bull bars

  1. G

    Bull bar fitting??

    Need help with an A bar I've purchased from direct 4x4 in Derby. Drove down there and purchased it under the impression it would be an easy self install with just brackets to screw in etc, only to find once I tried to install that the top brackets don't line up correctly, the vertical plastic...
  2. kiter

    One Year Down The Line.......

    First anniversary of having a T6 in my life, looks a little different to the day I picked it up, complete with wonky rear number plate, and my wallet has most definitely taken a severe hammering...………. Also on first name terms with a number of courier drivers. Worth it though and mostly been...
  3. T6LadyDriver

    T6 Bull Bars with City Braking?

    Hi folk Can someone help my confusion please,I’m looking to fit the bull bar bellow to my new T6 but I’m worried it may interfere with my city emergency braking sensor Your help would be greatly appreciated Mtia
  4. David Deere

    Adding Spotlights To T6 With Factory Fit Leds

    Just a note for anyone else trying to work out which wire you need to splice into, to get spotlights working on a T6 that has factory fit LEDs, it's the thin white/black one and not the thicker white/black one on pin 8. There is another post here that said pin 6 was the low beam and pin 8 was...
  5. Kingsway

    A Bit Different!

    Not seen one like this before for sale on the VW website. http://used.volkswagen-vans.co.uk/en/vehicles/volkswagen/transporter/kombi-20tdi-150-eu6-t32-hl-bmt-swb-4m-r7bxbup
  6. Cossy

    Chrome front bar fitting.

    Hi has any one fitted front twin city chrome bars on a T6? As I have no instructions. Thanks