50mm springs

  1. C

    Sold T6 T30 UB -50mm Eibach Adjustable Lowering Springs £110

    Set of UBERBUS Eibach Adjustable 50mm Lowering Springs. Were fitted to my van early 2017 by Uberbus as part of camper conversion. Have done 21000 miles. I have now replaced for coilovers. Some of the paint has chipped off the springs in places, hopefully this is shown in the photos. Also have...
  2. M

    Just springs

    Hi All, I am considering lowering my van 50mm using a set of H&R springs and keeping everything else as is on my T32. Can anyone who has done this tell me whether there is any noticeable difference in the ride with regard to bumps/potholes? Any bangs or booms etc? Any experiences welcome. There...
  3. JABB

    50mm lower on std 16" claytons

    Can anyone give photographic assistance please? Ideally before and after. Looking at a 50mm drop on std 16" claytons. There seems loads of photos of 18" and 20" Wheels but not so for the 16"
  4. MattPoss

    H&R T32 Springs.....

    Can anyone confirm these Springs are suitable for a T6 T32 with a 50mm Drop?! I believe thats what they are for but just want to double check before fitting them......
  5. D

    B14 Komfort or Projekt Sensitiv

    Hi everyone. New to the forum. I am currently using Eibach 50mm springs and B8 Dampers. The ride is awful, especially on the wonderful UK roads. I want to get either the new B14 Komfort or the slightly cheaper Projekt Sensitiv kit. Has anyone got these relatively new kits or had a chance to...
  6. Captain Jack

    Vogtland 50mm Springs

    Morning All, first post here! can anyone review the 50mm Vogtland springs? Can currently get them for £156 for the set. T28 currently on 255/45/R19 on standard set up. cheers me hearties!!
  7. P

    For Sale T6 T32 Eibach 50mm Lowering Springs and OEM Dampers £100

    Hi - have a set of Uberbus Eibach 50mm lowering springs and OEM dampers for sale. They are off my T32 and have done 9k. The springs are red - have a few marks on the top of the springs where they have rubbed. Nothing that you would ever see. I can send photo's if anyone is interested. They are...
  8. Phil_j89

    Wanted Looking to swap 40mm springs for 50mm springs

    Hello, Looking to swap some 40MM H&R lowering springs for some 50MM versions. On the off chance that someone doesn't like how low the 50's are. Located in South Lakes Thanks..
  9. SouthLondonT6

    Eibach Springs pictures - 30 or 50mm?

    Hi folks Considering Eibach springs but undecided between 30mm or the 50mm drop. Fairly heavy T6 camper on 20s with the rear end sag and up at front. Anyone got photos of theirs done and please say if they’re 30mm or 50mm dropped Thanks
  10. G

    Sold Eibach Raceline -50mm springs - Lime Green

    Hi, A friend went to coilovers last year and is now selling his raceline eibachs in lime green. we’re on his T32 from new for only a few thousand miles. £170 ono If anyone’s interested I’ll pass on his number
  11. J

    Meyle shocks with H&R springs - travelin lite

    Hi all has anyone tried the kit from travelin lite - 50mm drop on H&R springs with meyle shocks for under 500 quid I’m more than likely going togo down the CRS option or maybe b14 but. It iced these when looking for other bits and thought I would ask the question thanks
  12. J

    Eibach Pro 50mm springs sag when towing

    Hi I have the eibach pro 50mm springs from custom vanz and standard dampers. The van sits great but if I hook my bike trailer or put a bit of weight in the rear it sits lower than the front. Is this because the standard dampers are not sufficient , if so do I go for a B8 Bilstein? Cheers James
  13. J88arv

    Help: Either Top Mount Or Spring Gone

    Hi all just been to Kwick fit and was advised my passenger side shock is either knackered or the top mount and the other side is going in short it knocks like a bitch continually and needs sorting as it’s doing my head in. can anybody shed any light on similar experiences or advise on how to...
  14. Drhoge

    Sold H&r 50mm Lowering Springs For Sale - £150

    Taken from T30 campervan conversion. VGC, only 2000miles. Removed to fit VB Air. Comes with original front shocks (as I don’t have spring compressors) and rear shocks/cups etc if purchaser requires. Collection only from Bath due to size and weight. *****NOW SOLD*****
  15. Dave F

    For Sale Hr 50mm Springs

    I will be removing a set of 50mm drop H&R T30 springs at the beginning of March as I am getting a set of B14s fitted. Used H&R 50mm springs T30 £100 + PP
  16. Simon4071

    20” wheels: 40mm or 50mm springs?

    Iam thinking of lowering my t6 t30, Iam running 20" alloy wheels. Iam Undecided on going 40mm or 50mm, is there much difference, would like to see some pics just to make my mind up.
  17. D

    18” wheels: 40mm or 50mm springs?

    Evening all, been reading up and reading a lot of posts about the 50mm springs being very firm, especially over potholes. Given I live in Scotland where potholes seem to be every 50m, I'd like to know if anyone has any experience of both or knows whether the 40mm springs are significantly softer...
  18. Yeti899

    50 mm h&r

    so looking at these springs for bitdi dsg t32, obviously should get the heavier springs according to the chassis plate! But Does anyone out there run the softer ones on there t32 if they are not carrying much weight??? I understand the whole insurance/load capacity issue but just want to know...