1. Andyman

    And the Caravelle curtain debacle starts again

    A T6 Caravelle that yet nobody or no company has found a way to install Curtains properly Companies sell them, assuring people That they are suitable a Caravelle but are they? Nobody seems to take into account that a Caravelle has plastic trim Around the door windows and no trim at all above...
  2. Parvus

    Sold T6 SWB Curtains (x3)

    Hi, Before I advertise elsewhere, anyone interested in the following curtains for £30? Ideally collection, based in Wiltshire area but can post at buyers expense. 1 x Tailgate 1 x Left centre sliding door 1 x Left rear window Almost new condition 6-8mths from original conversion. Now...
  3. J

    Drilling for curtains

    Hi all. I'm about to fit curtains, and drilling for the rail screws is obviously required. I'm concerned that there could be electric cables. Could anyone who knows the original cable routes of the T6 comment on their positions and if I need to be concerned?
  4. Andyman

    Caravelle curtains still unavailable

    Surprised to discover today that yet still Nobody has designed a decent set of blackout curtains for a caravelle the usual van x and similar are absolutely no good whatsoever, the far rear windows have nothing above them to screw or drill into to hold up the curtain other than the roof lining...
  5. Kedlestone

    Kiravans Tailgate Curtains

    I’ve been trying to order a set of tailgate blackout curtains now for months but every time they come in to stock they instantly go out again. Despite signing up to the stock alert mailing list I never get an update (have checked trash). Has anyone else had issues getting hold of any? Its...
  6. J

    Kirivans curtains: standard or blackout?

    Hey all we have been looking at kirivans curtains they look good to me .but don't know wich one's we need standard curtains or blackout curtains have read feedback on their site and some say the standard are enough .the blackout are more expensive but can't afford to get it wrong!
  7. L

    T6.1 rear window curtains not fitting

    Hi All, Has anyone Brought rear window curtains for a 6.1 twin slider? I've just recieved mine but don't seem to fit.... the top rail isn't long enough for the window. many thanks in advance for any help.
  8. B

    Shuttle conversions with blinds

    Hi guys, I searched through a few old threads on here but wondered if any other shuttle owners have installed blinds/curtains recently and if so which ones? any pics would be great. Thanks
  9. a5cyt

    Cab divider solution

    does anyone know if its still possible to fit cab divider curtains in a t6 with a sunroof, and not drill through anything in the roofspace ??
  10. Matthew Rowden

    Kombi Curtains

    Hi, After some help please. I have a twin sliding door factory kombi that I want to fit curtains to. Looking at the kits on line I am a little confused on how I fit the top curtain rail as the window frame is in the way. I won’t be able to get a drill or screw driver in there. Would I need to...
  11. C

    Transporter HQ barn door curtain

    Has anyone got barn door curtains for their T6 from transporter HQ? After some advise regarding fitment as a little confused
  12. rolling_stone

    What's behind here? Drilling for cab-divider

    I'd like a cab curtain - I know you can buy them, but I have a load of black bungee cord, and black-out fabric, so I thought I could DIY one... also, I'd rather have the flexibility of not having it there all the time... just hooking it up when I want to use it. SO my plan would be to have two...
  13. M

    Black Curtains - where do you buy?

    I’m after black blackout curtains and rails/fitting. Doesn’t seem to be such a thing that I can find. Anyone have any fitted and suggest where have them for sale. Preferably pre moulded to fit but generally just decent well fitted blackout curtains. Cheers
  14. D

    Fitted curtains

    Evening all, had my 2015 T6 Treadline a week and I’m after some fitted curtains, any advice or links to a recommended supplier would be much appreciated
  15. M

    Best cab curtains

    The galant ones looks very good but none in stock, anyone tried any of the others? Need to be blackout
  16. Farnorthsurfer

    Curtains; VanX or Kiravans?

    Looking for curtains and quite like the look of the Kiravans ones except they only do grey/black. VanX have Blue/Black. Any one got either and can recommend? The Kiravans tailgate rail looks neater than the VanX version. Its really hard to tell whats quality from the web adverts.
  17. C

    Aluminium Curtain Rail

    Hi All. Converting my T6 and looking to do, and source everything myself. Anyone know where I can source aluminium curtain rail with accessories etc (end caps, runners etc.). Looked everywhere but cannot find a good option. Want to make own curtains and perhaps a rail next to the barn doors. Cheers
  18. Toad

    DIY Curtains/Blinds - Which Fabric and Magnets?

    You know I never thought I'd find myself on an Internet forum asking about curtain material, but here we go. We're making curtains for the van and have made some basic templates. They're going to be held on with magnets which we've also tested. But what material have people used to provide...
  19. DubiousEngineering

    Custom Covers - Internal Screen Cover

    What are your thoughts on magnetic cab blackout blinds? ... Someone said that in the winter it’s still worth having the outside wrap for extra insulation... These are super simple to install, magnetically clip in place and four poppers to fit. Anyway, these were sent to me for free and they...
  20. DubiousEngineering

    How To Fit Blackout Blinds - Video

    As always, dont do as I do... the video is not perfect, but these blinds work well.