1. B

    Kombi c pillar seat belt hole help

    Hi guys, I have a t30 swb t6.1 which I’m putting a triple kombi seat in. I have all the brackets etc for the whole institution but I can’t remember where to drill the holes for the upper seat belts. I have read a few threads but have seen different measurements and looks like the measurements...
  2. J

    Cutaway behind B-post to accommodate fridge

    Hi there, I need to place my CRX50 fridge further back to get it flush with the furniture. What are our experiences regarding cutting the reinforced part as shown on the picture? Do I need to reinforce it somehow? Or just cutaway and leave it? Any help is highly appreciated :) (yes, it's a...
  3. Captain Rick

    T6 Caravelle rear trim removal

    I need to remove the rear trim on both sides of my 2016 Caravelle so that I can do some rewiring. I've removed the top pieces if trim on the C and D pillars but don't know how to remove the large pieces of lower trim. Just pulling doesn't seem to do it but should I use more force or are there...
  4. S

    Where does the feed for the C-pillar cigarette lighter in my T6 caravelle come from? (Not working yet others are)

    Hi all, I’m after some help! I’ve searched and looked through lots of the downloads but can’t find the answer. There is a 12v cigarette lighter socket just behind the sliding door on the drivers side and it’s not worked since I’ve had the van. The front socket and the one by the tailgate work...
  5. Petegoss

    Rear electric cable routes

    Hi, I’m currently installing a leisure battery and lights sockets etc, I need to get from the drivers seat (battery) to the rear side panel for a 12v socket Etc the best route as I see it, rather than going up and down the pillars would be behind the removable foot well plastic then into the...
  6. K

    Rear Panel C-pillar Brackets

    Hi all, Just wondering if you can buy the bracket that the panel attaches to (picture below) or if I need to make something. Cheers Kev
  7. burnercan

    C-pillar cupholder removal

    Some bits and pieces of the kid's phone charger came apart and fell down through the 12v socket in the RH c-pillar cupholder. Does anyone know if that cupholder can be removed without removing the entire lower rear side panel? I've been searching around as well as pulling and cursing and so far...
  8. K

    Retrofit T6 Caravelle Interior In T5 Kombi Help !

    I’ve purchased a t6 caravelle highline interior, to fit in a t5 kombi,. I understand that the a pillars and tailgate won’t fit. I started with the headliners, then working my way from front to back with trim, I’m at a loss with the c pillars and what these are fitted to. There are no pre...
  9. Lynvinge

    Fit Rear Seatbelt In Transporter

    Hello. Im going to fit rear seats and seatbelts in my 06 Transporter T5 (WV1ZZZ7H) Do i need reinforcement where the belt rollers should be mounted? 2nd and 3rd row. Than the reinforcement to seat brackets. I will have 2+1 in 2nd row. what reinforcement shold i have at the middle? In the 3rd row...
  10. T5MarkyBoy

    Best Place For Some Second Row Seat Belts?

    After the two for the C-Pillars Van to Kombi I actually have the drivers side one but seems to have reeled it’s way in too far to get out ✌
  11. Adam_T6

    Kombi Conversion - Seatbelt Measurement Please?

    Hello, Is anybody in the position to measure this distance, but on the drivers side please?
  12. P

    C Pillar Socket Cable Routing

    Afternoon Team, I’m wanting to run 230vac & 12vdc cables for power sockets from under the passenger seat to the lower section of both the C Pillars and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions that’s not too gash or involves drilling holes. I’m not too keen on drilling holes or just running...
  13. Skyliner33

    Feeding Electrical Cable Down The C Pillar

    I want to feed some 12v cable from the leisure battery under the drivers seat to the small panel on the C pillar just behind the near side slider. I'm fine getting it into the roof but can not find the entrance at the top of the C pillar, or when I try to feed upwards the flexi tool Im using...
  14. R

    Sliding-Door Step Light Connection [Merge]

    My sliding door step light is not wired up :-(. Any thoughts where I can best take an appropriate feed from that is switched by the sliding door? To be a little clearer - I believe that I need to pick up the permeant 12v - red/black ?? and the Convenience Module Ground - brown/black?? Any...
  15. Howler

    Wanted C Pillar Seat Belt Cover/clip

    Anyone got one of these plastic seat belt covers/clips out of a Kombi they'd like to get rid of? Only need the red circled bit, thanks very much