1. Merryman

    Help with Alfreton car park

    Hi, Does anyone live near Alfreton, Leicestershire. I was there a few weeks ago and used the Tesco car park. Saw that if the stay was for more than 3 hours, then by attending the 'Customers Service Desk' could get an extra hour. Which I did. Horizon Parking are pursuing £40 or £70 for overstay...
  2. D

    Just saying hello

    Hi all join last week just finding my way around. Hello to everyone. Today as finally come, were we pick up our van. Its like Christmas .
  3. therobgregory

    T6 and about to start…

    Hi, I’m new here. Recently sold my T5.1 Sportline Kombi as it was starting to cost money…at 147k miles it was getting tired. I kept this van 100% standard using it for bikes and camping, and as my daily driver. I do miss it. However, I’ve replaced it with a T6 Highline Kombi which is a much...
  4. D

    VCDS - East Midlands - rear speakers.

    Hi All, I've tried to get my rear speakers coded in a few times to no avail. I'm travelling from East Midlands Airport on Saturday morning to Newcastle to Newcastle. Is there anyone in close proximity to the route (M1/A1/A19) that can code the rear speakers in? Thanks...
  5. Ian Murray

    Joining the family!

    Hi everyone! Introducing ourselves to the family. We have just purchased a T6 and looking forward to many adventures. I’m sure I will have many questions of you more experienced owners as we find our way around this new lifestyle! All the best! Ian and Jill
  6. CamperBadger

    Michael Sims - MFSW fitter

    Recommendation post: New MFSW fitted and cruise (non adaptive) activated to replace my blank 2019 Startline wheel yesterday by Michael Sims. Mike lives in Hayfield in Derbyshire (it's at the foot of Kinder Scout). Took 1.5 hours, great care taken. Knows his stuff, pleasant chap. He's in the...
  7. Widdzuk

    Wheel alignment - Yorkshire

    Hi, I’ve got a bit of inner tyre wear and also got 3mm left overall after 5k on my 20inch 275 rears. It’s a campervan converted t6.1. With slightly cambered wheels. I understand the premature wear may be due to the camber, but also read on here that the low ride height may have changed the...
  8. J

    T6 Carpet Lining & Insulation Derbyshire

    Hi all - wanted to get my T6 insulated / sound proofed and carpet lined. I’ve looked at a few posts but wondered if there was a more recent suggestion for Derbyshire based company / person. Cheers!
  9. SMB

    Looking to have side windows fitted near Staffordshire Derbyshire

    Would be grateful if anyone could advise me of first class people who fit side windows to a T6.1 ?
  10. Pedro20001

    Help wanted, leaking barn door windows

    Hi all. Where do I begin? My so called expert mate fitted my barn door glass for me and now they leak. He found a small gap on one and removed the inner trim and put some more bond in but the other side still leaks at the top. Does anyone know anywhere in the derby ish area who can remove and...
  11. W

    Hello from Derbyshire, UK

    Reluctant as I am to be on yet another forum, I am excited, today, to becoming a T6.1 owner. We, SWMBO and I, have agreed to buy a 10 month old 3k miles T6.1 4Motion DSG from a VW franchised dealer in Birmingham, some 30-40 miles from where I live. This wasn't what was planned! The overall plan...
  12. AJCConversions

    AJC Conversions, Derbyshire

    Hi all, Brandon from AJC Conversions, i thought we better get involved with the T6 forum and show off some of the things we have been producing in the workshop on the quiet. We used to be very active on T4forum, forgive me if that's a swear word on here lol. All of our furniture is hand made...
  13. Pedro20001

    Recommended wheel refinishing near derby area

    Hi all, looking to get my Devonports done in satin black powder coating. Any recommendations near Derby or Nottingham area? Dont mind a bit of a travel for a quality job. Thanks in advance
  14. Pete C

    Buxton campsites

    Anyone got any recommendations for campsites near Buxton that are open now (i.e. open all year) ? Ideally within walking distance of a pub ;) Cheers, Pete
  15. W

    window fitting Derbyshire

    Couple of things here ….I want a fixed window in the slidiing door and false ones on the barn doors. I really like the camper glass ones but have just rung and they are no longer just fitting windows☹️ 1 …So is there any company you would recommend for fitting them East Mids / South Yorks...
  16. soxley

    Feedback on Motus VW Derby?

    Hi all, Does anybody have any feedback on Motus VWVC in Derby? I need some main dealer work doing so the independents aren't an option.
  17. Dav-Tec

    Dav-Tec -Who we are & what we do!

    Hi guys and girls, My name is Chris and I own and run Nottinghamshire-based Dav-Tec along with my wife, Tracy. We've been running around 14 months part time with a view of going full time as the business grows. I am an Electrical and Automation engineer by trade and have over 15 years...
  18. RayF

    Exec Spec/Tracking My Car

    I'd like to recommend Exec Spec, also known as Tracking My Car for all your tracker, Ghost or alarm system and dash cam requirements in the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire area. I've just had a Tracker Locate, Ghost II and Black Vue camera fitted and I am very happy with the service I received, and...
  19. T

    Bloke knocks on door and offers to etch my windows... Dodgy?

    Bloke knocks the door this morning. "Is that your transporter,sir.nice isn't it" Then goes on about how van theft is rife atm..and how easy they are to steal. Wanted to etch my VIN number into the glass and lights for £40. Rough looking chap..drove a white transporter.
  20. J88arv

    Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire / South York - Clutch specialist

    Hi As above really think my clutch needs looking at :) thanks