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  1. Vanlady

    Sold Sat nav for spares?

    I have just had a Kenwood DNX5190DABS 6.8” GPS CD Player fitted to my van as the touchscreen had failed on the original VW oneI I was wondering if the one which was removed is any good for spares?
  2. rdelkington

    Sold NOW SOLD - T6 Discover Media Head Unit MIB STD2 PQ +/ NAV (2017) - NOW SOLD

    Just had an Absolut5 ICE upgrade to their signature audio product (which by the way is epic!)... so I have a 2017 Discover Media head unit in perfect working order. My van is a 2017 T6 Highline 150... and it has only done 24k miles! So this has hardly seen any use... and is mint. £200.00...
  3. C

    OEM T6 Reverse Camera Loom

    Hi Everyone, Looking for a bit of guidance. I have a 69 plate T6 Highline, and I'm looking to install an OEM reverse camera to the van (tailgate). I have the camera (7E0 980 121), but I need the loom to connect to the factory stereo (Larger screen Discovery Media). Can anyone point me in the...
  4. W

    Head unit fault code 01556 - Infotainment System fault code 01556 - Control Module: Software incompatible

    I’ve had this code standing since I had the touch screen replace. There was another code 01555 I was able to code out but haven’t been able to find any info on this one. 2017 T6 With a Discover Media unit
  5. M

    VW Tiguan - Wi-Fi connection failed (MIB3)

    Hello, I bought a VW Tiguan 2021 from Germany and shipped it to Egypt. The car has a wifi integrated which I mean I can connect it to a hotspot from my mobile phone or any other router. Whenever I go to the settings-> wifi connection, I already find my mobile phone in the list, and when I try...
  6. M

    MIB3 - Navigation Database Update (Non-EU)

    Hello all, I got a Tiguan 2021 from Germany and shipped it to Egypt. I have the same problem that was reported here (How To: Using Discover Media Navigation System In Non-EU Countries; E.g. Morocco, UK), that the navigation is not working in Egypt. Unfortunately, I cannot find a SD card in my...
  7. P

    Damaged media screen - repair possible?

    Evening All, Hopefully so of you have had the same issue? A Led has leaked in my media screen (genuine VW - reverse camera type) T6 model and Vw has said it is just out of warranty. Do anyone know if this can be repaired. You information would be greatly appreciated as a new one cost 1400 pound...
  8. Rob 79

    Does CarPlay come automatically or does it need activating?

    Hey guys, Should be picking up my 2016 T6 Highline in a week or so. Does anyone know if the satnav system/headunit comes with Apple CarPlay or is it an extra? Thanks in advance!;)
  9. HoopDub

    Found 5C0035680G MIB2 PQ HEAD UNIT

    Has anyone got or recommend someone/company that i can get hold of a MIB2 PQ head unit with DAB+ and NAV part number i believe is 5C0035680G. Peferably plug and play CP already removed. A thousand thanks Matt
  10. Jonni2rets

    Discovery media stereo issues

    Hi all, my head unit has been having issues with nothing working on the touch screen, iv read all about it on here saying the digitaliser needs replacing. Iv got it booked in with vw on Monday for them to look at it. Iv seen on a Facebook thread on a t6 group that someone has had there’s...
  11. 4WheelsFromCanvas

    CD stuck in Discover Media

    I have a CD stuck in a Discover Media. Have tried jamming an another one in there and a credit card with some sellotape on it but no luck. Is there a Force Eject function or a way of manually ejecting a CD from outside the head unit if I remove it from the dash?
  12. G

    T6.1 Discover Media software version.

    I'm trying to find out the latest software version for the t6.1 discovery media head Unit and what others have. This is from my 2020 t6.1.
  13. D

    Discover media rear connections

    Hi Can anyone help me with identifying the connections on the back of the discover media unit. There are 4 colour coded (pink, black blue and yellow) aerial type connections and a 4 pin connection which I think might be for the usb. Reason for the question is I am trying to fit a Kenwood 9720...
  14. E

    Navigation system "Discover Media" including "Streaming & Internet worth having?

    Hello, I just ordered a t6.1 kombi is it worth having the Navigation system "Discover Media" including "Streaming & Internet" if I normally just use the Google maps I know it comes with a bigger screen but is it worth the £1400 cost?
  15. Deaky

    Sold VW Discover Media MIB2 Head Unit

    Excellent condition, no dead spots on the screen. It's just had a replacement LCD screen and digitiser. Everything works as it should. Will need CP removing to use in another van. £450 posted.
  16. tomcollins

    Modifying (coding) the OEM Discover Media sound profile to make the output flat

    I'm looking for some help in understanding if the following is possible. MIB2 Head Unit - Hidden Sound Settings The MIB2 (second-generation modular infotainment platform) head units (Discover Media) appear to have hidden, additional filters and EQ that we can not change without coding. This...
  17. J

    Intermittent stereo fault - skipping about / ghost button presses

    I replaced the stereo in my 2015 VW T5.1 with a discover media head unit a couple of years ago and it's recently started playing up - it will occasionally start skipping about like someone is pressing buttons randomly. If i turn it off and on again it keeps happening, but leaving it for a few...
  18. A

    T6 Discover Media lastest revision

    I am looking for Discover Media for T6 and would like to find out what's latest recision letter. The most up-to-date i could find was G. Help is much appreciated. Thank you
  19. robbidoo

    What is the definitive root cause of USB CarPlay disconnects?

    There are a bunch of threads on here with people reporting that USB CarPlay with their VW head units often disconnect. Some got around it by using a USB -> wireless adapter, others talk about replacing the USB port but that doesn't seem to always work. Is there a definitive root cause to this...
  20. R

    Andy of Sat-Navs-UK

    I started having typical issues with the Infotainment touch screen, basically not responding to touch, worse on the right-hand side. A bit of searching the forum and Google I decided the best option was to get the screen replaced. Found Andy from Huddersfield 07788 988178, also on eBay as...