cascavel wheels

  1. DeadRandom

    Sold 17’ Cascavel alloys+excellent tyres. £500

    For sale are my mint condition 2019 Caravelle exec 17inch Cascavel alloys with the black and diamond turned surface. They have no chips or curbs and in stunning condition. These come with Bridgestone Turanza 235/55 r17 103v tyres with excellent tread. Locking wheel nuts included. £500 also on...
  2. L

    Cascavel wheels wanted

    Hi. Does anyone have a set of 17” cascavel black/silver alloys for sale like the picture
  3. scoob28

    Sold Cascavel Alloys with good tyres £400

    For sale off my 2017 T6 Edition. 235/55/17. Great condition with good load-rated tyres. All have about 5/6mm tread. No kerbing or lacquer corrosion on any of them and only a very small stone chip on one - see photo.. £400 no offers Collect from Didcot, Oxfordshire...
  4. rjfroud

    Sold 17” Cascavel Alloys + Premium Tyres £350!

    Hi all. I have these for sale from my 2016 Caravelle Executive. 235/55/17. They also come as standard on the T6 Edition vans. No kerbing, scuffs or damage on any of them. One is perfect, the other three have some small lacquer corrosion, typical of these wheels but haven’t got worse since I’ve...
  5. B

    Sold Cascavel alloy wheels £450

    17” Cascavel alloy wheels and tyres (4mm tread) Removed from my 17 plate Caravelle £450 Ono Collect from Bracknell (Berks)
  6. S

    For Sale 17” Cascavel diamond cut alloys £300

    Here for sale is a set of 4 Cascavel alloys all in very good condition with no kerbing. 2 tyres have good tread 2will need changing soon. Wheels are in very good condition. £400 ono
  7. P

    Sold 17” Cascavel £700

    For sale - 4x 17inch Cascavel alloys from my Edition T6. All in v.good condition, no scuffs. Tyres : Bridgestone Turanza’s 235/55/17 all have 6+mm on them. Also have the bolts, locking bolt and key and VW bolt covers. After £700 Collection only
  8. R

    Sold Vw cascavel 17” alloys with tyres. £600

    As the title 17” cascavel alloys x4 with matching Michelin lattitude sport tyres 235/55/17 two tyres have approx 4mm tread and two have approx 5mm. I’m after £600 ono. Prefer collection ( Teeside) but I currently drive to Bolton once a week so could meet up en route if needed. I will get them...
  9. VW Smith

    BFG A/T on Cascavel 17’s

    Right just putting it out there bear with me, just bought some Judd 311r’s love them... BUT got a set of 17” chrome/black cascaval I was going to sell on and was thinking of putting some big BFG All terrain tires on 65 or 75. What I’m asking is does anyone have any pics with this wheel or...
  10. J

    Anthracite to Polished/Black Cascavel's?

    Hi everyone, I have been lurking in the background for quite some time and have obtained so much information from you all so thanks to everyone who contributes. I have a question that I haven't been able to search and find an answer for so hoping someone will be able to advise. I currently have...
  11. Daneeyre

    For Sale Nearly new black/polished Cascavel alloys and Tyres £700

    Selling my Cascavel alloys and tyres only covered 1900 miles from new No dings dents or curbing. Collection from Birmingham £800
  12. B

    Sold VW Cascavel 17" Diamond cut/black alloy wheels with tyres £500

    These wheels are from my T6 Edition, they've covered around 9000 miles before I changed to 18", there are no kerb marks on the wheels and the lacquer is intact on all four wheels, all tyres are Bridgestone Turanza's, front tyres have 4mm+ remaining, rears are at 7mm+ Doesn't include the fixing...
  13. Higgidav

    Sold Cascavel Wheels & Tyres £700

    I’ve now fitted my winter wheels and fancy a change next spring so my Cascavel’s are up for sale. 2 wheels fitted with nearly new Michelin Crossclimate SUV tyres both with approx 7mm tread remaining. 2 wheels fitted with Bridgestone Turanza ER300 tyres both with approx 6mm tread remaining...
  14. Andnik

    For Sale 4x Nearly new Cascavel wheels £600

    Will go on Ebay soon but want forum users to have first chance...... Got some Black Rhino wheels fitted so selling the Cascavel wheels that the dealer gave me when I got the van.....the balance stickers are still on them. Tyres useable but need changed very soon. Can meet East coast between...
  15. Coradia63

    Sold Cascavel wheels + bolts £195 ono

    Im selling a set of 4x Cascavel wheels complete with OEM bolts but not the black bolt caps. All the tyres are well worn only a couple of mm left one of the wheels has a small mark near the centre cap and a light scuff on the rim as show in the photos. £275 ono pick up in south Bristol area.
  16. T

    Sold Cascavel alloys + Bridgestone tyres £525

    alloys pretty good some marks 4 matching bridgestone er300 tyres approx. 5mm tread £525
  17. Peclaran

    Sold 17” Cascavel Alloys & All Seasons. £500

    I’ve secured some bigger wheels so selling my 17” Cascavels with all season tyres 235/55/17. Wheels are in good condition and will be off sometime next weekend. Two Michelin cross climates in the front purchased in February 2020. Done about 300 miles. Two Royal Performance (M+S) in the rear...
  18. J

    Sold 17” Cascavel Alloys

    I’m selling a set of 4 Cascavel Alloys with load rated 235/55 R17 Lassa tyres. In great condition - looking for £650. These have come off my T6 kombi edition as I’ve swapped for 20’s. Collection from Grimsby please - or I could deliver a short distance. Observing the current social...
  19. S

    Sold Cascavel wheels. £750

    As title set of 4 black and polished cascavel alloys from my 2019 caravelle. These have covered 1000 miles only and are as new. Come complete with Bridgestone 235 55 17 tyres. I will get pics up shortly once my replacement wheels come back from being powder coated. £750
  20. Oleg

    For Sale Vw T5 T6 Cascavel Alloys With Continental Conti Vanco 200 Tyres £850