5 speed

  1. L

    110 5 speed vs 150 6 speed

    Hi, new to forum currently deciding between a 110 5 speed in ascot grey or a 150 6 speed in indium grey. I like both colours slightly prefer the ascot. I am going to be converting to a camper and just wondering if anyone has advice for which one to go for. Is one miles better than other/better...
  2. D

    Notchy first gear - 2019 5-speed gearbox

    I have a 2019 woth a 5 speed gearbox. I have a kind of notchy first gear. From standstill going in to first and taking of the clutch position seems much more like balancing on a knives edge (exaggerated) then when going from any other gear to the next. No slipping pr any other problems. Any...
  3. S

    T6 5-speed gearbox wrecked 60k miles

    Hi all Just a quick question from a newbie I’m in my second transporter, previous one was a 2012 t5.1 4motion with a 6 speed box and had no issues. Due to The clean air zone looming in Manchester I sold it and bought a T6 2018 5 speed 102 bhp it has done mega miles 235k but has full Vw service...
  4. P

    Acquiring a camper - Eu5 5spd or Eu6 6spd??

    Hi all. I'm new to this forum and looking for advice please. I've put a holding deposit on a 2016 T6 T32 BMT 150 fully converted campervan which has a euro 6 engine, mileage just under 60k. Another T6 has just been advertised closer to me which is a 2015 T6 T28 BMT 102 with a euro 5 engine 37k...
  5. S

    Euro 5 - 6 speed vs Euro 6 - 5 speed

    Hi all Looking to buy a T6 but just need clarification on the 5 speed & 6 speed gearboxes. Is 5th gear on the 5 speed box about the same final gear ratio as 6th n the 6 speed. Do not want the van to be over revving during motorway miles. Any advice appreciated.
  6. Littleblackflash

    Swamper wheels with 5sp Gearbox

    I currently have 20" 275/35/20 wheels on my van which has a 5Speed box. I find the small increase in rolling diameter a concern when tying to pull away when towing my car trailer. The concern is putting too much torque / judder through the 5speed box. I would like to change to 18" swamper wheel...
  7. A

    gearbox - trouble changing into 2nd when cold

    I have trouble changing into 2nd gear but fine when engine is warmed up, any ideas ?
  8. Belly

    Manual or DSG?

    Similar Kombi’s good spec, auto apx 2k more expensive. Worth it ?
  9. Tomboy

    5sp Gearbox Whine?

    Hi all, I’ve just brought a 66 plate 102bhp t6 van. Absolutely love it, apart from a whine that starts once I engage 5th gear? Dip the clutch or change down to 4th and the noise disappears? Anyone else encountered this problem? Not sure if this is a normal noise or gearbox/clutch/bearing fault...