caab engine

  1. M

    Oil filter housing replacement - Chester

    Can anyone give me an idea if replacing a cracked oil filter housing is a big job. Based in Chester area if anyone has recon for a good garage that can do this. Thanks Matt
  2. L

    2012 CAAB Limp Mode [Resolved]

    Hi, having a big problem with my van. Issue: Limp mode, van will not go over 3000rpm. At 3000 rpm engine raddles and shakes with diesel knocking & dies down to idle or shuts off, completely losing power. Light Blue smoke from exhaust. No fault codes Starts up quick & nice idle. Drives normal...
  3. M

    140PS. Oil Leak?

    Hi, I've been to look at a 2016 140BHP Manual camper today. It's done 115K miles and 2 mots ago there was an advisory for an oil leak but not excessive. Owner said it was sorted when cambelt changed but looks like cambelt was done before the mot with the advisory. I have had a look under front...
  4. Coly

    Stuck in Belguim

    Help!!! We are on a road trip from Devon to Nuremberg in Germany in our t6 2016 van and the coil light flashes on the dash. The van is then under power like the turbo not working. If you switch ignition off the light goes off and the turbo works but slightly noisier or perhaps it is just us. We...
  5. T5 Byron

    Secondary Air Injection Valve N112 – where do I find it?

    Hey there! OBD2 diagnostics report has flagged an issue on the CAN Gateway: "01044 – Secondary air injection valve-N112 short circuit" I've found some pictures of the valve on various VAG engines, so I know I'm looking for a box with a little vacuum hose going in and out. But I can't find any...
  6. T5 Byron

    Engine noise - Top end knocking/tapping, gases coming from oil filler.

    T5.1 2.0 TDI 100k CAAB We only use the van for trips, and I've noticed a tapping noise that's got gradually worse over the last few months. On checking under the he bonnet to try and locate the sound I opened the oil cap, and it was immediately clearer/louder. There also what looks like...
  7. P

    HPFP delphi vs bosch CXGB vs CAAB

    Hi all! Does anyone know if the CAAB bosch pump is interchangable with the delphi CXGB high pressure pump? CRCP4S1R3520 vs HRP720 My transporter: -16 2.0 102 hp transporter euro 6 -CXGB Many thanks!
  8. D

    Amber Oil Light - where is the sensor?

    Hello Just came home from work and an Engine Oil Amber light has come up. I've checked the levels and for any leaks and all good. I have how ever been on a new site and scrapped the bottom of the van a little, again checked and no damage or leaks? Having read a little says to check oil...
  9. D

    2014 T6 Engine code CAAB Swap for pd engine?

    Has anyone swapped/converted a CAAB engine for the stronger more reliable pd 130/150 engines? I'd like to maybe do this. Any help greatly appreciated
  10. Loz

    T6 CAAC CAAB CAAC CFCA Diesel Engine workshop manual Edition 02.2019

    VW workshop manual for the CAAC CAAB CAAC CFCA Diesel Engine Click the download button above to save this file locally.
  11. Russell Arnold

    What makes a CAAB engine more powerfull than a CAAA?

    What makes a CAAB engine more powerfull than a CAAA? I'm in Australia. My CAAB 103kw engine broke its crank. It has been replaced with a long motor and some of the bits from a 75kw engined short wheel base T6. E.g. the turbo and inlet manifold complete. Its still my Intercooler, rad and ECU and...
  12. Dellmassive

    T6 Service Intervals & Inspection, Flexible & Longlife

    T6 Service intervals & inspections , Flexible & Longlife : Im just posting this here to make it easier to refer back to in future . . . source: Volkswagen Flexible Service Regimes (Longlife) | Volkswagen...