amarok wheels

  1. A

    VW Alastaro 19" Alloy Wheel pics

    I'm thinking of buying a set of VW Alastaro 19" (Amarok) wheels to run as my winter setup. Has anyone got pics of these fitted on a T6 / T6.1 ? Thanks, Adam.
  2. joe_j_barnes

    For Sale 20″ Amarok Diamond Cut High Gloss wheels with tyres

    Used alloys for sale, converted and used a new sets so my old wheels are up for sale 20” V good condition with tyres. looking for £700
  3. T6180

    Sold Silver Cantera wheels + tyres £925

    For Sale 19" Amarok Cantera Alloys Powder coated in Platinum Silver OEM Centre Caps £925 with 5 used 245/40/19 Continentals roughly 4mm tread These sell for £850 all day long on fleebay with balloon amarok tyres but wanted to give here a chance before putting them on social media sites
  4. copa mick

    Transporter vs Amorok Wheels.

    Just had problems with the 16" Amorok wheels touching on the front brake calipers so I won't be able to use them, was wondering if 17" will clear everything so they can be used. Mick
  5. Rossco2608

    19" Amarok Cantera Wheels

    After much thought about sport line reps / painting existing Devonports etc finally decided and bought a set of Amarok 19's (well will be paying for this week on delivery) brand new which i plan to paint in BMW ferric Grey which should look good with the Bamboo Garden Green hopefully! They...
  6. T6 dork

    Sold Amarok 18,s Another Set Of 2019 50 Delivery Miles

    no tyres wheels are perfect £450 i can fit tyres depending on your budget heres an example as i have some on the vell
  7. Oleg

    For Sale Amarok 18’

    Genuine VW Amarok 2019 wheels 50 miles Tyres are Bridgestone Dueler H/P 255/60R18 112 H One alloy have a scratch £550
  8. T6 dork

    Sold 19 Inch Amarok Ultimate Alloys 4off Need Refurb

    these are the 5 spoke Aragonite wheels in need of a refurb 4off £250 this is my T5.1 caravelle with perfect wheels on justto show what they look like after a refurb.. please PM me with a mobile and i will whatsapp pics..thanks
  9. Mr blue

    Vw Wheel Colour

    I’ve got myself some Amarok wheels they need refurbishing is there a colour that Vw use on the wheels because I really like the bright silver ?
  10. T6Paul

    Sold Amarok Steels

    18inch VW Amarok steel wheels with 255/45/103 tyres, complete with VW centre caps and 20mm rear spacers with bolts to give the perfect stance. All like new having only covered 1000 miles. . Bargain @£600
  11. spook

    Sold 18" Amarok Wheels With Tyres

    set of 4x 18" Amarok alloy Wheels With Amarok Tyres nearly new over 7 mm on the tyres ,18in alloys ex con reduced to 450 ono offer pick up north east,, tyres are 255 60 18 ,,
  12. Dave F

    Amarok 18” 7.5J Steelie - Tyre Sizes

    quick question. Will Amarok 18s with 255/60 18 V XL fit my lowered T6 or will I need to Change the tyres in them. Thanks
  13. Peteau

    Will 19” Amaroks fit on my T6?

    ok so I’m pretty uneducated on wheels, in fact I’ve no idea!!! Lol So my question and I’m sure there are a lot of different variables, is will a set of 19inch amaroks fit on my transporter? I have a mate selling a set and I think they’d look awesome he thinks they will fit with the right tyres...
  14. spook

    Sold A Set Of 4 X 18" Amarok Wheels With Tyres

    I HAVE A SET OF ,, 4 x 18" amarok wheels with tyres ,, PICK UP NORTH EAST £600
  15. Ian28

    Amorok Durban 10 Spokes

    Hi, I need to make a decision on wheels for my T32 Highline Kombi very soon and have settled on these at 18”. Before I go any further is anyone running these already and any obvious issues? It’ll be lowered on Bilsteins to their highest level (30-40mm?). Thanks, Ian
  16. R

    Sold 19” Canterá alloys-only £750

    Set of 4 19” Cantará alloys from Amarok 200 miles only and tyres removed using plastic tools no scratches or marks at all Centre caps included Collection from Manchester J10 M56 preferred paper work TUV cert included if needed £750 Ono open to not silly offers/ideas would like black VW OEM...
  17. T6 dork

    Sold Amarok 18inch Wheels 50 Delivery Miles 4off Mint

    taken off our 2018 amarok at delivery we went for 20,s so i have all 4 in perfect condition NO tyres i do believe these are around £2500 a set from VW so bargain at £700 ono
  18. T6 dork

    Sold Amarok 19's Aragonit In Black Need Refurb 4off

    I've got 4 wheels that need refurbishing so you can do them any color you like plenty of scuffs on them £350 the last pic shows a brand new one as i had on my T6 pics by whatsapp if you pm me a mobile
  19. Jamie2.0

    Vw Amarok 20" Wheels

    In the latest Vw vans parts catalog I found these, they're a 20" x 8J meant for the Amorak, catalog price £299 inc vat + tyres. They look a little like the Audi RS6c wheels, Wish my pockets were way deeper then they are right now!
  20. RedDragonAus

    Amarok Wheels on a T6

    Anyone else with Amarok wheels? I put a set of Amarok 18" wheels on my multivan with 255/45/18 Bridgestone RE003 which are 103 load rated. IMG_6539 by RedDragonAus posted 22 Dec 2017 at 09:33