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  1. SimonMRT

    T6.1 bulb list please

    Just had my first brake light out and want to replace and noticed it's a different bulb to the T6. Anyone have a bulb list for the T6.1 please? I can't find it online. Thanks!! Simon
  2. bluezie

    T6.1 H7 & H15 Bulb Upgrades

    Has anyone upgraded to the Osram Nightbreaker +200% H7's, and the Osram Cool Blue Intense H15's? How do the colour temperatures compare, do the look ok? I was hoping there would be some +200% Nightbreakers in H15, but it would appear the Osram cool blue is the only upgrade available.......
  3. cgw

    Spare Bulb Kit

    Looking for a spare bulb kit for my T6 for a upcoming trip to France, done a search but can't find any posts re this. Found a couple of universal ones, would the list below, from an AA supplied kit be any good? 1 x H7 (499) Bulb 1 x H4 (472) Bulb 1 x H1 (448) Bulb 1 x 501 Capless Bulb 12v 5w 1 x...
  4. S

    Replace DRL’s with LED -

    I want to upgrade the front lights IDC but as an interim I wanted to change the bulbs. I was thinking going Halogen / LED, something cheap form Amazon. I just need to know how many of what type I need to swap out all the naff ones it comes with? H4 ? H7? THANKS!
  5. A

    Extra Driving Lights

    I want to add some extra driving /spot loghts to my highline 67 plate where is the best place to get a feed for high and low beam
  6. T6 Forum

    Volkswagen Transporter T6 Bulb/Lamp Types

    Pauly submitted a new resource: Volkswagen Transporter T6 Bulb/Lamp Types - Listing of all lamp types for current T6 lineup including Kombi, California, Caravelle & Gen 6 Read more about this resource...
  7. Pauly

    Volkswagen Transporter T6 Bulb/Lamp Types 21/08/2016

    Full list of all lamp types as fitted to current range of Volkswagen Transporter T6 Panel Vans, Kombi, California, Caravelle & Generation 6 Window Vans (two tone) Click the download button to save a copy of this to your computer
  8. Pauly

    T6 Bulbs & Lamps

    I want to put together some fact sheets for members reference and the first one is listing all lamp types on T6 vehicles I have all the lamp types from my kombi with standard lighting but would like to hear from Cali/caravelle/posh LED people *post updated* This list has now been compiled and...