dash display

  1. D

    Mfd Large Speedo Reading

    Does anyone know the coding on VCDS to enable the large speedo readout on the MFD Many thanks.
  2. Ragadyman

    Kph To Mph

    Does anyone know how to change this kph to mph? In settings I’ve set to mph but this still reads kph?? Please help.
  3. J

    Battery And Internal Lights / Dash Panel

    Had my van for a few months now and noticed it I don't drive it for a few weeks the battery does lose charge (barely started last week). Anyway, though the van is on the drive I am often in and out of it. I noticed the internal lights and dashboard display light up whenever I open a door (and...
  4. C

    Mph On Dash Screen

    Morning all! Was changing the VCDS this morning to allow MPH in big on the dash screen. Love it! So this is Instruments 17 then coding. However when I was going through coding, it said in Bit 0-3 04 Distance Impulse Number 4 - VW Polo (6R) Should this be 06 Distance Impulse Number 6 - VW...
  5. V

    Large Kph

    The week I got my van I changed the mfd to show the large Mph which is awesome when I'm at home but I do a lot of milage in Europe and last week driving back from Spain I realised how little I look at the dial now and although I set the mfd to display the small Kph I wondered if a large Kph...
  6. L

    Scratched display screen

    So like a numpty, I was hoovering the dashboard and ran the metal edge of the hover over the radio display screen. Thought I could live with it but the thing is annoying me, just a vanity thing. Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement and if it's a straightforward replacement...