1. J19WMK

    Audi A6 Seat upgrade

    A really fun job. Swapped the standard 2+1 set up for some A6 Audi S-Line seats. Total cost was about £400, and considering the VW drivers seat will probably sell for £600+ it’s a great modification to make! The THQ seat adapters made it a really simple job.
  2. P

    Anyone put an RSQ3 engine & gearbox conversion into a transporter

    I’ve an old t5. And dropped on an engine box from an audi rs3 2.5, anyone have any info which gearbox is used / or possible conversion pics ?
  3. A

    Swapping T6.1 front heated seats to Audi

    Hi all. I have a T6.1 with heated, leatherette covered, captains seats on swivel mounts. I’m finding the seat a little uncomfortable on longer runs. Also the heated element is some what irrelevant due to the leatherette extra layer. Having looked at loads of threads about swapping seats to...
  4. E

    Audi RS6 brakes on a Transporter?

    Hi guys I’ve upgraded my Audi 2016 rs6 brakes to ceramics. I was thinking can my old rs6 brakes be fitted to my t6.1 T30? If so what adaptors etc would I need? Is the master cylinder etc up to the job? Thanks
  5. djg87

    Barn door rear bumper style/diffuser

    Audi Q7 bumpers and exhaust for 1500ish. Thoughts?
  6. O

    BBS Speedline 20" audi Q7 wheels

    Hello. I'm willing to drop my bus ( already bought coilovers ) and really want to install wheels from Audi Q7 20" 10J ET44 5x130 ( 255/40 tyre ) ! Question is, how to fit them? Because If I'm looking on calculator VS stock wheels R18 245/45 tyre its something like 3cm to outsdie, almost same...
  7. S

    Which Alloy wheel is this?

    Hi all...I'm thinking of buying a set of these alloys 2nd hand but not sure of the manufacturer so not sure on the load ratings either, they're for a T32. Do any of you lovely lot know any info on this wheel? Thanks in advance
  8. GordonHR

    Wanted 5x112 alloys

    Bit of a long shot but after some 16 17 or 18 inch alloys for a MK6 golf 5x112. Cheap and good tyres please...
  9. P

    Aftermarket audi alloys on 6.1

    Hi, I'm getting mixed comments on wheels , I have on order a T6.1 highline, I would like to fit the audi 20 alloys (see pic) the dimensions are 5X112 FITMENT 8.5J ET33 Will these fit OK or will I need some sort of spacer ! Any recommendations appreciated ..thanks
  10. S18RVW

    Load Rating on Audi Speedlines

    I'm wanting to fit some alloy wheels I have in the garage but i don't know the load rating. I've seen some pictures of them on transporters but I will need to use PCD adapters to make them fit. The alloys are Audi Speedlines 8.5j x 19 et48 should I do it ?
  11. tonywvr

    Sold 20" RS6 replica wheels with tyres £650 ONO

    Hi all, For sale are my 20 inch RS6 replica wheels. Wheels and tyres were new on the van when I bought it December 2019 and have covered less than 2000 miles. Wheels are 9J, ET35, load rated to 850KG. All have some water ingress on the polished surface. This is mostly on the rear wheels, the...
  12. T5SUG

    20" Rs6 Wheels

    Are the 20" RS6 wheel a direct fit for a 2016 VW Caravelle without the need for spacers? Anyone used Bristol Camper Company ? Quantity £895.00 WELCOME TO THE BRISTOL CAMPER COMPANY, HERE WE STRIVE TO FULFILL THE NEEDS FOR THE CAMPER FRATERNITY. We have access to 1000s of items both Genuine VW...
  13. D

    A4 S-Line Seat upgrade

    Hi I am trying to fit Audi A4 SLine seats into T6 any ideas as seat rails are 80mm wider than VW ,s very much appreciated
  14. lough90

    20” Rs6-2 Alloys – Possible Cracked ?

    Has anyone had any issues with alloy wheels cracking , I have 20” RS6-2 wheels and the passenger front keep losing pressure . Had a new tires fitted as I thought I may have a slow puncture . Again the passenger front drops. The strange thing is I, pump them up to 35-37 psi and after a couple of...
  15. SB6

    Sold Genuine Audi Rotor Alloy Wheels 19 Inch - Gunmetal Grey

    Hello Everyone Slightly off topic, but I have 4 x Genuine Audi Rotor Alloy Wheels 19 inch in Gunmetal Grey, they came off my 2013 Audi A4 Avant Sline. 5 x 112mm stud pattern, offset et43, rim 8.5J x 19 All four wheels are in great condition, no kerbing, centre caps included. A bargain at...
  16. Andrew Wilkinson

    Audi wheels on a T6?

    Hi, I'm searching around trying to figure which wheels will fit the look I'm after. I'm wondering (probably asked a thousand times) do Audi Q5/7 wheels fit and are they sufficiently load rated for T30? I'm probably not wanting to go bigger than 19" if I can find the right thing.
  17. Montecha

    Seat Upgrade Gallery

    Fresh from 'The Trimguru' - gone classy. Black Leather with white stitching plus heated upgrade.
  18. D

    Audi A5 Seat upgrade

    My wife wasn't a great fan of the passenger bench, and given the cost of captain's seats, I thought I would have a go at fitting Audi A5 seats. I sourced a complete Audi A5 S Line interior from ebay. The seat runners are a couple of inches wider than the VW's, but they're easy to fit using...
  19. T

    audi tt steering

    did someone know if is possible fit the audi tt steering wheel on a t6 ? i know about golf gti mk7
  20. andy banes

    Audi Rotors Question

    Has anyone used or seen audi rotor wheels used on a t6 they do come in 18 19 and 20....