1. Skyliner33

    Help needed re part numbers for OEM roof lights socket

    I am looking to re locate the OEM lights in the roof lining of the van. Ideally an extension lead would be great but I imagine there are at the same shop as the unicorn poo. So my next thought is, there must be a 'socket' that the 'plug' of the OEM loom fits into (ie like the back of the...
  2. D

    Front Fog Wiring Connectors

    Evening all, I have just fitted front fogs to my t6. They were from AliExpress and came with the universal wiring with relay attached. As I want them working as per factory, I have got rid of the relay, earthed to the body and run both live wires from the lights into drivers footwell and a...
  3. S

    Removing Passenger Seat (heated+airbags)

    Removing the seat is easy, but I’m damned if I can figure out how this blue connector comes apart. I assume that the locking mechanism is here (yellow arrow) and I’ve pressed, pushed and pulled but no joy. Can anyone help? TIA Bill
  4. I

    Audison DRC Cable. Connector type

    evening all, looking for a bit of helping and trying to save a few quid. The connector that’s plugs into my Digital Remote Control has been damaged by the front seat sleeper! Little cherub! Rather than buy a new cable - does anyone know what type of connector Addison use (at the DRC end) and...
  5. Cool Carlos

    What underseat connector is this?

    Does anyone recognise what this connector is? Just started a new battery install and found it unconnected under the driver seat. I don't have any warning lights. It's a 2016 T6 Highline - I don't think it has any seat electrickery?
  6. A

    How to de-pin a connector

    I’m in the process of installing a swivel base under my passenger double seat. As I’ve got factory fitted heated seats I’ve bored out the central bolt which the swivel seat pivots around. I’ve come to de-pin the connector so that I can both extend the wires and route them through the bolt, but...
  7. Mule

    Media connection not working / Phone not connecting - possible easy fix!

    I've had a quick search and cannot see it posted elsewhere but I've been having problems connecting my Android phone to the media unit in my T6.1. It just doesn't seem to recognise the phone despite it charging it. I've checked connections, changed cables etc all without success but think...
  8. JimmyMac74

    Help identifying connectors in the engine bay

    Can anyone tell me what these three yellow/red/black connectors are please? (pic attached) T6 2.0 TDI (2018)
  9. Ads_Essex

    MagCode® connectors..?

    I was just Googling the name of the VictronConnect connectors (and didn’t manage to find it) when I came across MagCode. Has anyone here used them before? They look like a neat solution for trickle charging (which is why I was Googling the name of those connectors.. my cigarette socket has...
  10. Nigel W

    Help with solar connection

    I am trying to wire up a solar controller inside my camper and run a lead to a point at the back so I can plug in my suitcase panels as and when required. All is going well so far but I am struggling to find an easy solution to the connect/disconnect plug and I have butchered so many MC4 and...
  11. Loz

    Connector reference

    Please post your connector pictures with part number and its use so that we can compile a useful reference. Then a moderator can edit this post and add it to the table. Part Number Type Role Picture 4F0 973 702 2 pin female plug with locking tab Connector for fuel temperature sensor 8K0...
  12. Kips

    Wire connection

    A quick bit of advice please. Wanting to fit some LED lights, USB sockets etc. What connectors do you guys use? Standard spade connectors, butt connectors, solder and heat shrink? I’ve got loads of WAGO connectors knocking about that I use for work, these would obviously be a lot quicker to...
  13. C

    What type of connector is this?

    Does anyone know what type the connector blocks used extensively under the T6 seats are? I need to replace a pin/cable on one pin of one of them - how easy is this to do and what do i need? It is the green striped one in this photo (borrowed from another post).
  14. J

    Indicator Connector Missing

    Hi Guys, I’m wondering if anyone can help here, I took delivery of my converted van on the 21st of March, it’s been sat on my drive way and hardly been used, it was only when my 6yr old son was in the van and I was out side that I noticed when he pressed the hazard warning button the side...
  15. W

    Solar Input - Method

    Hi All, I'm trying out a folding solar panel to see how I get on with it. It's a 120w and as we move about often, I don't think I'll need bigger. It comes as a kit with a cheap and nasty Eco Worthy 20A PWM controller (yes I know, if the trial is successful, I'll swap it out for a decent MPPT)...
  16. J

    Terminal Connector Pins Please Help!

    Guys what are the female connector pins called that go into this terminal block. Have a picture of them, but can't find where to order them from on the internet. Thanks
  17. Littleblackflash

    BCM Terminal Pins

    i need to add a wire into my BCM for my tailgate conversion. What’s the pin part number or where can I get some?
  18. S

    Mc4 Exterior Socket

    Hi Guys, This seems a very friendly and informative forum and this is my first post. Got the base van, I am in the process of having a T6 professionally converted to a campervan, the converter is on holiday this week.:( During this hiatus I was thinking about solar panels for off grid trips...
  19. malcharr17

    Connection Of Portable Solar Panels To Leisure Battery

    hi picked up my t6 Kombi from Vanworx a couple of weeks ago, it has a leisure battery, and I wanted additional back up on the electrics and have bought some portable solar cells, these connect via crocodile clips, but I can’t easily get to the terminals, ideally I would like something...
  20. Lorksalordy

    4 Pin Connector For Rear Speaker?

    Hello. I have fitted some factor rear speakers into my Kombi, and need to wire them in. I need the wire (obviously) but the bit I'm stuck on is the male 4 pin connector that connects to the speaker - can anyone suggest where I can get these or even know the part number? Thanks!