, Everyone. So I decided to try and fit a pop top to my VW T6 myself. Instead of buying a full kit, I was able to find a lid, tent, gas struts, and hinges. But in order to install it I need to source strengthing bars and also the trim which finishes the job and holds the pop-top bed in place...
  18. B

    My DIY Kombi bed

    I've made a slot together plywood bed so I can sleep in my kombi. I can set it up as a single bed (70cm or 80cm by 200cm) or a king size bed (150cm x 200cm) - long bed because I'm 6'3 When I'm with the kids it's a bit of a squeeze, three of us can sleep on the bed with mats and sleeping bags...
  19. C

    Kombi sleeping platform - DIY

    I’ve finally finished laminating the last bits of ply to extend the rear platform into a bed/ loading area. I use the van for work and camping so wanted the fit out to be versatile and the platform load bearing though I do think I over engineered this a bit. The drawer is fantastic.
  20. W

    First time carpeting.

    In the heat of Tuesday, I finally grabbed the adhesive and carpet and went for it. 2 stone lighter at the end of the day, but a result. I then did the other side with the sliding door on Thursday. I found that side more difficult, but it’s not that hard folks - have a go !