discover media

  1. Dav-Tec

    For Sale Discover Media - Unlocked

    Professionally unlocked with component protection removed. Latest map pack installed and speed camera POIs. Fully bench tested Part Number 5C0 035 680 C Has CD Drive and DAB Can ship or fit. Price £699
  2. S

    Media startup problem

    I have a 21 plate T30. Had it for a month now and the radio/sat nav takes about 8 mins to start In the morning. No reverse camera. I have updated the software but still happens. It will work fine throughout the day once it’s gone through this start up problem. Any ideas what the problem is?
  3. R

    How to reset Discover Media navigation system

    Hi all - not long had my 2016 T6 and one thing that’s really bugging me is the unresponsive touch screen for the stereo headunit. I’ve searched here and Google and YouTube and can’t find out how to do a reset on it - they all seem to cover different headunits! Here’s what I have, any info...
  4. The Van Cave

    Sold 2015 140PS DSG SWB Kombi. £26,500 + VAT

    Huge spec 65 Plate 2015 140 DSG SWB Kombi for sale. Base Van Spec Euro 5 140 DSG With 85k miles. Acapulco Blue. Full VW Service History. Cambelt and Water Pump Changed. DSG With Paddle Shift. Genuine VW LED Headlights. Genuine VW LED Rear Lights. Electric Single Sliding Door. Power Latching...
  5. The Ham

    Why no traffic reports when in France with discover media?

    Drive to Eurotunnel traffic reports working fine, soon as I hit France it has TMC with a line through it. Anybody know why?
  6. Salty Spuds

    Discover media fault code 6145 [Resolved]

    My van is going in on Wednesday for yet another attempt by the dealer to fix the head unit. Usual symptoms, RHS of the screen unresponsive & "ghost" activation of the soft keys on the bottom of the screen. I've done a VCDS scan & its come up with the following fault. I'm assuming that it's a...
  7. R

    Sold Discovery Media Apple car play unlocked. £680

    Genuine Vw Discovery media Apple car play and Android auto unlocked Component protection removed Plug and play £680 Collection from Bournemouth
  8. W

    Retro fit OEM reverse camera install query

    Around 18 months ago I had a genuine vw reverse camera installed on my T6. I have just removed the unit to send away for a touch Screen repair and found the following installed on my head unit. A hole has been drilled into the back of my unit and a hdmi lead passes through to a circuit board...
  9. Jonesy68

    Best wifi dongle for Discovery Pro

    Hi guys, I have read lots of threads about adding WiFi and I was going to basically follow @Dellmassive set up with the Huawei dongle. But I have also read that some people couldn't get their stock head unit to connect properly using a dongle. I'm looking to have this plugged into my leisure...
  10. AndyM66

    Wanted T6 head unit with navigation

    Hi, if anyone has a VW head unit with navigation available, please PM me
  11. marsie

    Off road info on discover media

    Hi all, was having a play with my carista yesterday and found some settings to enable off road information (3 steps to enable). Has anyone done this successfully on the t6? Mine is a 2017 Thought it may be quite handy to have while we are up in scotland on holidays off the beaten track Also...
  12. Murdoch

    CarPlay VW software?

    Got home yesterday. Unplugged iPhone , got out and locked van Then realised radio was still playing, so I opened it up and couldn’t turn off the radio off. Locked van with radio playing 2016 T6 Kombi Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks
  13. Mic71

    T6.1 swap 8” screen to 9.2”??

    Hey all I'm new hear and can't seem to find how I make a fresh post. My question is Does anybody know if it is possible to change the 8 inch discover media screen in a 6.1 sportline to the 9.2 inch discover media pro screen in the black edition?? Is it a straight swap or does the head end need...
  14. A

    Discover Media Headunit not working!! Even after soft reset

    Hi Guys, Was driving yesterday and my Discover Media head unit went blank, then the Welcome to Volkswagen display came up but now the unit will not boot up at all, just gets to the welcome screen then goes blank. The Van is a 2018 factory kombi. So now can’t even use the reverse camera either...
  15. T

    T6.1 Discover pro 9.2 mystery icon [Solved]

    Morning folks, can anyone enlighten me as to what this icon means? In picture 1 the icon is the standard bluetooth one. In pictures 2 & 3 the icon changes to a number. This number randomly increases by one during driving, and on one occasion reached 9. I don't think it's anything to do with...
  16. Jimearl6

    VW Sat Nav GPS coordinates

    I’ve been going round in circles and need help. The short question: Can I input a GPS coordinate into the Sat Nav of my VW T6 (2019) Discover Media infotainment system? And if so how? (I haven’t updated it since I put it in) The longer explanation: I’m off to France in the summer and have read...
  17. Dav-Tec

    For Sale Discover Media

    For sale is my unlocked unit with CarPlay and Android auto activated, latest map updates, speed camera warnings, DAB, CD everything is on it, can be coded before shipping. Small cosmetic scratch to the top left corner of the screen which is only visible in certain light when the screens off...
  18. Mistuk

    For Sale VW Headunit - fully working incl SD card activated for CarPlay. £200

    I don't know what these are worth. I understand it needs "unlocking" due component protection, but understand that it's possible now. Unit is fully working, includes the SD card and already has Apple CarPlay activated. Based near Salisbury, Wiltshire - open to offers Sorry - didn’t know about...
  19. Hoarder

    CarLinKit AI Box

    I have just bought one of these (T-Box) Full Android AI Box - Convert Your Car Screen to Android Tablet for my 2018 T6, fitted with the Discovery Media System. Basically, when the AI box is plugged in to the vans usb, it connects via the Apple Car Play of the vehicle's infotainment system...
  20. X

    Problem coding/adapting reverse camera into DISCOVER MEDIA [Solved]

    I have just fitted a reverse camera and wired it all up correctly, i have fitted lots of these to aftermarket head units and one a few months ago to another van with discover media radio/nav without no problems at all. The problem i have with my current van is when i enable the camera option in...