1. K

    Chrome badge lettering: reuse or replace?.

    Good morning. My t6 highline is going for repainting. Will the chrome lettering come off for reusing, or not? If not does anyone know where to get replacements.
  2. L

    Getting that pesky T6.1 front badge off

    As it says in the title. I've watched the video of some guy happily popping off the chrome badge and putting his matt black one on, I want to do the same. Really stuggling, any tips? The gap between the badge and the bezel in the grille is very tight. It is difficult to get a tool in far enough...
  3. The Van Cave

    Cleaning Up My Rear End

    I've finally got round to cleaning up my rear end. It's gone from this....... To this........ Spoiler delete, wiper delete, and a change of badge. I think the badge and backing, inspired by @cgtmiles, make a huge difference. I even had some help with this group of mods, the kids must've...
  4. vanology

    Removing Chrome Side Styling

    Hello. I'm about to transition from a T5, which I've been running for 6 years, to a T6 TDI 204 4Motion. (I've also had a couple of T4's prior to the current T5). The T6 has had a previous owner who has added a few chrome styling items, namely chrome door handle covers and door handle inserts...
  5. Dugdog74

    To De Badge Or Not De Badge That Is The Question

    Just contemplating debading the rear door on my T6 but not sure. I like the look of the transporter badge in all it’s glory buti also like the clean look. What’s your opinions out there?
  6. IMG_3671


  7. Angela

    Lettering For The Back Of The T6

    Hi again with a question you will regret having me on here I’ve had a look but I’m looking for specific letters for the back of my t6 van I want to ditch the tdi. And put ROO in its place. Looking for a cheaper way than buying the Transporter badge twice but do any of you know if I can get...
  8. Dannywilds

    Self de-badging

    Has anyone attempted to de-badge their Van if so any tips??