crimp terminals

  1. Y

    Battery cable crimping tool recommendation please

    As per the title. Lots of options but the reviews are mixed at best, though anything I buy will not see anything more than light use. Been looking at the hydraulic options, like this ColdShine Hydraulic Crimper Tool Kit Tube Terminals Lugs Battery Cable Wire Crimping Force:
  2. RikParr73

    T6 Rear Light Upgrade - Replacement Cable Connectors

    Hi Recently upgraded my rear lights from standard on my 2017 T6 to ones from Travelinlite. After moving the cables in the plug around for the new lights a couple of the metal connectors became damaged and will not stay in the block. I want to buy replacements but not 100% sure what exactly I...
  3. OllieGBR

    Battery crimp tool recommendations

    More helpful advice required please. I’m going to attempt to rectify the electrical installation myself and need one of those crimp tools that can handle battery and large connectors - can anyone recommend one they’ve used?
  4. C

    What type of connector is this?

    Does anyone know what type the connector blocks used extensively under the T6 seats are? I need to replace a pin/cable on one pin of one of them - how easy is this to do and what do i need? It is the green striped one in this photo (borrowed from another post).
  5. cbrblade

    Repair wire

    Hi all is this suitable to use for mfsw to bcm
  6. Littleblackflash

    Fuse Box Connection.

    Does anyone know the part number for the pins in the centre row of the centre fuse box? The outer ones are the same as the audio plugs but the centre row is smaller.
  7. SAF1981

    Scotchlok Or Posi Taps Supplier?....

    Hello, has anyone know a supplier or have a supply of either scotchlok or Posi taps that I can use to wire in some led bumper reflectors into the tail lamp looms? I can't seem to find a local electrician or supplier that has the scotchlok with the female seals.
  8. Skyliner33

    Sourcing Pins For Some Plugs?

    I have got a couple of these plugs, part # 1J0 971 972 However I cant find any pins. Just the ones in pairs connected by the yellow wire. Can they be sourced on their own? Also same thing for this part: 1J0 972 704 Thanks
  9. Grim Reaper

    Glove Box Light Switch?

    My van came without a light in the glove box, I’ve sourced an led one that fits in the cut out where a light should go but I then need a switch to operate it. Can anyone advise a part number and where it fits? It looks like it should go where there is a black blanking plug alongside the light...
  10. Littleblackflash

    Bcm Pins

    i need to add a wire into my BCM for my tailgate conversion. What’s the pin part number or where can I get some?
  11. Eddie Sutherland

    Utilising Spare Fuse Slots

    Hi Guys, I have been running a couple of electrical items in the van that require ign and perm power. My fuse board has some spare ways that just require the out feed and fuse to be installed To,allow,them to be utilised. Dose any one know if this is Likley to cause any issues with canbus and...
  12. Josh Corps

    Fitting A New Fuse Holder

    Evening all, I'm retrofitting some seats to my van that have motors and are heated to that end I will be needing two switch lives under each seat. What is the correct way of fitting a fuse holder into a blank space? I don't want to get into the habit of piggy back fuses as by the time I've...
  13. superchargedpolo

    Rear speaker crimp part number

    Can anyone help. I'm fitting rear speakers to my T6 using the original head unit. I have the cable and speakers but just need the 2 crimps that click into the original head unit harness plug. I've done a good internet search but can't find the part number. Thanks in advance
  14. T6180

    Fitting rear speaker loom

    I've purchase a rear plug and play speaker loom with RCA connectors. If I discount the current loom and fit the new one will I need to enter a code into the stereo after? do I get access to the head unit?
  15. M

    Enable rear speaker fader t6

    Hi, had some rear speakers fitted to my new t6. The speakers work but the fitter was unable to re code the head unit to enable the front / rear fader. Any suggestions... ?.