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  1. M

    T6.1 swap 8” screen to 9.2”??

    Hey all I'm new hear and can't seem to find how I make a fresh post. My question is Does anybody know if it is possible to change the 8 inch discover media screen in a 6.1 sportline to the 9.2 inch discover media pro screen in the black edition?? Is it a straight swap or does the head end need...
  2. A

    Discover Media Headunit not working!! Even after soft reset

    Hi Guys, Was driving yesterday and my Discover Media head unit went blank, then the Welcome to Volkswagen display came up but now the unit will not boot up at all, just gets to the welcome screen then goes blank. The Van is a 2018 factory kombi. So now can’t even use the reverse camera either...
  3. T

    T6.1 Discover pro 9.2 mystery icon [Solved]

    Morning folks, can anyone enlighten me as to what this icon means? In picture 1 the icon is the standard bluetooth one. In pictures 2 & 3 the icon changes to a number. This number randomly increases by one during driving, and on one occasion reached 9. I don't think it's anything to do with...
  4. Jimearl6

    Discover Media GPS coordinates

    I’ve been going round in circles and need help. The short question: Can I input a GPS coordinate into the Sat Nav of my VW T6 (2019) Discover Media infotainment system? And if so how? (I haven’t updated it since I put it in) The longer explanation: I’m off to France in the summer and have read...
  5. Dav-Tec

    For Sale Discover Media

    For sale is my unlocked unit with CarPlay and Android auto activated, latest map updates, speed camera warnings, DAB, CD everything is on it, can be coded before shipping. Small cosmetic scratch to the top left corner of the screen which is only visible in certain light when the screens off...
  6. Mistuk

    For Sale VW Headunit - fully working incl SD card activated for CarPlay

    I don't know what these are worth. I understand it needs "unlocking" due component protection, but understand that it's possible now. Unit is fully working, includes the SD card and already has Apple CarPlay activated. Based near Salisbury, Wiltshire - open to offers Sorry - didn’t know about...
  7. Hoarder

    CarLinKit AI Box

    I have just bought one of these (T-Box) Full Android AI Box - Convert Your Car Screen to Android Tablet for my 2018 T6, fitted with the Discovery Media System. Basically, when the AI box is plugged in to the vans usb, it connects via the Apple Car Play of the vehicle's infotainment system...
  8. X

    Problem coding/adapting reverse camera into DISCOVER MEDIA [Solved]

    I have just fitted a reverse camera and wired it all up correctly, i have fitted lots of these to aftermarket head units and one a few months ago to another van with discover media radio/nav without no problems at all. The problem i have with my current van is when i enable the camera option in...
  9. Malb09

    T6.1 discover media sat nav map not moving

    Hi all Apologies if this has already been discussed on the forum, but here goes. Just got a new T6.1 and I am baffled by the way the map works! When I set off driving, the arrow marker for the van is not on the screen, and as I move along the map moves and turns, but the arrow is somewhere off...
  10. Shaudy

    Discover Media & Data Connection

    Hi, is there a way to teather my mobile data connection to steam radio using the built Internet Radio on my t6.1 (Discover Media Headunit)? I've been streaming radio for 2 weeks and today its stopped working. After digging through the menus and notifications, I've used up the measly 1GB of free...
  11. Rompa

    upgrade Discovery media software to Discovery media PRO ?

    Hello. I just Bought a 2020 T6.1 with Discovery Media, and in 2020 it is not possible to have the navigator map between the two rings in Digital Cockpit. but with Discovery Media PRO it is possible. Is there a software upgrade backwards so it will be possible? in 2021 T6.1 it is possible to...
  12. R

    T6.1 Discover Media Pro GPS problem

    Took delivery of my new t6.1 on Tuesday and today discovered when using nav that the van thinks I’m 50 to 500yds to the left of where I am. Has anyone had this and found a fix, really don’t want to involve dealer if it can be helped.
  13. gerry

    Retrofitted discover media doesn’t power off

    Hello I have a discover media retrofit that works well but the station is always powered even after removing the ignition key even by pressing the on button can we solve this problem so that the set turns off vcds encoding or you have to modify the - connector, 8-pin - T8f- 17 - Terminal 31 18 -...
  14. Cgdudderz

    T6.1 Discover Media Navigation

    Hello all, just received my T6.1 Highline from the dealership. Other than the terrible sound system, my only complaint is with the SatNav. I have the Discover Media Navigation system with 8” display. When it is in auto mode (I.e, the map moves with vehicle and always keeps the vehicle on...
  15. M

    T6.1 navigation system Discover Media POI "streaming & internet"

    Hi, all. I have the navigation system "discover media" including "streaming & internet" installed in my T6.1 and am trying to add points of interest to the database. Anyone had a go and managed to do this? John
  16. Macmain12

    discover media MiB2 staying on

    Hope some one can help. have a small problem, I've hard wired a dash cam into our new to us t6 caravelle, I've removed and refitted 5 amp fuse camper display and internet unit, as this had a piggy back fuse holder already fitted for an active sub that the previous owner fitted, I've also removed...
  17. Jeff Goodall

    T6.1 Discover media or not?

    Hi all, now looking at options for new van . I wanted the larger screen stereo but only comes as discover media option at £1300 . Seems a crazy amount of money is there better aftermarket one. Normally use apple maps with app connect. Is it worth the extra cash . Cheers
  18. Dilbert

    Discover Media Navigation System: full update 1730 too large for original SD card [Solution]

    The original VW Discover Media Navigation System (at least older ones) came with a VW 16GB SD card. The latest map update version 1730 Europe – Bundle 1 is too large too fit! Interestingly the VW DiscoverCare program does not...
  19. S

    Satnav colour screen changes

    Hi. I have a 17 plate T6 with factory fitted Satnav. I’m struggling with a couple of bits per below and wondered if anyone can help. 1) is it possible to change the route colouring. I am colourblind and really struggle to see the route highlighted against the roads on the map. 2) I really...
  20. Ads_Essex

    Ingleby Electronics

    After my Discover Media screen started getting dead-spots and then ultimately ghosting to the point that the only screen I could have it on was the Main Menu (otherwise it’d call people or change sat-nav destinations) I followed these two and got it repaired.. Whilst I’m £320 lighter, the unit...