cascavel wheels

  1. Stagspares

    Sold Cascavel’s. £395

    Set of genuine original 17 inch VW Cascavel alloy wheels from my T6 Caravelle. Lovely condition, a couple of very small marks but overall a great set of wheels. Bridgestone tyres, two of them will need changing soon. Collection only from Portsmouth, Hampshire. £395. NOW SOLD!
  2. V

    For Sale Cascavel + Tyres

    I just swapped out my wheels and tyres. I have the old set for sale 4 possibly 5 including the spare but i may keep this depending on the offer.
  3. J

    Sold Cascavel’s with 235/55/17 All Season Tyres. £250

    VW Cascavel 17” Alloys with Goodyear Vector 4-Season Tyres All-season or winter wheels for your Transporter or California. T5, T5.1, T6, T6.1 A set of VW Cascavel 17” alloy wheels with 235/55/17 tyres, all in reasonable condition with some cosmetic markings on the face of alloys but not...
  4. J

    REDUCED Cascavel with Goodyear Vector 4-Season Tyres SEE NEW THREAD

    VW Cascavel 17” Alloys with Goodyear Vector 4-Season Tyres All-season or winter wheels for your Transporter or Cali. A set of VW Cascavel 17” alloy wheels with 235/55/17 tyres, all in reasonable condition with some cosmetic markings on the face of alloys but not damaged nor kerb damage. 4 x...
  5. M

    Sold Good condition Cascavels with tyres. £350

    Hi, I have a set of four Cascavels for sale. They have the odd blemish here and there as per the photos. Two of the tyres are Goodyear Vector 4 seasons with 6mm tread and the other two are Dunlop sport Maxx with 3.5mm tread. Collection from RH15 preferred. £350 for collection, £410 for a courier...
  6. T

    Sold OZ Racing Rally Raid Wheel Swap

    This is possibly a long shot, but just wondering if anyone would be interested in a wheel swap before I put them up for sale? Either a straight swap, or a bit of cash either way depending on condition etc. I’m currently running 17” OZ Racing Rally Raid in bronze, with Pirelli Scorpion AT+...
  7. T6 dork

    Sold 17" Cascavelle limited edition Black/Diamond-cut Alloys x5. £800

    2018 Caravelle Executive Alloys, a set of 5, the 5th wheel was the spare and is unused with original tyre there are a few tiny marks but NO curbing perfect quality tyres fitted = Bridgestone Turanza ER300 235-55-17 103V with loads of even tread £800
  8. M

    Sold Used Cascavel alloys £150 north London

    Used Cascavel alloys - pics to follow. Switched to Devonports because it was cheaper to buy a full set of delivery mile wheels and tyres than to have new tyres fitted to existing wheels, crazy. Tyres are scrap - one punctured, one bald, two Chinese ditchfinders. Wheels themselves were...
  9. W

    For Sale Black/Diamond Cascavel 17” alloys and tyres.

    Anyone want these ?They are being removed tomorrow. 4 very good alloys, no kerbing. Tyres are 3mm all wheels. Open to offers.
  10. R

    17” cascavelle wheels and my t30

    Hi all I have a 2021 t30 kombi with standard Clayton allow wheels, I recently purchased some cascavelle 27” wheels. Will these fit my t30 without any problems and what tyre size Would anyone recommend? I was thinking 235/55/17 or 215/60/17 but not sure now. The size on the wheel states 7 0j x...
  11. FerrisBFW

    Sold Caravelle Cascavel 17” wheels and tyres x4. £75

    Caravelle Cascavel 17” wheels and tyres x4 for sale. They are in a mess. I had them balanced no issues when i first bought my old Caravelle. 4x good condition budget tyres and centre badges fitted I will list out tyre manufacturers and tread depth tomorrow Location KT7 £75
  12. Sackmycook

    Sold Black/Polished Cascavels £500.

    Decided to sell my near immaculate set of silver and black Cascaval 17 inch alloys. Excellent condition with good tyres Looking for £550 collected from North Yorkshire. 2 tyres are Bridgestone Turanza with 4-4.5mm tread, 2 tyres are Michelin Crossclimate with 4-4.5mm tread also. All tyres are...

    Sold Cascavel 17” Black / Polished wheels reduced £225

    Set of Vw Cascavel wheels inc caps bolts and 4 locking wheel nuts , some tread left on 2 tyres but in all honesty could all do with replacing Bought for winter use but never got round to it, kerb rash on 1 wheel, can been seen in 2nd photo Collection only from Rayleigh Essex
  14. Spaceblue

    Sold Two brand new genuine VW Cascavel alloy wheels and tyres.

    Two brand new genuine VW Cascavel 17" alloy wheels and 235/55 R17 Bridgestone Turanza ER300 tyres. £250 each, will sell separately. These wheels and tyres have never been fitted onto a vehicle. Location: Worcestershire. Any questions please pm me.
  15. Lukavell

    Sold x5 Cascavel gloss/diamond with tyres. Scunthorpe/Huntingdon - £500

    I've got a full set of 5 VW OEM Cascavel 17" alloy wheels available. 1 still being used as a spare, hence no photos but don't worry, it will be removed & cleaned up before sale. The tyres are Bridgestone Turanza ER300 235/55/R17, max load 875kg. They have 3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 4mm tread left so ok...
  16. MattT6

    Sold 17" Cascavel alloy wheels £400

    4 x 17" Cascavel alloy wheels for sale that have been removed from my T6 Caravelle. The wheels have covered 37K Miles on the van and 2 of the tyres are less than a year old. All 4 tyres are Bridgestone Turanza's that are fitted by VW on delivery (235/55 R17). The wheels haven't been in contact...
  17. M

    Found 17" alloys in Surrey/Sussex/Kent area?

    Hi, I'm looking for a good condition set of genuine 17" alloys in the Sussex / Surrey or Kent area please. Ideally cascavels but might be interested in others too. Thanks Mike
  18. P

    Sold Black/Polished Cascavels £400

    One alloy slight kerbing....see photos. Tyres on alloys are 235/55 R17: 1 x Bridgestone Turanza er300 with little ware (off rear) 1 x GT Radial with little ware (off rear) 2 x Bridgestone a Turanza er 300 at approx 3mm (off front) Collection from Milton Keynes
  19. C

    17” Cascavels & lowered?

    Morning all, anyone got an opinion on lowering a transporter with black/polished 17” cascavels? Looking at getting a better ride overall so opinions and pictures are appreciated
  20. SofaKing

    Cascavel load rating

    anyone that know how I can fint load limit on the vw original 17» cascavel rims?