1. MRFU510N

    DIY pop top

    Hi all, I'm curious to know how much £ you can save by doing it yourself if you feel competent with these sorts of diy. Any info welcomed. As always, thanks. James
  2. D

    Vw T5/T6 SWB strengthing frame for pop top. Anyone Know where I can get this ?

    HI, Everyone. So I decided to try and fit a pop top to my VW T6 myself. Instead of buying a full kit, I was able to find a lid, tent, gas struts, and hinges. But in order to install it I need to source strengthing bars and also the trim which finishes the job and holds the pop-top bed in place...
  3. W

    First time carpeting.

    In the heat of Tuesday, I finally grabbed the adhesive and carpet and went for it. 2 stone lighter at the end of the day, but a result. I then did the other side with the sliding door on Thursday. I found that side more difficult, but it’s not that hard folks - have a go !
  4. Roberts

    T6 LWB Indium Grey - MTB Camper Build Thread

    Long time lurker but I have finally taken the plunge and got myself a T6 LWB from Salop Vans. They were great, very flexible and worked with me on what I wanted. I could not recommend them enough. Van is now a perfect base for what I want. Externally complete and internally very clean ready for...
  5. L

    Aftermarket heated-seat install - How To

    after purchasing my t6, top of the bucket list was a pair of comfy heated captains seats ready for conversion to a mate put me on to a guy who imports caravelle seats from Germany,so once installed the drivers seat was formally a passengers these are seats that I purchased.....
  6. RichDavies82

    Any specialist tools required for coilover fitting?

    Looking at getting my new Stance Plus Streets fitted soon as I’m about to be placed on furlough leave! My question is - do I need any specialist tools to carry out the swap? Spring compressors I know I need but do I need a ball joint remover? Also, any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Paynewright

    Diy Curtains - Which Fabric And Magnets?

    Fabric recommendations is something I’m surprised to be asking on a motor vehicle forum but here goes. I want to DIY make some magnetic curtains for occasional summer use, perhaps 3 or 4 times a year. Searching the archives found the GallantUK video for the windscreen and front door blinds. The...
  8. Bobbych

    Diy Conversion South Lincs

    Hi I will be converting a PV next year. I was wondering if there is any one in south Lincolnshire that is about to or is doing a PV conversion that would like some help or can assist me with queries? Just a thought.
  9. T

    Diy Black Out Screens...

    Hi All, Cant justify the cost of a set of thermal blinds that will only get used once in a blue moon, has anyone made their own? Thinking, some black fabric with bubble wrap inside and magnets to attach? Or are there any cheap 'off the shelf' alternatives? Cheers.
  10. Dicko24

    Surfers / Watersports Enthusiasts - How Do You Store Equipment In The Rear?!

    Looking for examples of how people are storing boards and equipment in the rear, and still having space for other items. I have a Kombi for reference. Seen on another thread some people using these: Kombi Beds for Camper Vans But at £900, I'd rather make my own. Any pictures or ideas most...
  11. Andrew

    DIY window blinds

    Has anyone had a go? I'm not going to be in a position to afford Vanshades so I'm going have a go myself. Has anyone else tried it or know any vids / links etc? Thanks Andy