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  1. Pauly

    T6 Radio Navigation System With Amplifier Wiring Diagram 2018

    Radio System Navigation System Circuit Diagram Covers discover media infotainment units fitted with factory amplifier and includes speakers, reverse camera, microphone and optional interface for mobile telephone and optional emergency call module You can find the standard discover media...
  2. Pauly

    T6 Radio Navigation Systems Wiring Diagram 2018

    Radio System Navigation System Circuit Diagram Covers discover media infotainment units and includes speakers, reverse camera, microphone and optional interface for mobile telephone and optional emergency call module VIP Membership is required to download this document
  3. cy294

    Recalibration of touch screen?

    Afternoon everyone, Having difficulty with my factory head unit in cancelling the screen which appears when reverse is engaged. There is an X which appears in the top right hand part of the screen and when you press the X, it then cancels the display and reverts back to the home screen...
  4. Loz

    T6 Radio removal

    Loz submitted a new download: Radio removal - Removal and Installation guide for the Radio/Navigation system Read more about this download...
  5. C

    Discover Media Nav. System 6.5" Colour Screen.

    The right hand side of my touch screen no longer works on my Nov 2016 Generation 6 Caravelle. Also radio stations jumping about. Can anyone help?
  6. F

    What amps are you running?

    Just interested if added with the standard Discovery media unit
  7. F

    Nav database latest update?

    Hi all, it's been nearly a year since I updated the sd card for the sat nav. I tried an update this morning on the laptop but the programme says I have the latest version.. if it really a year old or when was the last update? I can't find a link to the update list. Thanks
  8. bytejunkie

    Discover Media as a source, any good?

    Whats peoples thoughts on retaining the Discover Media head unit as a source for a decent hifi install. By that i mean Focal components and some sound deadening up front. im not chasing SPL, but i do like a bit more sound quality. That said, its always going to be bluetooth'd or SD card. I've...
  9. B

    Entertainment System Issues

    Hi, New member here! My 2016 Transporter Kombi has an issue with it's entertainment system and I am not sure how to fix it. I'd be grateful if someone could advise. All of a sudden the entertainment system seems to hang when I change radio channels, either via the console or the stick on the...
  10. P

    T6.1 - Adding rear Speakers

    Hello ** This is a specific question regarding the T6.1 Infotainment System ** I have the T6.1 highline with the Infotainment system installed (which I believe is an upgrade). It's a pannel van at the moment, but I will be upgrading to a camper soon. I'l like to add speakers to the back of the...
  11. WolfmanMick

    OEM HU questions on software and camera.

    Quick two questions before we exit lockdown & I take my first trip out in the T6. 1) Can this head unit take a rear reversing camera? Got barn doors. 2) Do i have to update the software & maps on it? It's in a 2016 T6 if that makes any difference. Thanks for your help in advance.
  12. Mike Dean

    Wanted 5C0035680 Discover Media with NAV and DAB.

    Does anyone have a 5C0035680 Discover Media with NAV and DAB they want to part with? Thanks :thumbsup:
  13. R

    Head Unit model help!

    I’ve taken this out of my 67 plate T6, but have no idea what model this is. Anyone know where to find this? Or what these are going for? Thanks (first time owner)
  14. Matrob93

    Sat Nav Unit wanted.

    I've been looking for sat nav media unit and I'm trying to find a genuine vw product. I've found one from Germany but I'm a bit skeptical as to whether its genuine or not. Is anyone able to advise, appreciate it is on ebay which is always risky...
  15. P

    Wanted Multimedia system t6

    Wanted multimedia system for t6 must be in good condition Must be sold with full receipt and no issues Locked or unlocked
  16. P

    How do I decode a second-hand Multimedia radio?

    Hi I’ve bought a multimedia head unit off eBay (new) it has been removed from the company minibus the seller has provided the vin number from the vehicle removed from and a full receipt I now need it decoding and some of the options opening up (I have the sat Nav card supplied with the head...
  17. Shaun Witts

    ‘R’ startup screen

    I was able to get my startup screen to show the VW R symbol through VCDS today by changing byte 18 of 5F-Information Electr. to 07, which I think suits my Pendle mapped TSI better. It’s the little things...
  18. huw169

    Discover media any good?

    Is it worth 795 plus vat from dealer?
  19. Cocoamedia

    Carista - Infotainment screens list

    Here is a list of the Infotainment welcome screens that I get with Carista and my 2017 Highline T32 for information. Type 1 - Twindrive Type 2 - GTD Type 3 - GTI Type 4 - Bluemotion Type 5 - e-Golf Type 6 - R-Line Type 7 - R Logo Took me a while to activate them all so I thought I would share...
  20. Lambchoplee

    North East VAG Adaptions - App Connect

    Hi there! Recently said hello and asked about North East VAG Adaptions in the new members area. Decided to go ahead and give it a whirl and it's working just great. Sent the guy a dm on Facebook. Took a couple of pics of the head unit and he said he could do it. He uses to send a...