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  1. W

    £500 budget… t6 needs lowering. Thoughts…

    Hi Guys, picked up my 2016 SWB kombi on sat. Love it but it needs to be lower to make it more of a ‘car feel’ and obviously the aesthetics too. I’ve got £500 to spend. I know b14s etc are ideal but it’s just not happening from a budget point of view. What would you do? I want to go about...
  2. Mezzy81

    New Shoes for my T6!

    Having been a T6 owner for just a couple of months I was a little confused about what I wanted to do with my suspension and wheels. Having read a few posts on here and after a very informative initial conversation with Steve at @CRS Performance I decided on Koni & H&R springs, anti roll bars and...
  3. L

    Painting brake caliper for bronze wheels - red or black ?

    Hi all Steve at crs is fitting some super metal cell 20 in bronze for me next week on my cherry red kombi I want the brake callipers painting either red or black Any tips or advice ? Black or red look the best ?
  4. CRS Performance

    For Sale Koni shocks for type 2 transporter.

    We are now holding stock of type 2 transporter shocks , Koni don’t generally carry them anymore. But will make if sufficient quantities are purchased. They are like the proverbial Rocking horse dung To get and some customers are bringing from The states , and Europe at high cost . we have...

    Review: CRS - Koni special actives H&R ARBs

    Had a 272 mile round trip to CRS today from Rayleigh Essex , What a gentleman Steve is, won’t repeat what has already been said on this site only to confirm it’s all true I have a T.6 T.28 with -40 H+R springs which I thought was fine until i was a passenger in someone’s van that had replacement...
  6. IslandLife82

    Review: T32 KW V3s

    So I thought I would give some feedback on the KW version 3 suspension for the T32 as I found very little information on this setup when I was looking about. Following on from the issues I experienced with the B14 Komforts I purchased and subsequently returned due to knocking at the rear...
  7. D

    CRS koni shocks/ springs.

    Do any of you guys have CRS’s koni shock with there own spring set up. Ill really interested in booking in for a set. Yet would like to know of the end users thoughts prior to doing the do! Im not looking to go coilover/ as the conversation with Steve a few weeks back, this type was the...
  8. Stu1974

    Review: H&R Coilovers + ARB

    I just want to thank Steve Hurley and his guys of CRS Performance. What a nice and friendly guy. Had my T32 4 motion DSG, B14’s removed today ( they are horrid) and replaced with quality H&R adjustable coil overs, along with front and rear H&R Anti roll bars and bushes. WOW. The van drives like...
  9. Thegee6

    Review: T32 CRS KW coilover suspension

    I’ve had my van a year from new now and one of the things on the to do list was to inevitably get it lowered but also improve the comfort. Previously on my old T5.1 I went through the whole spectrum of suspension lowering, firstly springs only, then B14s and finally onto ABP air suspension. So...
  10. J88arv

    Finally going to CRS to sort my suspension!!!!

    After a crap covid year due to the wife’s business being shut etc etcI’ve finally got the funds together to get the van booked in for its koni sports next sat!!!!! off to see @CRS Performance and I can’t tell you how excited I’am!! naturally a appreciation thread will be up and if possible...
  11. Dave Lawson

    A trip to CRS Performance

    Before After Thanks @CRS Performance for the H&R/Koni set up! Steve, Rob and the lads certainly know their stuff. Also thanks to @Roberts for the wheels.
  12. S

    Lowered 30/40mm with Koni shocks

    Had a 406 mile round trip to CRS suspension today and boy was it worth it :) Van lowered 30 / 40 mm with Koni shocks Good Bits, Van level and just the height we wanted Very smooth to drive compared to the original set up Very little roll Very Good Bits, Awning rattles greatly reduced Very...
  13. ThreeBridgeT6

    Got it!!

    I'm a proper member now! (At least - I think that's what the wife said!:confused::uh run:) I've been here since March, when my quest for a camper began, and have stuck my oar into quite a lot of threads already, but now I've finally got a van, I'm fully qualified. If anyone's struggling to sleep...
  14. BiTurbo

    Hanging out at CRS Performance

    Just called in to see Steve at CRS Performance a few pics on a steady Saturday morning. Now where's the kettle?
  15. Gav s

    CRS Performance new KW Coilovers.... Review

    Today, I was lucky enough to meet Steve and the team at CRS who fitted their new KW coilover kit to my T6 Caravelle. Firstly, the service, advice and care was top notch, couldn’t fault it. Be in no doubt Steve knows what he is doing. The replacement suspension is fantastic. As you can see from...
  16. J8mes

    T28 Campervan - Massive Suspension Upgrade

    So I have a brand new T6 camper conversion. I love it and it's amazing. The only issue I (had) was the ride and handling that I can only describe as driving a cross between a space hopper and a pogo stick. So this has been transformed in 2 stages as my budget allowed. 1st stage - brand new...
  17. Skip

    Lowering T32 Suspension with CRS Performance

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, sorry for one of my first posts being so long but I wanted to give a full review of @CRS Performance I collected my Silver T6 Kombi a month ago. The first thing we wanted to do was get it lowered. We were happy enough with how the standard suspension felt but wanted...
  18. CRS Performance

    CRS - Product Info H&R

    As we come under pressure to supply dedicated parts for the new T 6.1 we have good news about products that we at CRS are about to launch . The new H&R A R B kit will have a 30 mm diameter front bar and a 30 mm diameter rear bar. there will be a front only version and of...
  19. Andyf

    Suspension options laid out

    Steve, We have spoken in detail on several occasions With the number of products expanding every month or seams to be could you create a list of your products I know your not a B14 type of guy if that makes sense In your list it may help potential buyers to make a decision if you were to give...
  20. W

    Suspension Question

    Looking for advice and thoughts. I have a T32 VW T6 Kombi currently run on H&R lowering springs on 20" wheels running the correct load rated tyres. Will switching over to B14s and ARB make much more of a difference? I have read the ARBs on the T32 are already stiff so will ARBS make a...