1. G

    Clutch master cylinder replacement

    I need to replace clutch master cylinder. Anyone got a guide on how to remove it as I am having a nightmare. I have removed pedal from the pivot point but I don't think that was right. I can't get the metal housing out. But refitting it the same way seems impossible. Also can I bleed it by...
  2. VesselPal

    Rear suspension removal 4Motion

    I've noticed that the rubber under my rear springs has disintegrated and I ordered those uprated powerflex ones. As I tow a lot and the van is loaded most of the year I also got 13mm spacers for the back. This is a 4motion, do I have to remove the cv axles to complete this task? I know the...
  3. Lee540

    Steering Wheel - Repair Kit

    Thought I'd share my efforts this weekend. Kit from Furniture Clinic, was about £21 with new customer discount code. Before: and After Not perfect but miles better!! Saved a fortune on a new wheels or recovered one. Might help someone out on here.
  4. G

    DIY spraying of front grille and bumper inserts

    I’m looking to DIY spray my standard front grille (including bumper inserts) on my T6.1 gloss black. Would there be any reason why I shouldn’t use plastic grey primer and Plasti-Kote gloss black (spray cans) followed by a covering of clear lacquer? I know a body shop would be the best idea and...
  5. A

    Fitting a splitter

    Hi all, Just bought a fairly basic gloss black splitter for my t6.1 and it came with some galvanised self tappers. I’m impressed with the rigidity and finish of the splitter, but am questioning the fixtures… They looked a bit flimsy for my liking, so I’ve got out some 25mm M6 stainless bolts...
  6. E

    Kombi Bed/storage self build

    Hi there, I’m new to the forum and I thought I’d post about my project. I bought a T32 kombi recently which had been a builders van and so I’ve embarked on turning into to a day van. Started off with soundproofing & insulation and carpet lining which went pretty well. Upgraded the speakers and...
  7. Garyf123

    Refitting my repaired eberspacher d2 heater

    Hi all, i recently posted about my d2 heater having H1 service fault and fault code relating to faulty motor. Happily, I managed to have a new motor replaced under warranty so happy days! I am trying to refit it now but have come across a small problem. On the heater itself, the diesel inlet is...
  8. D

    T32 front suspension removal

    No bank holiday trip for me until I replace one of my front springs that has snapped! Can't find a T32 specific video on YouTube. Do I need to undo all four bolts, two front and two rear, to remove the suspension leg from the hub? Can I get away with not removing the brakes and driveshaft...
  9. Bav

    External pop top cover for a Hilo

    Does anyone with a Hilo roof use an external pop top cover, such as the ones supplied by Rainbow Screens? If so, what is the technique for getting the cover on & off this pop-top, given its enormous height? TIA
  10. Strettyp

    Diesel heater - home installation

    With my gas bill coming in at an eye-watering amount last week, I am looking at ways to reduce the cost of heating the house, have got a newish energy efficient boiler, have dropped the temp on it to 17.5 and reduced the time slot it's on for etc Has anyone attempted to do this at home, mainly...
  11. J19WMK

    DIY Carpeting

    Just an update on the Van, carpeting all done. Panels individually done, carpet not tucked into drivers window yet. Van shades will complete the look.
  12. R

    Andy of Sat-Navs-UK

    I started having typical issues with the Infotainment touch screen, basically not responding to touch, worse on the right-hand side. A bit of searching the forum and Google I decided the best option was to get the screen replaced. Found Andy from Huddersfield 07788 988178, also on eBay as...
  13. S

    Awkward it's an old T5 not a T6

    But i guess most of this interior is applicable to you guys......I kinda owe a dept to this forum and the electrickery implications i've stumbled into here.......... it's also probably the slowest of slow builds and I'm silly time pressed so you'll have to bare with me a tad. We are country...
  14. Texxaco

    One man brake bleeding kit recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a one man brake bleeding kit and if there is a sequence to bleeding brakes on a T6 T32? Looking to remove my brake calipers one by one to coat them hence the questions. Cheers all.
  15. A

    DIY Curtain rails

    Reading the posts on curtains for Caravelles. I was considering making my own system. This looked promising INAVIS Ceiling Curtain Track Anyone made their own? Any words of wisdom?
  16. Paynewright

    Sliding door maintenance

    Just wondered if there was any advice / VW schedule for maintaining the sliding door(s)? I guess keeping roller bearings and latches well lubricated and checking slider mechanism fixings for tightness are the things that spring to mind. Anything else to consider? There have been a few threads...
  17. McFlude

    Home built furniture. Can I see yours?

    It is one year ago today (at day of post) that I purchased a 2017 Kombi to convert. I still have to finish the door to the rear cupboard and a other few bits and bobs but thought that it is near enough finished to post a few pictures. When I was planning my conversion I was desperate for ideas...
  18. S

    Bespoke Van Furniture designed, made and almost fitted!!!!

    Have put a few posts up regarding the van furniture i have been designing. Well its now coming together in reality!! This is in my T6 LWB. Still got the read doors and top to put on and the control panel to cut in but i am beyond stoked with the quality i have been able to achieve.
  19. A

    Ceramic coating - DIY

    Hi, I just bought some Hydrolex ceramic sealant. Just wondering if anybody has done there own cermic coating? Are you happy with the result? Any tips? Cheers
  20. K

    My install: Ambient footwell LED lights install using OEM connector

    I had a go at installing the travelinlite 3 colour led footwell courtesy lights today as ambient lighting instead so connected to the illumination dial. I wasn’t keen on using the posi taps supplied with the kit or splicing and wanted to try and keep it as oem as possible and removable without...