1. Lumbo

    New member in Berkshire

    Hi everyone. Been lurking for a while. Waiting patiently for my new van. I'm as excited as a thousand kids at Christmas.... I've ordered a Candy White 2018 SWB that is having a conversion done right now by The Camper Van Factory in Tewkesbury. Pictures to follow once I have it! The biggest...
  2. I

    Looking for Fitter for Side bars in Reading area

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good place to get Side Bars fitted to a T6 SWB in Reading area please? Thanks.
  3. R

    Anyone in slough???

    Hi evening gang is there anyone in or very near slough area.
  4. F6T6

    Let’s talk Remaps…. Who’s good near london / Berkshire?

    Hey guys. Hope you are all gravy. I’m looking to get my 2017 T6 2.0 bi tdi 204BHP (I think that’s rite) remapped. I’m after fuel economy when driving chilled, but also want some more grunt than I have already when I want to drive more spiritedly on those straights! To be honest the power is...
  5. T

    MFW fitting and coding Wessex area

    Greetings. Would anyone know of someone who can help us to swap steering whee over and add a wire to bcm / code for a basic MFW near any of the following areas please? Bristol Swindon Bath Reading Oxford Thank you :)
  6. Johnod17

    Reading festival

    Has anyone dropped off at Reading festival before I am dropping my daughter and friends in my T5.1 with a fiamma f40 awning on,the height on the car park sign is 2.05 ,this is very very close to the total height of the van. I can not see any information on the reading site to say there is a...
  7. B

    Window fitting - Surrey / Berks ?

    Hi all, looking to get some windows fitted, any recommendations for Surrey / Berks area cheers Jim
  8. C

    Conversion companies in the Reading / Oxford area?

    Hi, Would anyone recommend a T6 conversion company in the Oxford or Reading area? Thanks!
  9. Fake_Taxi

    Painter in Hampshire/Berkshire

    Need my T5.1 Sportline lower spoiler & splitter color coded & fitted, based in North Hampshire (Hook) so also not far from Berkshire. Any recommendations?
  10. Weeked

    Tow bar electrics Berkshire.

    Anyone in the Berkshire area who can sort out my electrics for a T6 witn no Tow Bar prep and parking sensors. I have the westfalia tow bar with wires including loom with parking sensor bypass. LOOM 7H0803881
  11. S

    Garage recommendations in Wokingham/Reading area

    Hey folks, Any recommendations for independent garages near the Wokingham & Reading area? I've been using Marshall's Reading for the last few services (whilst my T6 was in warranty) but will be needing to do a 4 year cam belt, water pump etc change this year. Whilst I've been reasonably happy...
  12. JOG

    Servicing in Wessex

    Anyone know who has a good rep in the Andover, Newbury, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Winchester area for servicing/maintenance work on our vans?
  13. DTT6

    VCDS User in Berkshire?

    Hi Folks, Any VCDS users in Reading/Bracknell area willing to help? (Noted VCDS members map no longer available to locate users) Looking for the DRL off with handbrake applied feature being enabled on my Caravelle Seems I can disable completely using Carista now but don't want to do that...
  14. C

    2018 T6 Camper T28

    Hi need atowbar fitting with single electrics anyone in Berkshire area and how much
  15. C

    CoilOver fitter in Berkshire?

    Hi,anybody in the Berkshire area that can fit my coil overs on a 2018 transporter
  16. Martinc178

    Pop Top fitter Berkshire

    Hi All I live in Berkshire and I would like to put in a pop top in my t6,which is the best type to use, and where would I get one from as I will fit it myself any suggestions would be very grateful Menu thanks Martin
  17. Cherokee

    Team South

    Let’s hear it for Team South!!
  18. T

    Bodyshop recommendation?

    Need to get a dinged wheelarch fixed that someone kindly left me in a carpark a few weeks back. Only a few months old so want the best possible job and preferrably VW approved to keep the warranty. Ideally based in the south but willing to travel for a good job. Does anyone have any...
  19. T6 Forum

    Dubs at the Park 13 May 2018 Berkshire

    T6 Forum created a new event: Dubs at the Park Read more about this event...