For Sale Curtains and rails for kombi

    Currently got the sliding door and drivers side window curtains out - will be replacing the lot eventually. Happy to sell the lot for £85 posted (Not taken a picture of the rear tailgate curtain yet, as not removed!)
  2. Andyman

    For Sale T6 curtains Van-X

    I have a set of Van-X curtains for sale, they are in Black but the cab divider is grey All rails and fittings, 1 curtain may be damaged, but easily replaced via Van-x Never mounted in the van so all but brand new £150 located in Hampshire
  3. Nobby85

    Wanted Wanted curtains and cab bunk front seat t6

    As per heading I'm looking for some curtains or other daylight stopper and a front cab bed for the nipper
  4. Brindle

    Van-Tech curtains, am I missing something?

    Hi, bought sliding door and tailgate curtains from Van Tech, the door curtains have rails that are different lengths, the smaller one appearing to be too short and the rear tailgate upper doesn’t curve with the tail gate and the lower tailgate rail must not be for a door with a wiper. Has...
  5. chafey69

    Sold Black out curtains T5 / T6

    Set of new unused Transporter HQ double lined Black out curtains for sliding door. Colour black with both rails and all fixings £20 Collection Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire
  6. NorthernJoy

    Curtains Advice

    Good afternoon everyone, I have been using stick on window coverings for the last few months to block out the windows while I decide which route I want to take regarding permanent window coverings, the window covers are good and cheap but take up a lot of space in the back while traveling so...
  7. F2JON

    Sold Side window black out curtains

    Pair of side window black out curtains for t5 /t6 in black bought but never opened complete with all fixings they were from vanstyle. they’re already bent not the ones that you have to bend yourself . £55 ono including postage. I also have rear barn door ones to match that I have fit but if...
  8. H0ME

    Van-X curtain rail install

    Has anyone used an alternative to screws to hold up the rails. I find it almost impossible to get the top rail in with screws (twin slider) so my curtain rails going into doors on both sides. I’m thinking of using stikaflex or glue like used on the rear spoiler? Will it hold? There is some...
  9. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to fit Van-X curtains to a T6 (barn doors, VGC flush-sliding windows)

    Just starting to contemplate this job and can't see a good thread on here about it so will try and capture the steps. The caveat is that I have barn doors and VGC flush-sliding windows on each side, with a single sliding door, originally a SWB panel van. The kit I bought is the Van-X premium...
  10. Amymax18

    Wanted Curtains

    Hi all, looking for a set of curtains, ideally 2 x side windows plus tailgate.
  11. A

    DIY Curtain rails

    Reading the posts on curtains for Caravelles. I was considering making my own system. This looked promising INAVIS Ceiling Curtain Track Anyone made their own? Any words of wisdom?
  12. Andy Power

    Cab-divider Curtains

    Hi, I would like to put some curtains behind the front seats in my T6 Kombi, (I have some behind the rear seats) however there’s no plastic decider above the front seats…does this mean it can’t be done ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Andyman

    And the Caravelle curtain debacle starts again

    A T6 Caravelle that yet nobody or no company has found a way to install Curtains properly Companies sell them, assuring people That they are suitable a Caravelle but are they? Nobody seems to take into account that a Caravelle has plastic trim Around the door windows and no trim at all above...
  14. Parvus

    Sold T6 SWB Curtains (x3)

    Hi, Before I advertise elsewhere, anyone interested in the following curtains for £30? Ideally collection, based in Wiltshire area but can post at buyers expense. 1 x Tailgate 1 x Left centre sliding door 1 x Left rear window Almost new condition 6-8mths from original conversion. Now...
  15. J

    Drilling for curtains

    Hi all. I'm about to fit curtains, and drilling for the rail screws is obviously required. I'm concerned that there could be electric cables. Could anyone who knows the original cable routes of the T6 comment on their positions and if I need to be concerned?
  16. Andyman

    Vanstyle curtain reviews?

    Does anyone have any experience or opinion on Vanstyle curtains please someone in passing said they’re hit and miss so looking for real reviews and where better to look
  17. Andyman

    Caravelle curtains still unavailable

    Surprised to discover today that yet still Nobody has designed a decent set of blackout curtains for a caravelle the usual van x and similar are absolutely no good whatsoever, the far rear windows have nothing above them to screw or drill into to hold up the curtain other than the roof lining...
  18. Merryman

    Curtains and rails

    Have or still going through quite a journey finding the rails, runners and fittings to fit out my LWB Shuttle Bus. Just Kampers would only supply 5 rails, but at the right length, other suppliers were too short to get an upper and lower rail. But they insisted that rails come only in packs of 5...
  19. Kedlestone

    Kiravans Tailgate Curtains

    I’ve been trying to order a set of tailgate blackout curtains now for months but every time they come in to stock they instantly go out again. Despite signing up to the stock alert mailing list I never get an update (have checked trash). Has anyone else had issues getting hold of any? Its...
  20. J

    Kirivans curtains: standard or blackout?

    Hey all we have been looking at kirivans curtains they look good to me .but don't know wich one's we need standard curtains or blackout curtains have read feedback on their site and some say the standard are enough .the blackout are more expensive but can't afford to get it wrong!