1. R

    Confirming All Terrain Fitment

    Hi! Currently have a 2019 T6 LWB T30 with H&R -40mm lowering springs with Koni shocks and am looking at putting General Grabber AT3 235/55/18 on my amarok alloys (7.5j +45) As far as I can research on here I think it should work but would appreciate it if anyone running the same or similar set...
  2. t6blo

    Sold VW Amarok Cantera 19" Wheels & 245/45/19 102 Tyres - £950

    In the process of selling my van so these have got to go - even though I only got them about a month ago! These are ready to bolt straight on. VW Amarok Cantera 19" 5x120 ET43 8J Alloy Wheels - these are like new and they were dealer new take offs and I have done approx 100 miles since fitting...
  3. JTT6

    Stitches & Steel 18" Wheels & General Grabber AT3s

    Just got around to adding a few pics of the new wheels. I have a T32 that gets a lot of abuse for work and spends it's life being bumped up curbs and driven in fields, so the 20" alloys had to go. I looked at all options and every steel possibility available and finally settled on these for...
  4. Andysmee

    Amarok ergoComfort seats in a T6?

    I've searched and searched and it appears this hasn't been asked here before? I have a bad back and the standard T6 seats are highly likely to be a problem in time. Has anyone tried to fit Amarok seats, and particularly the ergoComfort 14-way adjustable version, in a T6?
  5. T

    Forgive Me

    Hi all I have committed the ultimate cardinal sin and bought a caravan :( apologies . I was in the process of planning and sourcing a convertor to carry out work to my Kombi van but in the meantime had found myself a new partner (bonus result). After serious discussions we decided to go the...
  6. $immo

    Sold New 19" Bridgestone Dueler Tyres

    I've just purchased some 19" Amarok alloys that will eventually be going on my T6. They came as part of a tyre/wheel deal from a dealer looking to sell these after a customer upgrade. I'm changing the tyres to a lower profile (45's), so these tyres will be going on eBay once changed over. If...