1. G

    For Sale £200 - Can LC1701 Foldy round sink with flip-over hob

    Selling this hob/sink as have decided against installing it. It has a slight ding in the base of sink but hardly noticeable. It comes with tap rubber gas pipe and sink waste pipe. Here is link to new. Fyi I'm in...
  2. I

    Can anyone recommend a gas hob?

    Looking for a dual burner
  3. J

    Smev sink and hob: 9722 or 9222?

    Ok so next decision smev sink and hob size 9222 or 9722 it's going to be just me and wifey I am thinking 9722 is big enough but is it? Also is electronic igniter better than piezo?
  4. Shoes

    Thetford Induction hob - Alternative?

    Evening all, I'm looking at the Thetford 902 Induction hob but I'm just wondering if anyone has come across anything else that would be suitable as it seems so expensive. It must be fitted in the worktop, I don't want a portable one. Watts as close to 2000w as possible. I'm guessing this...
  5. S

    Smev 9222 hob depth

    Hi all, I'm struggling to find dimensions for the depth of s gas hob needed below the counter. Specifically the smev 9222 or similar unit. Anyone know where to find this info? Or have one? Cheers,
  6. D

    Adding ignition to dometic Pi8002 hob

    Wonder if anyone can help? Just realised that the hob we bought hasn't got ignition, although the ignitors are there the piezo module is not attached. Can you buy an ignition module and wire it in? Thought it was a bargain!
  7. S

    Fuel line routing - Wallas XC duo

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to route the fuel line from the tank up to my kitchen unit to connect to a Walkas XC duo - is it yet another hole in the floor , or is there a route through from underneath into the area at the side behind the drivers seat? thanks Simon
  8. B

    Gas connection question

    I've just built up my Evo Design kitchen pod and because it backs onto the back of the driver's seat (not the side of the van) the angled steel gas pipe runs back into the side of the unit. There isn't room for a compression fitting. I can see a few options: 1. Try to bend the steel pipe to...
  9. Katoof

    Ridgemonkey XL

    I’ve heard great things about the ridge monkey. Everyone seems to recommend the XL but for some reason I can’t seem to find it online- I’m normally too good at online shopping :oops: . Has anyone got a link to the XL ridge money so I can buy one.
  10. M

    Slimline Combination Sink/Hob

    Hi, I'm looking at the various options for a slimline combination unit, does anyone recognise this unit, I've checked a few websites (Dometic etc) and can't find the model, it's similar to Dometic-Smev 9722
  11. Leigh

    Sold Campingaz 600st Xcelerate™ Stove - Brand New

    Top of the range Stove with Xcelerate Technology (use less gas & cooks faster) Surplus to requirements. Brand New In Box. Comes with stand/legs which all fold up into unit. Can ship within UK £80 Xcelerate™ Burner Technology Cut your boil time in half with Xcelerate™ Technology. The...