1. andythom188

    Rear Load Sliding Tray for Cali / Velle rails

    Just fitted the rear load sliding tray into the caravelle rails. Very impressed how it fits with the multiflex board. Very sturdy bit of kit, well currently got it extended while im sitting on it swinging me legs and cider beside me. Hopfully no more scratched rear bumper and clambering in the...
  2. S

    multiflexboard - template?

    Hello, Looking to find a template for the multiflex board? im finding it tricky to throw together and idea and this would be ideal..
  3. Wills

    California bed and furniture choice

    Having fitted a Cali bed I'm now looking at furniture. Bearing in mind the floor has to be raised 26mm (Excluding the 9mm batten glued to the floor) to accommodate the rails and the bed is 1200mm wide. Does this affect the furniture options? I'm considering the Evo 7.4. What have other owner...
  4. V

    Goodnight Package & Multiflex Board

    Hi can someome please measure the height under the Flexiboard that comes with the Goodnight package for me? it's greatly appreciated as I'm investigating portable fridge freezers in preparation of delivery and wondering which will fit underneath. Cheers
  5. KombiKommando

    multiflex board bed or similar....?

    A quick google for an after market occasional bed for me kombi brought up the VW multiflex board. Cant find prices though so prob darn expensive. My budget is like the budgie so if its got more than two 00's in it after the first number im likely to vom! anybody got any ideas/links to some...
  6. Neil Stichbury

    Floor System Attachment

    Hi, I am trying to find where I can buy fitting to attach things other than seats into the rail system on a T6 Multivan. Any suggestions