1. N

    blinds internal

    hello, I'm looking for some internal blinds for my t6 kombi (twin slider) looking at the other threads fuel lagoon aren't great. Anyone have experience of van creations or the silver screens from campervan parts. Dont really like curtains and can't afford window pods :-(
  2. KeVan T6

    Needing advice on window blinds and colours?

    Needing advice on window blinds and colours??? Tracking Vanshades and Swellshades but also problems with each, seems to be hit or miss if people have a good experience or not.
  3. taff1888

    Side-window black-out screens?

    Hi all, Recently joined the T6 owner world. Slept in it for the first night last night on the in laws drive. I had bought a black out screen for the windscreen and front windows from fuel lagoon, and for the price I was very happy with it. However, for the window in the sliding door and...
  4. Minimucks

    Kombi window blinds

    Has anyone successfully made your own pull blinds? Similar to the vanshades on offer. I see a few people have tried to adapt IKEA blinds but without real success from what I gather. Or can you use a California window blind and possibly make a DIY frame? I'm looking to do the two kombi windows...
  5. R

    Thermal blind Sun blind T6 Front Windscreen (internal)

    I have a T6 Campervan and I have noticed on the A-Pillar (internal) three press studs equally spaced? Are these for a a thermal blind ? And if so can anyone recommend where I can buy? THE PRESS STUDS LOOK FACTORY FITTED?
  6. JasonW

    Sold Gallant T6 Cab Blinds - New

    Set of Gallant cab blinds in Black. Brand new and unused As shown here... VW T5/T6 Transporter Cab Blinds - Black/Black £75 includes UK postage
  7. Fitzy76

    Wanted Caravelle Sliding Door Blind

    Drivers side, with recess for opening window, in black (titanium).
  8. Mocko1962

    Custom Covers Internal Blind ... Screen Cover

    Anyone resolved the issue of the screen blind falling off the pop fasteners when trying to stretch over to fit other side. It's as if the fasteners are not a tight fit and any tension applied to the cover when stretching after fitting 3 fasteners on 1 side results in the cover falling off the...
  9. R

    Anyone Used Ikea Blinds?

    Looking to see if anyone has used ikea blinds for there vans?
  10. kiter

    For Sale Sun Blind Roller Unit For Drivers Side Rear Door

    This the sun blind roller unit that comes up out of the driver side caravelle rear door card, stupidly bought a pair of door cards and didn't realise they are different if you have sliding windows. This one is only suitable for a non sliding window. It is in excellent condition and no tears in...
  11. K

    Cheap Interior/thermal Stick On Blinds

    I'm looking for a cheap set of stick on blinds for the rear of the van..only want them to use as a template to make my own so not bothered about quality as long as the size is right
  12. IMG_4948


  13. DubiousEngineering

    Magnetic Cab Blackout Blinds... Good For Summer

    What are your thoughts on magnetic cab blackout blinds? ... Someone said that in the winter it’s still worth having the outside wrap for extra insulation... These are super simple to install, magnetically clip in place and four poppers to fit. Anyway, these were sent to me for free and they...
  14. Ashypants

    Caravelle Roller Blinds

    does anyone know how easy it is to replace a caravelle roller blind - it’s the rear drivers side one (not the one on the sliding door). Also, does anyone know ROM cost and part #? @Pauly ? Thanks, Ash
  15. DubiousEngineering

    How To Fit Blackout Blinds - Video

    As always, dont do as I do... the video is not perfect, but these blinds work well.
  16. dennismo

    Another 'kombi To Day Van' Thread...

    Exciting times... I'm finally pushing on with the process of getting my Kombi ready for using as a 'day van' in the summer... It's already insulated and lined (by Leighton Vans) but I'm yet to do other bits. The next step is heading down to 'Forty Winks' tomorrow, to have a Kombi Bed fitted...
  17. Bluey

    Thermal Blinds V Blackout Curtains V Shades

    Just wondered what the latest thinking on curtains v blinds v shades etc? We want to cut out as much light as possible fyi. Just seen these on Fleabay: from a Company called "Shorevans" for a LWB £165.00 for 5 sets of curtains: Back & Middle Left & Right + Barn Door for our Shuttle. VW...
  18. K

    Window Blinds

    I'm thinking of fitting window blinds to the van but was shocked to see what a full set of van shades would cost. From what I can see the blinds themselves are very similar to those that are fitted to household upvc doors but with the cassette carpet lined. Obviously you can get the upvc door...
  19. Leehoops

    Blinds Or Curtains

    hi there , I’m having my van converted shortly and are currently trying to decide wheather to have blinds or curtains , I like the look of the blinds but I am wondering if they are practical or not ? The chap doing my conversion says the blinds are blackout and the curtains are not so I wondered...
  20. F

    T6 Window Blinds/ Panels Without Suction Cups.

    hi all, Looking thru the Countless threads it appears there is a wide range of sizes available of the insulated window covers depending on company some with gaps some with a few cm extra margin. Can a T6 owner with the insulated individual panels give me feedback on fit and how successful the...