discover media

  1. H

    Discover media any good?

    Is it worth 795 plus vat from dealer?
  2. Cocoamedia

    Carista - Infotainment screens list

    Here is a list of the Infotainment welcome screens that I get with Carista and my 2017 Highline T32 for information. Type 1 - Twindrive Type 2 - GTD Type 3 - GTI Type 4 - Bluemotion Type 5 - e-Golf Type 6 - R-Line Type 7 - R Logo Took me a while to activate them all so I thought I would share...
  3. Lambchoplee

    North East VAG Adaptions - App Connect

    Hi there! Recently said hello and asked about North East VAG Adaptions in the new members area. Decided to go ahead and give it a whirl and it's working just great. Sent the guy a dm on Facebook. Took a couple of pics of the head unit and he said he could do it. He uses to send a...
  4. katmav1

    Discover media touchscreen malfunction

    Hi, has anyone else had a discover media head unit go wrong? Touchscreen selects stuff on its own. Buttons don't work... Mine is unusable now and just out of warranty. Have been quoted £2244.10 inc. for a replacement. With no route cause to why it has failed!
  5. D

    Can the upgraded "Discover Media" system be retro-fitted in the T6.1?

    I've got a Highline T6.1 with the standard "Composition Colour" head unit. With all the problems I'm having with it, I suggested to my dealer that perhaps upgrading the head unit to the "Discover Media" unit could solve the problems. He didn't say yes or no... he just made some noises about it...
  6. G

    Discover Media - screen gone mad after service + cambelt change

    Hi, My 2016 T6 went in to VW dealer for a service and cambelt change last week, and on the way back, the Discovery Media system started going mad picking up phantom screen presses and finger movements. It repeatedly beeped and moved the map on its own when it satnav mode, but did the same on...
  7. S

    T6.1 station logos

    Hi all, I am having issues installing station logos on my new T6.1 highline as there is no station logo option listed in the settings menu. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. nobbyq

    English radio channels when abroad

    anyone else get bored of french channels when traveling , i know ur in france but is there anything english one can receive everywhere in europe ?
  9. Skyliner33

    Wiring up an amplifier confusion/ problem.

    What I am trying to achieve. I have got a Discover Media head unit and Eton pnp speakers. I want to add an Audison AP5.9 Bit amplifier. I have also got an Audison Harness: and ani ISO EXTENTION INPUT 260 CM/102" I have fitted the harness to the back of my head unit. and If I plug the 2...
  10. Skyliner33

    Hotspot problem when connect to headunit

    When I have my phones hotsot on to share my internet connection all is fine. However when get in the van my phone connects to the Discover Media head unit and my hotspot disconnects abd becomes invisible. Is it possible for someone to connect to my hotspot whilst we are travelling in the van? TIA
  11. T

    Running Radio off Leisure Battery

    Afternoon, Hoping to pick the collective brain about running the standard radio system off the leisure battery, other than spend £600 on an after market unit? A mate has a T5 and simply run a wire from the fuse box to the leisure battery.... not sure if this is a possibility, as I have read...
  12. C

    what sd card

    While waiting for my new van I thought id get an SD card and put all my music on it ready. Anyone know what the maximum sd card size is that i can use on the new colour media unit in the T6.1 ? Also what type SD card is recommended ?
  13. bmw222000

    Discover Media

    I've just fitted a mib2 into my t6 but what apps work with it on my android s10? I saw waze was on there but my tomtom wasn't? Any way of getting it on?
  14. M

    Car Audio, Using Processor With Origional Head Unit

    Hi guys, just got a new stereo , id like to use my original head unit. so using a signal processor to retime all the delays JL audio fix 82,The processor has 8 channels to input. I was advised the t6 origional head unit has 2 channels? is this correct ? also what colours are the speakers wires...
  15. VDubnewby666

    Sat Nav Problem

    My sat nav has suddenly decided it can’t provide route details! The SD card is properly inserted and the map displays and shows the vehicle position. Is this common? What’s the fix?
  16. BoroBoy

    Composition Colour Head Unit

    Hi BoroBoy here. I am a new member and would like some help/advice regarding the above head unit in my T6 Transporter LWB panel van. At present I only have rear parking sensors installed active in the head unit. I would like to install a Reversing Camera and Front parking sensors to my...
  17. Elliott

    Standard Head Unit Help!!

    I think it’s a discovery media head unit, sat nav etc Apple car play. The previous owner has fitted rear speakers and sub under seat. But when the car turns of at traffic lights I.e start stop function the stereo goes quiet at the front but I can hear it from the rear speakers but quiet, if I’m...
  18. M

    Head Unit Playing Up

    Hello, has anybody had problems with the discovery satnav head unit? mines keeps changing station, buttons are frozen and the Bluetooth doesn't connect automatically like it used to. I've got it booked in at the vw garage to get a software update(£96) as they think that wil solve the problem...
  19. fezza68

    Radio Station Logos.

    Does anyone know how to get the radio station logos on their stereo?. Mine had them for a while but now some have disappeared.
  20. Robert

    Infotainment FEC / SWaP

    I couldn't find any info about FEC / SWaP here on this forum, so I decided to post a little bit. Obviously FEC is Feature Enablement Code and SWaP is Software as Product. This is the list of my available features: And this is the list of my installed features: So I already have the...