1. TimC66

    Ride Comfort

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is a suspension issue or wheel/tyre issue. I find the ride quite hard in my camper, feel every bump in the road and every surface change. The rear feels like a pogo stick and after having a friend follow behind he confirmed that is what it looks like too. The camper...
  2. R

    Lowering without the ride being too hard

    Hi All, I'm looking at lowering without hardening the ride too much - I was thinking of H & R lowering springs (40mm) Keeping the standard shocks and installing an anti roll bar. Van will also be fitted with 18" wheels and new tires - would this work or does anyone have any other suggestions...
  3. H

    Suspension Upgrade For Comfort Only?

    Hello all, new to the forum and to the brand. I purchased a brand new 2015 T5 Multivan last week (smoking deal on old stock) and recently replaced the tyres as they were still the original ones and quite hard and old. I'm now looking to improve ride quality as it's still bumpy here and there...
  4. Ozbar jim

    Wife Not Pleased..

    Hey Everyone..i need some help. Just came back from a west coast road trip to Kintyre. Great drive and gotta go! My wife commented that the seats..coupled with the lowered suspension made the ride a tad harsh. I call it it got me wondering if anyone has altered...
  5. Mbarter

    Increasing The Comfort

    Hi, I have a T32 which I have had for around 4 years. After about a year I wanted a more stylish look so I put some H&R lowering springs on it and some 18 inch VW Dakars. I like the look but I am getting sick of the poor ride quality. It has even got me looking at SUVs! I am based in the North...
  6. Captain Backfire

    H&r Or Van Slams

    Van slam coil overs better to go for then H&R lowering springs. I know I can’t compare apples with pears... It’s going to be for my T6 family chariot so needs to be comfy. I’m a complete novice with all this and need some guidance after reading lots of information on this forum and google, you...
  7. Lukavell

    Caravelle Barn Doors

    One of the things I like about my Kombi is the increased practicality of the Barn Doors. I also, believe it or not prefer the look of it. I'm fully aware that it will impact the resale value. However, before I spec it I would like to know if it has any detrimental effect on the interior noise...
  8. patbarn

    Comfort Dash retrofit?

    Hi All. I'm on the hunt for my perfect T6. Can anyone tell me if it is possible the retro-fit the Comfort Dash potion? PB.