bull bars

  1. Deaks

    [Merge] IGN/Switched live in engine bay

    So I just fitted some swanky new spots on to the A bar and they look great.The spots have these nice DRL strips in each side and my plan was to tap into the DRL feed from the R/H headlight connector, This tap worked great for main beam and for the Sport DRL into dipped beam, but the Headlight...
  2. J

    Front Motorcycle Racks

    Good morning, I am looking to install a front motorcycle rack... 1. Is this even legal? 2. Is this even possible? 3. If so, how? I know it is easy to have a rear motorcycle rack as I did have one on my T5 but I found it such a pain when needing to get into the back of the van. I...
  3. G

    Bull bar fitting??

    Need help with an A bar I've purchased from direct 4x4 in Derby. Drove down there and purchased it under the impression it would be an easy self install with just brackets to screw in etc, only to find once I tried to install that the top brackets don't line up correctly, the vertical plastic...
  4. David Deere

    Adding Spotlights To T6 With Factory Fit LEDs

    Just a note for anyone else trying to work out which wire you need to splice into, to get spotlights working on a T6 that has factory fit LEDs, it's the thin white/black one and not the thicker white/black one on pin 8. There is another post here that said pin 6 was the low beam and pin 8 was...
  5. KombiKommando

    Show us your Swamper

    I love the old Syncro vans. Lifted and with A/T tyres on.... the look of the 'Rockton' and 'MultiCamper' T6 vans really appeal to me and are much more suitable for my needs in a campervan. My conversion is pretty much done ( I will put a load more pictures up in my converion post....) and I...
  6. Cossy

    Chrome front bar fitting.

    Hi has any one fitted front twin city chrome bars on a T6? As I have no instructions. Thanks