1. LakesT6

    Sold T6 genuine VW chrome repeaters / indicators

    I have for sale a pair of genuine VW T6 chrome repeaters, they are used but in great condition. Removed due to a change of direction with the van :rofl: £25 posted.
  2. LambethBoy

    Badgeless grill - Chrome strips??

    I have a badgeless grill and I wanted to put some chrome strips on it. (See pic) Cant find anyone selling these! Any ideas anyone??
  3. andy greenwood

    Part number please

    I've managed to acquire a highline bumper and front main grill. Unfortunately the grill does not have the 2 chrome strips that go either side of the VW badge. Does anyone know the part number please so i can order a couple ( i presume my startline ones will not fit the highline grill ?) @Pauly
  4. M

    Changing sidebars to black?

    Just wondered, if I go for black side bars - are they powder coated and therefore fairly easy to scratch the paint off ? Does anybody know / experienced ? Thank you.
  5. M

    Front Grille chrome removal

    Looking for some advice regarding front grill. Recently purchased t6 high line black edition. The front grill is a bit to bling (chrome) for my liking. The badge I have found is an easy fix but the front grill also has a chrome strip. Is the clipped on or stuck on ? How can I go about removing...
  6. nigeltreves

    FREE SWB Side Bars

    OEM SWB chrome side bars. Taken off my 17reg Kombi. Fair condition. No dents. slight rust to ends and some very light scratches £100 Collection from Harlow, Essex or can take to Forum summer meet 17/19 July
  7. Skyliner33

    Polishing the stainless sidebars?

    Just looking for recommendations as to the best way to polish the stainless steel sidebars. Thanks
  8. purplesurfer

    T6 Startline Front Chrome Trim removal

    helllooooo.... been tinkering like crazy in these lockdown times & need a little advice please! Have a 2015 startline T6 - any tips on getting off the chrome front trim either side of the VW badge without busting it up?? A little reluctant to force it... Any advice HUGELY appreciated :oops:;)
  9. G

    Wanted Sportline/caravelle Front Grille

    Looking for a Sportline or caravelle top front grille with the 3 chrome strips across. (Not 100% sure if caravelle and Sportline are the same?)With silver Vw badge or without. thanks
  10. Rupie

    De-chroming Commercial Bumper And Grille

    Hey everyone, Shortly to go down the 'adventure van' look with steelies and all terrain tyres. Van is white with the black plastic one piece commercial bumpers and wanting to make it look a little meaner I'd like to de-chrome the grille. Has anyone any experience doing this with a one piece...
  11. vanology

    Removing Chrome Side Styling

    Hello. I'm about to transition from a T5, which I've been running for 6 years, to a T6 TDI 204 4Motion. (I've also had a couple of T4's prior to the current T5). The T6 has had a previous owner who has added a few chrome styling items, namely chrome door handle covers and door handle inserts...
  12. K

    For Sale T5/t6 Stainless Steel Accesories

    Stainless steel door latch striker covers,laser engraved logos and lettering. Easy simple 2min mod to fit the 2 front cab doors. Comes with 3m supplied on the rear simply stick into position. Free uk delivery Black or silver chrome £8 for 2. Carbon £10 for 2...
  13. Donk’s Silver T6

    Donk’s Silver T6

  14. M

    Sold Stainless Side Bars Plus Fittings

    Set of SWB polished side bars with brackets and fasteners. These came with the van but I changed them for a black set. They were only on for a month so still great condition. Can post or collect from Southampton- £70 ex delivery
  15. bullracing

    Sold Pair Of Genuine Chrome Indicators

    I have just ordered a set of dynamic travelin-lite indicators so I have a set of genuine chrome side indicators from my Shuttle. £27 posted for the pair, paypal fee extra. There will be a slight delay while I wait for the new indicators but getting a post up.
  16. Jamie2.0

    Chrome Side Streamers

    Hi, does any one know the depth of the factory chrome side streamers on the caravelle vs aftermarket ones? Thanks J
  17. Side Bars

    Side Bars

  18. dubber36

    Opinions On Grilles

    My Candy Velle is having a mild makeover tomorrow, but I'm now undecided about the grille. Originally I was going to go with a gloss black on white theme, so bought a gloss black grille and badge. A change of mind on wheels has made me think that I should perhaps keep the chrome in the grilles...
  19. CJ_T6-red

    Van-x Window Switch Replacement

    just a small mod today, matching window switches to the housing surround. Only thing is that I have noticed is the symbol in the middle of the switch is slightly lower down than the originals. 92525AB7-BC38-4CB1-9619-FAC05BC8663C by CJ_T6-red posted 13 Jul 2019 at 16:47...
  20. The Ham

    Front Grill Trim

    Is this chrome trim removable, can I take it off and put back on? It does feel a bit loose.