1. M

    Cab Carpet - which one?

    Looking to get a cab carpet for the van. Quite liking the look of the luxury version available from Vanstyle at £40. This is for step through full mat plus a smart looking triangular piece for the raised floor area beneath the gear lever. I’ve also seen similar from Harrison styling. Cheaper...
  2. S

    Motexion Bulkhead- Carpet colour please

    Just looking to order bits for my new van, and I would like the carpet to match the bulkhead. Anyone on here with said bulkhead know the colour of the carpet, or a good match?
  3. RunDSG

    For Sale Lots of pre-conversion bits —> panels, steps, fixings, windows, etc

    I wanted to deliver my van to the converters as an empty metal box, so everything came out! I’m not really sure the value of this stuff. I mostly hope it can be useful to someone, but also a few quid back to towards the van (or a Five Guys) would be great. These came out of my LWB ’67 plate...
  4. A

    Fixing blind surround - avoiding cables

    I've made a blind surround for an ikea blind. Aiming to do the whole van eventually. I plan to fix the surround straight through the front by cutting and lifting small sections of carpet and fixing self tappers into the van body (well that is what I'm hoping to do!). I'm a bit worried about...
  5. Ed Webb

    FREE Vanstyle luxury front walk through cab mat Same as the above link, for 2 single front seats. Used condition, slight mark on drivers side from about 6 months of use. Passenger side looks brand new. Free to anyone that collects it at forumfest this weekend.
  6. M

    Lining Colours

    What colour lining have people gone with other than shades of grey ? Any pictures ? Like idea of black but have only seen grey
  7. S

    Which 4 way stretch carpet is best to buy?

    Hi guys which 4 way stretch carpet should I go for? And how many metres? Advice appreciated
  8. Captain Rick

    Remove lower Caravelle dash holding carpet

    I want to remove the front carpet from my 2016 Caravelle but cannot work out how to remove the centre piece of trim that is trapping the carpet to the floor. The trim wraps round from the drivers footwell to the passengers and is the part that holds the big drinks bottle - I've already removed...
  9. S

    Dog vs Carpet

    So white dog vs Black Shuttle carpet resulted in a 2 hour hoovering session. I need a solution to help with the state it gets in from the dog and from general camping mess - shaving the dog is not an option apparently. I was toying with the idea of removing the rear carpet, but would I need to...
  10. S


    The result of some misunderstandings last year! Two unused rear carpets with orange trim binding, by Harrisons for a SWB Kombi with twin sliders. (The marks are not actual marks but just the way the pile laid in this particular photo) Please note lengths as I don't think that these were...
  11. davek

    Rear Fitted Carpet Supplier?

    Hi everyone, does anyone know where I can get a thick or sound deadening carpet made to measure for the rear floor space in my T6. Rugs for Bugs said they could do it but haven,t been able to get a response since I sent them a diagram with the measurements etc..
  12. OllieGBR

    Hidden Clips And Punching Holes Through Carpet

    Afternoon all I’m assuming if using 5mm ply that I’ll need different hidden clips? I’ve tried the OEM and it’s just not going to work. Assume these from Kiravans will do the trick; Long Panel Fixing Clips - Light Grey (Pack of 25) How are you making the hole through the carpet? Just a big...
  13. S

    Sold Front Carpets And Rubber Mats

    T6 Front cab carpet mat for 1+1 seats - Black with orange trim (Harrisons). Two available, one unused and another unused but with some slight imperfections. VW original front rubber mats - unused with some storage marks. Offers?
  14. Ads_Essex

    Found Veltrim (or Similar) Black Carpet

    Im after some black carpet, if anyone has any leftover that they don’t need. Black and smooth would be ideal (I think VelTrim is the smooth carpet, isn’t it? 2 metres should do it. It’s for a multiflex board. Cheers.
  15. DubiousEngineering

    T6 - How To Video - Install Sound Deadening, Insulation & Carpeting

    20 minute video on how to remove the old ply, remove the hardboard panels, make new ply panels, sound deadening, insulating and carpeting... it’s a long hard process, but worth it in the end!
  16. Boric99

    Caravelle Accelerator Pedal Sticking (underneath carpet mat)

    Hi all Bought my first VW Caravelle yesterday a 2017 Plate and on driving it home the accelerator pedal felt quick sticky / hard to press. Due to the rubbish weather yesterday and needing to get back to work I did not get a change to look at it. But the issue seems to be that the pedal is...
  17. L

    Interior - Kombi T6 T32

    Hi all, Just brought my first Transporter. Kombi T32 204ps 7sp DSG. Pearl Black. I'm looking at lining the sliding doors to make it a bit neater inside, maybe with storage. The Kiravan option looks like it wouldn't work because of the passenger seats in the back. Has anyone found a solution...
  18. Jonathan Tompkins

    Half ply, half carpet

    I'm not having a full camper conversion as I need the space for day to day work. I like the sound of carpet lining for when I use it as a camper van but I'm worried it would easily scuff up and be hard to clean down near the floor. The kit I carry isn't filthy but it is occasionally dirty or...
  19. patbarn

    Comfort Dash retrofit?

    Hi All. I'm on the hunt for my perfect T6. Can anyone tell me if it is possible the retro-fit the Comfort Dash potion? PB.
  20. kimbaker

    carpet-mat suppliers

    Hi, can anyone tell me where to get one please.