50mm springs

  1. Rossco2608

    Sold New Eibach 50mm Raceline Pro Springs - £200

    Brand new set of Eibach 50mm Raceline Pro springs in green, Had a set on my T6 for 7 years and drove really well on them Had a spare new set and no longer needed £250 Collection Nottingham
  2. T

    Drop link replacement. Which size??

    Hi guys I had some Koni suspension fitted 3 weeks ago and all seemed great until last week when I got some horrible sounds from the suspension at lows speeds. After lots of YouTube, I found a video with the exact sound I am experiencing. (30 secs in is my exact noise) It seems to be the...
  3. CarreraRSR

    Sold Eibach 50mm lowering springs

    Eibach -50mm lowering springs. These springs are the ones supplied by Raceline Vans so are green + Raceline branded as per photos. CRS measured my drop at 65mm. Photos to assist your purchase plus one to show my current drop. Can be collected from Weston super Mare, or Manchester centre when...
  4. secretK9agent

    Sold Eibach 50mm Lowering Springs

    Taken from a VanHaven TTR - turned van into a lifted swamper hence no longer need. 18000 miles max £120 - collection from RG4 or postage £20
  5. G

    Any photos of -50mm or -45mm drops on 20’s?

    I'm looking to lower my t6.1, looking at the eibach Racine 50mm or eibach so low 45mm. I've got new wheels to put on with 275/40/20 tyres, anyone got photos of either springs fitted and should I expect rubbing??
  6. NathFlav

    Broken H&R Spring

    Hi, I’ve had a set of -50mm H&R springs fitted to my T6 for the laser few years. Failed MOT today on broken near side spring! Unable to source these indovidially! Anyone had the same issue and got any tips or places I can purchase 1 or a rear pair ? Thanks
  7. T

    T6 lowering - how low…

    Hi guys, One of my next upgrades will be suspenion. I am currently running -50mm springs on stock shocks. Ride is manageable, but still plenty of roll, and a harsh ride when combined with 20’s - no real performance gain, just looks lower. I’m wanting a few things from the upgrade, top of the...
  8. W

    £500 budget… t6 needs lowering. Thoughts…

    Hi Guys, picked up my 2016 SWB kombi on sat. Love it but it needs to be lower to make it more of a ‘car feel’ and obviously the aesthetics too. I’ve got £500 to spend. I know b14s etc are ideal but it’s just not happening from a budget point of view. What would you do? I want to go about...
  9. dandan88

    For Sale Raceline -50mm springs

    I have a set of 50mm Raceline springs coming off the van in a few weeks, just wondered if anyone would be interested I. Them. From a t32 in orange 50mm. Nothing wrong with them just changing setup again? I’m based in kent Cheers
  10. D

    H & R spring numbers

    Hi, I’ve seen this touched upon a few times and have searched what I can find but the relevant numbers and info I just can’t see anywhere. Wondered if any of you lovely lot could help. I have a 2011 t30 kombi. I’m looking at buying some springs from someone but as most of the H&R stuff I’m...
  11. Keaney

    20" Tyre Advice - sizing / brand / pressure

    I've now picked the alloys and dimensions but what tyre brand are people using on 20’s Been quoted on accelera which was really cheap and may go down this route initially but normally stick to main brands, yoko, Pirelli and Michelin etc
  12. T

    70mm on 20’s

    Greetings, In the never ending pool of threads on suspension, I am looking specifically for people with b14’s running on their lowest with 275 40 20’s. I have -50mm springs, definitly not a boaty as stock and rides ok, but can be a bit bouncy and crashy. How are the b14’s on their lowest...
  13. M

    Sold Uberbus Eibach 50mm Lowering Springs and Adjusters

    I have for sale a set of Uberbus Eibach 50mm lowering springs and adjusters that were fitted to my T6 T32 LWB Kombi. The springs were used when I purchased them and were about 6 months old and I had them on my van for about 6 months. They have the usual marks on them where they contact the...
  14. C

    Sold T6 T30 UB -50mm Eibach Adjustable Lowering Springs £110

    Set of UBERBUS Eibach Adjustable 50mm Lowering Springs. Were fitted to my van early 2017 by Uberbus as part of camper conversion. Have done 21000 miles. I have now replaced for coilovers. Some of the paint has chipped off the springs in places, hopefully this is shown in the photos. Also have...
  15. M

    Just springs

    Hi All, I am considering lowering my van 50mm using a set of H&R springs and keeping everything else as is on my T32. Can anyone who has done this tell me whether there is any noticeable difference in the ride with regard to bumps/potholes? Any bangs or booms etc? Any experiences welcome. There...
  16. JABB

    50mm lower on std 16" claytons

    Can anyone give photographic assistance please? Ideally before and after. Looking at a 50mm drop on std 16" claytons. There seems loads of photos of 18" and 20" Wheels but not so for the 16"
  17. MattPoss

    H&R T32 Springs.....

    Can anyone confirm these Springs are suitable for a T6 T32 with a 50mm Drop?! I believe thats what they are for but just want to double check before fitting them......
  18. D

    B14 Komfort or Projekt Sensitiv

    Hi everyone. New to the forum. I am currently using Eibach 50mm springs and B8 Dampers. The ride is awful, especially on the wonderful UK roads. I want to get either the new B14 Komfort or the slightly cheaper Projekt Sensitiv kit. Has anyone got these relatively new kits or had a chance to...
  19. Captain Jack

    Vogtland 50mm Springs

    Morning All, first post here! can anyone review the 50mm Vogtland springs? Can currently get them for £156 for the set. T28 currently on 255/45/R19 on standard set up. cheers me hearties!!
  20. A

    255/35/20 -50mm drop?

    Hi Guys, I’m looking at these on my T30. https://www.vanstyle.co.uk/van/wolfrace-dortmund-gloss-black-wheel-tyre-p-7780.html Tyres would be 255/35/20 102 Im currently running standard shocks with 50mm H&R lowering springs on standard 17” VW alloys on spacers. Will I have any issues with the...