30mm springs

  1. L

    Eibach 30mm Lowering Springs

    Has anyone got any opinions on the Eibach 30mm lowering springs as a cheaper way to drop the van? Can't stretch the B14's yet. I've read that the sport line is actually factory fitted with the 30mm Eibach's so surely worries about stressing drive shafts don't exist and with such a relatively...
  2. L

    Sold Sportline Eibach 30mm lowering springs T6

    A set of the VW OEM Sportline Eibach 30mm lowering springs - the heavy duty version for DSG/Biturbo models. Just swapped my suspension to STX so now have these taking up room in the shed. Had on the van for 20K. £100 o.n.o Near Truro, Cornwall. Ideally buyer collect but could courier.
  3. Keredewor

    For Sale For Sale - Caravelle Executive Suspension - Brand New

    This suspension was removed from a brandnew Caravelle Executive this week by Bognor Motors. Front and rear complete, T30 variant, brand new, lowers a standard van by 30mm Collection only from HG5 area. 200.00 for the lot
  4. Captain Zappa

    Lowering springs - Amax Apex or Vogtland?

    I am looking to take my T5 down 30mm, the obvious spring is Eibach, but does anyone have fitted either Amax Apex or Vogtland springs and if so are they worth the budget price, thanks
  5. LakesT6

    Sold Koni Special Active shock absorbers T26/28/30

    I have for sale a set of four Koni Special Active shocks, these are for the T28/T30 fitment and they will not fit a T32. They are suitable for vans lowered up to 40mm. Bought from CRS Performance in June of this year and used on my van for around 4k miles. These shocks give a superb ride, I only...
  6. Neils3hg

    Found Sportline/Eibach lowering springs

    Looking for a nearly new set of -30mm springs if anyone has changed and is willing to part with a set?
  7. LakesT6

    Sold 30mm Sportline Eibach lowering springs

    Set of 4 30mm Eibach lowering springs for T5 and T6, these won’t fit the new 6.1 model. From what I can tell they are for vans up to 1550kgs front axle weight. They’ve been on my van for 2 years with no issues. Collection from Cumbria. £60
  8. SouthLondonT6

    Eibach Springs pictures - 30 or 50mm?

    Hi folks Considering Eibach springs but undecided between 30mm or the 50mm drop. Fairly heavy T6 camper on 20s with the rear end sag and up at front. Anyone got photos of theirs done and please say if they’re 30mm or 50mm dropped Thanks
  9. Mikeje

    Planning ahead with wheels and suspension

    We got our T32 this week and it already feels like me have a long list of mods we want to do. One for next year is alloys and lowering. Think we’re probably looking at 18s as they seems a good compromise between comfort and look. Want to lower the van to see if it’ll help handling. Not...
  10. B

    Sold Eibach 30mm springs

    Hi all .... Set of mint condition wheels for sale ... covered 7k miles from new SOLD Also a set of pretty much brand new genuine VW Eibach 30mm lowering springs . They have covered 500 miles max . £150 Live Southampton way .... collection due to weight thanks Josh
  11. S

    Sportline wheels and vw 30mm lowering springs

    Hi Has anyone got a photo of a T6 with sportline wheels and lowered by 30mm from Vw. The reason im asking is to gauge what they will look like on my van as im bored with the std
  12. E

    Numpty lowering question

    OK so i acquired some 30mm lower eibach springs for my std 2016 T32. Today we gets the front shock off but the mechanic wasn't sure if there was enough adjustment on the shock top nut to compress the new shorter spring down. will it be fine or is there some spacers i might need under the top...
  13. cgtmiles

    Sold Genuine VW 30mm lowering springs

    Genuine VW 30mm lowering springs for sale. Only installed for ~2 months/1000 Miles. £150 collection from Herts. From a T28 but believe they will fit all non T32 vans
  14. VanDamMan

    CRS Performance UK

    Very pleased today ...had fitted Koni dampers fitted with EBC yellow stuff pads ......Quick..Friendly..and listen’d to my needs......my T32 204 auto had a habit that it wanted to lift the front end and spin the wheels when pulling away (Steve. Recommended adjusting the lift on the dampers...
  15. Berto84

    Sold Genuine VW 30mm Lowering Springs

    Selling these Genuine VW Sportline Lowering Springs. Only done around 5k from new in 2017. Part numbers can be seen in pics. Removed only due to having coilovers fitted. £120. Would prefer collection from York but can post at cost which id need to get a price. Can't imagine it would be much more...
  16. G

    Caravelle 4motion build code 2MH?

    Good morning, we have a t6 caravele 4 motion and we would like to lower it from the build code we have 2MH does this mean its already lowered? looking at lowering 30mm many thanks
  17. B

    Found Sportline Springs Wanted (30mm)

    has anyone got a set of 30mm lowering springs they want to sell to suit a t28
  18. Jamroller

    Lower T6 Lwb Kombi

    I want to lower my T6, don't have a clue how to do it and would like some advice and recommendations of where to take it, I like the alloys so was thinking of keeping the original tyre and wheel package, although I could be persuaded to change if I benefit from a better ride. Also does the ride...
  19. Volkywagen

    Sold Sportline Springs -30mm For Sale

    Upgraded to the full eibach set up so got these to shift + dampers. Asking £180 18 months old, like new. Warrington - pick up preferable. Happy to drop off if required
  20. N

    Tyre - Wheel - Height Advice.

    Hi Guys. I've enjoyed viewing the forum but this is my first post. I'm hoping for advice re the tyres , wheels and height for my T6 204 DSG Kombi. My VW dealer fitted 30mm lowering springs and 20" wheels with 245/45 M&S tyres. (I saw a vehicle that they were about to deliver with this set up...