auxiliary heater

  1. P

    For Sale VW T6 rear heater and cover

    I have removed the rear heater and panel from my T6. They are both available if anyone needs either.
  2. T

    T6.1 Aux heater problem

    When I try and start my heater the screen lights up and displays “aux heater off’ before going off again, same with local button or remote fob. Previously I received message that that battery was too low, but since then I have charged the battery back to full. Since then I have tried to operate...
  3. 3crispies

    Rear interior panel part no

    Looking for part number so can add one to passenger side. Sorry hoping not to remove to check on rear of panel. Thanks in advance
  4. M

    Can you fix rear seatbelt with rear heater?

    I am looking to purchase a T6.1. I haven’t yet been to see it in person yet (hopefully next week I’ll get around to it), but would need to fit a 2+1 seat arrangement in the rear, a non-original Kombi so to speak. It’s a SWB, and has had a factory fitted heater installed in the rear. The floor is...
  5. GingerPig

    For Sale Rear HVAC unit / heater / aircon from caravelle executive

    Rear HVAC aircon unit removed from Caravelle Executive All in good working order before being removed £50
  6. R

    aux heating and bulkhead

    Hello All I've got the optional heating in rear (Kombi) now we have fitted the bulkhead the air blower is behind the bulkhead and useless, is there an adaptor or hose etc of do i need to cut a big hole in the bulkhead? Thanks Ray
  7. 0

    EOM aux heating to parking heater

    Hi Everyone, I'm a proud owner of a T6 2.0 150cv SWB 4motion 2018. The car comes standard with auxiliary water heating (see attached picture) overhead control panel, remote and climatic. I'm looking to retrofit the aux heater to parking heater since I'm converting the car to a campervan. I went...
  8. M

    Shuttle - recommend fans?

    Dear all, my 9 seater van has only front air-condition. :( during hot days, like these, it is very difficult to cool back seats and my kids feel very very hot. :eek: I have an idea to mount two roof or side fans just to push the colder air to the back. Red or green position? Can anyone suggest...
  9. Samro

    Need help identifying code meaning [Resolved].

    After way too long fannying about with checking fuses, I wondered if anyone could help me identify fault 460035, which I believe relates to me inoperative rear heater on my T6.1 Anyone able to shed any light in what I should do next?
  10. Samro

    Help- T6.1 Rear heater control panel is dead?

    I noticed yesterday that my rear heater controller is dead. (Completely blank with no function.) A bit of research led me to check fuse 11 as shown in the below screenshot from the downloaded info from the forum: I have checked and tested fuse 12 and all ok. I appear to be missing fuse 11...
  11. P

    Factory Diesel heater turns off early.

    Hi, we have a brand new T6.1 campervan with a VW factory fitted auxiliary diesel heater. We went on our first trip overnight last week and were using the heater for about 1.5 hours during the evening (on a low setting) and then during the night we woke up cold so turned it on. It stayed on for...
  12. Steved55

    Retain rear-heater in Shuttle-based Camper?

    Having completed the wheelchair access removal we are now moving on to the camper conversion. I have read numerous posts on shuttle conversions, but can't convince myself on the usefulness of retaining the rear hvac unit. We will fit a separate diesel night heater as part of the conversion, and...
  13. copperdragon5

    T6 Beach Auxiliary Heater Problem

    Hello, I have a T6 Beach with Auxiliary Heating/Parking Heater, but it is not turning on. The fault I'm getting from Car Scanner is: ============3============== 1207 Raw code: 04B7 ECU: 6E. Control Head Roof (VW TP2.0) Status: Test is inhibited by other DTC, Validated and stored in non...
  14. E

    Aux heater problem

    I'm having problem with (water) Aux. Heater in 2017 T6 mutlivan. I'm unable to get the heater started using remote or overhead panel. I get following faults in carista: Infotainment display (roof) Part #: 7E5919037G Component: Dachdisplay Software version: 0185 ASAM/ODX identifier: [none]...
  15. Dazcooper

    carpet lining with rear heater option?

    Has anybody with a T6.1 with rear heating option had there van rear carpet lined , not sure of the options because of the additional panel covering the rear heater thanks
  16. S

    Climatic A/C blowing hot air to rear pax, no A/C

    Hey, so I just bought the Caravelle T6, longer version (manufactured 12/2015) with mileage around 8000 (so almost fresh new) and the standard Climatic A/C. Possibly known as a Shuttle in the UK. No matter what settings I use, the A/C blows only hot air from the roof exhausts in the passenger...
  17. B

    Shuttle Caravelle ceiling vents stuck on side windows. VCDS adaptation?

    On my Shuttle the ceiling vents in the rear are stuck on side vent only, the control panel should allow you to swap between side vents, main vents or both, it has never worked on mine. Following advice on here I dropped the headliner at the rear where it meets the D pillar air duct and found...
  18. Pauly

    T6 Auxiliary Air Heater Wiring Diagram 2017

    Aux Air Heater Circuit Diagram Covers aux heater and remote control receiver/roof display unit This heater is always fitted in conjunction with second battery VIP Membership is required to download this document
  19. Pauly

    T6 Supplementary Heater Wiring Diagram 2016

    Supplementary Heater Circuit Diagram VIP Membership is required to download this document
  20. Pauly

    T6 Auxiliary Coolant Heater Wiring Diagram 2017

    Aux Coolant Heater Circuit Diagram Covers aux heater and remote control receiver/preselection clock Please check the history/updates tab, first release is for early T6s manufactured from June 2015, second release is for vehicles manufactured from June 2016, third release is for vehicles...