1. M

    Underside dimensions - drivers’ step area

    Does anyone have the dimensions of the void above the plastic covers under the drivers side under the van? I'm looking at replacing the leisure battery with eve lifepo4, and this would be a possible location. With heating pads obviously. I'd measure it myself but I'm out in the North Sea! I'm...
  2. K

    Vw t6 floor drawing

    Hi guys, I'm looking to build a removable sleeping unit in the back of my 2017 vw t6 transporter. The van has no seats in the back, just 6 tie down points. Does anyone know where I can find a detailed floor plan drawing of sizes and dimensions I can use to design a unit?
  3. Undertoker

    LWB - cargo depth?

    Hi guys i am looking to purchase a new vehicle for my funeral home and I’m feeling drawn to a VW transporter I need at least 2m depth to take 1 or two stretchers side by side in and at least 1m in width, I have been looking at the Kombi but I’m not sure it’s deep enough with the extra seats in...
  4. Cubist

    Help with Dimensions

    Hi Guys, I am new to the forum and hoping for some help. I've got my new van on order and was hoping to sort out my conversion design while I wait for it to arrive. I am looking for some help with some wheel arch measurements (see attached pic). The van is a SWB. Thanks in advance! Will
  5. T6 Rear

    T6 Rear

  6. T6 Side 2

    T6 Side 2

  7. Farnorthsurfer

    Body Builder Guidelines

    Just went to the VW Body Builder database to research my T6 for the interior furniture to find that they have updated it to the T6.1 data. I can't access the T6 data as it wants a log in. Thought this was in forum downloads but cant seem to find it anywhere, does anyone have the 'old' data saved?
  8. Ann3x

    Making My Own Furniture - 3d Renders

    Gradually been converting my Kombi (and failing massively to update my build thread - one for a rainy day in Autumn :)). Finally getting to the end and I've reach the furniture stage. My build / requirements are non-standard and I cant see anything flat pack / off the shelf that fits my needs...
  9. S

    T6 CAD data?

    Hello, has anyone got any files that are useful? i would love to get my hands on a lwb - version... would help loads with my bed design as measuring in 3-d is slightly tricky...! looking for step/iges etc.. will pay for them but only if they're good and not just a rendered exterior! all help...