blam speakers

  1. SteH

    Blam RA 704 DSP PRO LOOM

    Hi looking for help if possible, had the Blam amp fitted to my 2011 transporter but removed prior to selling as it a top quality amp. I’ve now got a new 2021 Transporter but the Quadlock is different but I still want to fit this is possible. Tried the original supplier but got no response. Does...
  2. Y

    For Sale Blam RA 804 D compact amplifier

    Originally supplied and fitted by Slidepods. Compact amplifier - this was fitted up behind my passenger glovebox using some strong double sided adhesive, so very easy to accommodate. Collection from GL51 preferred. £155
  3. Y

    Sold Blam 165RX Component Loudspeakers

    Originally supplied and fitted to my van by Slidepods. These were mounted in the rear of my van using the panels I am also selling on here. Collection preferred from GL51 area. £85
  4. Y

    For Sale Blam 200RS Loudspeaker set up

    Removed from my T6 when I fitted the Absolut5 set up. Supplied and originally fitted by Slidepods. The bass/mid units are a direct fit into the T6 doors using the included MDF collars. Tweeters are fitted to grey A pillar trims. The pillar trims also have press studs fitted for a black...
  5. Coradia63

    Blam Speakers

    Hi all, I have Blam RS200 speakers fitted in the front, I now need to get some speakers for the rear planning on fitting them just behind the C piller near the roof I have ran the wires in so just need the speakers and mounting rings I have been looking at Blam 165RX (please bear in mind I...
  6. Alan Croft

    Sound Upgrade On A Budget

    Hey guys, So would like a bit more from the vans sound system. Mine is a 2016 Kombi with the standard satnav headunit. I want to keep this as it does what I want but I would like a little bit more sound quality. Without spending £££’s is there a route that people have done? I’ve been keeping an...
  7. Strange Al

    New Speakers?

    Looking for advice on upgrading my speakers as part of my conversion adventure. Now I love a good tune, but won't be heading down to Tesco's on a Friday night anytime soon to see if I can drown out the boy racers with my excellent (read 'eclectic') song choices. Aiming for a budget of £200 -...
  8. Dellmassive

    Audio Upgrade Stage-1 . . . . Blam Relax 200rs Speakers From Skipton.

    Audio upgrade Stage-1 . . . . BLAM Relax 200RS speakers from Skipton. As the title says, so i thought i would bring you along for the ride . . . . . . . . . stage 1 was to sound deaden the doors and door cards and fit the new 8" speakers and tweeters. stage2 will be fitting the amps and sub ...
  9. D

    Had Blam 200 Rs Fitted In Doors And Sound Deadened, Where Next

    Having bough a new Kombi highline and had it converted to a camper we picked it up two weeks ago and are loving it. 1800 miles in and the music could do with a boost. Blam speakers and door sound deadening were fitted on the suggestion of the converter and from what I read they are pretty...