1. L

    High beam piggy back adapter for extra driving lights

    Hi Does anyone know if you can use an amarok high beam piggy back adapter for extra driving lights on a transporter tdi340 2021 model van??
  2. R

    Amarok - any good.??

    Hi afternoon gang my friend is considering buying a 2.0 diesel manual vw Amarok . I,m aware it’s not a T6 but I thought I would ask . Before he spends his hard earned cash. Are they worth it. ? Thanks
  3. L

    BCM Amarok for folding mirror retrofit.

    Good evening guys, I have a doubt, I wanted to see if you could help me, I have an Amarok 2014 with manual transmission, originally it did not come with the folding mirrors, but I wanted to retrofit the car and ended up buying the rear view mirrors and the button command, I made all the...
  4. R

    Amarok 18 alloys straight fit on T6?

    I've been offered a set of 18 amarok alloys wheels - I know I'll need to change the tyres -.but will they fit straight on to the T6. The guy who had the alloys has a T5 and he said they need spigot rings to make them fit?
  5. JTT6

    Stitches & Steel 18" Wheels & General Grabber AT3s

    Just got around to adding a few pics of the new wheels. I have a T32 that gets a lot of abuse for work and spends it's life being bumped up curbs and driven in fields, so the 20" alloys had to go. I looked at all options and every steel possibility available and finally settled on these for...
  6. Andysmee

    Amarok ergoComfort seats in a T6?

    I've searched and searched and it appears this hasn't been asked here before? I have a bad back and the standard T6 seats are highly likely to be a problem in time. Has anyone tried to fit Amarok seats, and particularly the ergoComfort 14-way adjustable version, in a T6?
  7. T

    Forgive Me

    Hi all I have committed the ultimate cardinal sin and bought a caravan :( apologies . I was in the process of planning and sourcing a convertor to carry out work to my Kombi van but in the meantime had found myself a new partner (bonus result). After serious discussions we decided to go the...
  8. R

    Devonports on the Amarok

    hoping it’s honorary T6 as the idea carries over! I bought a polo MFSW with paddles and had it refinished by royal steering wheels if you are careful you can drill the heat stakes out and carbon dip the centre before rebuilding the wheel, the polo steering wheel paddles and buttons work in...
  9. $immo

    Sold New 19" Bridgestone Dueler Tyres

    I've just purchased some 19" Amarok alloys that will eventually be going on my T6. They came as part of a tyre/wheel deal from a dealer looking to sell these after a customer upgrade. I'm changing the tyres to a lower profile (45's), so these tyres will be going on eBay once changed over. If...
  10. chriscroft

    V6 Amarok. Come On Vw, Please Squeeze This Lump Into A T6

    I guess there are lots of reasons why not, but having just test driven and bought a company Amarok V6 ZF8 speed; all I can say is WOW brilliant, and bloody fast/smooth Then you look on Revo-technik's web site "Onlyrevo", a simple remap for the V6......700NM(torque) = 516lbs/ft..... MAD...