discover media

  1. D

    Aftermarket Reversing Camera to Discover Media

    Good evening. I've purchased a volkswagen reverse camera input interface harness. I have a discover media radio. I'm wanting to add a reverse camera to the radio. The description for the harness says: Adapter harness to add a reverse camera to an original volkswagen transporter T6...
  2. Florry66

    For Sale ZEI - Navigation system "Discover Media" including "Streaming & Internet" T6.1

    Evening all, just wondering if there is any interest in this, I’m having an upgrade at Absolut5 Audio in July and the Discovery Media system with Sat Nav, CarPlay, streaming etc, a £1115 plus vat option, will be available end of July, it will be removed from my 2021 T6.1 Highline with just 15k...
  3. S

    Sat nav lost...

    Hi guys I had the infotainment system replaced a couple of week back under the all in warranty due to the failed touch screen issue but I've just gone to use the sat nav and it thinks I'm in northern Germany!! before i take it back to VW again... anything simple I'm missing? ta
  4. RobJH

    The dreaded digitiser/touch screen

    Has anyone successfully removed the old digitiser? It appears mine has partially unbonded itself so a replacement over the top won't really cut it. Am I opening myself up for all kinds of pain trying to separate the two?
  5. P

    Media screen freezes every time until hard reset

    Hi guys hope all is well. My media touch screen will freeze every time I turn the engine off and back on again. The side buttons on the media unit work as they should (radio / media / phone etc), but all the options on the touch screen just freeze. I then do a hard reset and the buttons on the...
  6. Florry66

    T6.1 Discover Plus - no sound [Resolved]

    Hi all, just returned from a 640 mile round trip to Sunderland, on the way up after a stop at services the sound has gone on my Discovery plus system, I’ve tried the press on button for a soft reset but still nothing, I can turn the radio on, see it going up when I increase the volume but...

    Dead spots on my multimedia touch screen

    My 2017 highline with the larger multimedia screen has decided to give me some dead spots on the touch screen middle to the right of the screen. Does anyone know of a fix that doesn’t break the bank? I see you can potentially reprogramme it? Cheers Callum
  8. La Dodgy Vita

    Wanted Wanted Discover Media head unit or aftermarket replacement

    Wanted; Discover head unit or aftermarket replacement to suit 2016 T6. Must be in good condition. I'm located in the Costswolds but willing to travel to see / pick up.
  9. C

    Wanted Discover media headunit t6

    Hello, After an epic day with @Dav-Tec doing some heavy involved work on my van the only thing standing in the way of a clean sweep was a head unit seemingly not compatible with reverse camera input. Thus looking for a reasonably priced headunit to swap out for an xtrons unit. Discover media...
  10. D

    Touchscreen Replacement for OEM Head Unit Digitiser

    I know there is a post somewhere guiding you through the DIY repair of a touchscreen by adding an overlay. However this one provides a screw by screw guide with no missing bits to cause confusion. Literally just finished mine and it was a breeze.
  11. Steved55

    T6 Reversing Camera

    I have a t6 2016 shuttle which has been fitted with a later discover head unit. When I did the conversion to camper I ran an aftermarket Co ax cable with single core cable from the tailgate to the back of the dash. I'm at the stage now when I'd like to install a reverse camera. It currently has...
  12. Vanlady

    Sold Sat nav for spares?

    I have just had a Kenwood DNX5190DABS 6.8” GPS CD Player fitted to my van as the touchscreen had failed on the original VW oneI I was wondering if the one which was removed is any good for spares?
  13. rdelkington

    Sold T6 Discover Media Head Unit MIB STD2 PQ +/ NAV (2017) - NOW SOLD

    Just had an Absolut5 ICE upgrade to their signature audio product (which by the way is epic!)... so I have a 2017 Discover Media head unit in perfect working order. My van is a 2017 T6 Highline 150... and it has only done 24k miles! So this has hardly seen any use... and is mint. £200.00...
  14. secretK9agent

    T6.1 Discover Media Software Update

    Is there anywhere I can reference or anyone who knows what the lastest software update is for the discover media in a t6.1? I do all OTA updates, curious if I'm behind on VW updates that would be done at the garage?
  15. CKZ 102

    OEM T6 Reverse Camera Loom

    Hi Everyone, Looking for a bit of guidance. I have a 69 plate T6 Highline, and I'm looking to install an OEM reverse camera to the van (tailgate). I have the camera (7E0 980 121), but I need the loom to connect to the factory stereo (Larger screen Discovery Media). Can anyone point me in the...
  16. W

    Head unit fault code 01556 - Infotainment System fault code 01556 - Control Module: Software incompatible

    I’ve had this code standing since I had the touch screen replace. There was another code 01555 I was able to code out but haven’t been able to find any info on this one. 2017 T6 With a Discover Media unit
  17. M

    VW Tiguan - Wi-Fi connection failed (MIB3)

    Hello, I bought a VW Tiguan 2021 from Germany and shipped it to Egypt. The car has a wifi integrated which I mean I can connect it to a hotspot from my mobile phone or any other router. Whenever I go to the settings-> wifi connection, I already find my mobile phone in the list, and when I try...
  18. M

    MIB3 - Navigation Database Update (Non-EU)

    Hello all, I got a Tiguan 2021 from Germany and shipped it to Egypt. I have the same problem that was reported here (How To: Using Discover Media Navigation System In Non-EU Countries; E.g. Morocco, UK), that the navigation is not working in Egypt. Unfortunately, I cannot find a SD card in my...
  19. P

    Damaged media screen - repair possible?

    Evening All, Hopefully so of you have had the same issue? A Led has leaked in my media screen (genuine VW - reverse camera type) T6 model and Vw has said it is just out of warranty. Do anyone know if this can be repaired. You information would be greatly appreciated as a new one cost 1400 pound...
  20. Rob 79

    Does CarPlay come automatically or does it need activating?

    Hey guys, Should be picking up my 2016 T6 Highline in a week or so. Does anyone know if the satnav system/headunit comes with Apple CarPlay or is it an extra? Thanks in advance!;)