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  1. L

    Which headlights do I have?

    Hi, I’ve seen the led bulb upgrades listed for oem t6 headlights. Stating canbus error free! Anyone upgraded their bulbs to led and which ones did you get? I’ve done the front fog upgrade and rear lights. Want the led for stock headlights mow Tia
  2. SimonMRT

    T6.1 bulb list please

    Just had my first brake light out and want to replace and noticed it's a different bulb to the T6. Anyone have a bulb list for the T6.1 please? I can't find it online. Thanks!! Simon
  3. bluezie

    T6.1 H7 & H15 Bulb Upgrades

    Has anyone upgraded to the Osram Nightbreaker +200% H7's, and the Osram Cool Blue Intense H15's? How do the colour temperatures compare, do the look ok? I was hoping there would be some +200% Nightbreakers in H15, but it would appear the Osram cool blue is the only upgrade available.......
  4. cgw

    Spare Bulb Kit

    Looking for a spare bulb kit for my T6 for a upcoming trip to France, done a search but can't find any posts re this. Found a couple of universal ones, would the list below, from an AA supplied kit be any good? 1 x H7 (499) Bulb 1 x H4 (472) Bulb 1 x H1 (448) Bulb 1 x 501 Capless Bulb 12v 5w 1 x...
  5. S

    Replace DRL’s with LED -

    I want to upgrade the front lights IDC but as an interim I wanted to change the bulbs. I was thinking going Halogen / LED, something cheap form Amazon. I just need to know how many of what type I need to swap out all the naff ones it comes with? H4 ? H7? THANKS!
  6. A

    Extra Driving Lights

    I want to add some extra driving /spot loghts to my highline 67 plate where is the best place to get a feed for high and low beam
  7. T6 Forum

    Volkswagen Transporter T6 Bulb/Lamp Types

    Pauly submitted a new resource: Volkswagen Transporter T6 Bulb/Lamp Types - Listing of all lamp types for current T6 lineup including Kombi, California, Caravelle & Gen 6 Read more about this resource...
  8. Pauly

    T6 Volkswagen Transporter T6 Bulb/Lamp Types 21/08/2016

    Full list of all lamp types as fitted to current range of Volkswagen Transporter T6 Panel Vans, Kombi, California, Caravelle & Generation 6 Window Vans (two tone) Click the download button to save a copy of this to your computer
  9. Pauly

    T6 Bulbs & Lamps

    I want to put together some fact sheets for members reference and the first one is listing all lamp types on T6 vehicles I have all the lamp types from my kombi with standard lighting but would like to hear from Cali/caravelle/posh LED people...