1. L

    Transporter + Caravan - keep having to get pulled off sites

    just got my t6 with the intention of having it converted into a camper but in between this are using it as a tow van for our small caravan . last two sites we have visited we have had to be pulled off the camp field . now i am not new to caravaning but have never had it this bad and its getting...
  2. T6ChrisO

    Sold Unused 16” spare. £50.

    Never used, removed as I have BFG all terrain set up. Collection from Manchester, Stalybridge £50
  3. R

    Sold x2 spares 205/65/16c as new

    Evening again guys I have 2 sets of as new Hankook 205/65/16c load rated tyres suitable for all the range including t32 . They come with black steels. I know most aren’t that bothered with 16 inch steels. But these are all legal and will maybe do someone a turn through the back end of the year...
  4. R

    Sold As new Bridgestone Duravis 16” steelies

    Hi there I have a set of 4 new Bridgestone duravis 205/65/16c load rated tyres and black steel wheels too these came off a unregistered van on Saturday. I know there not popular with some folk but there brand new. Looking for £160 for them cash on collection from Renfrewshire or bellshill area.
  5. R

    Going mad over rim size for t32

    I’ve been reading the forum for the last couple days but can’t find definite info. 2020 transporter t32 The Stock 205/65/16 are terrible, so I’ve found a 19” amarok set but believe the 255/55/19 on them are too big and will scrub? Short of those rims, what is everyone running for a mix of...
  6. ma77y

    Found Michilin Agilis Crossclimate

    I'm after 2 Michilin Agilis Crossclimate 205 65 16c 107/105T Happy for part worns as its just to tide me over till I change wheels. Cheers
  7. R

    Sold Continental vancontact eco 205/65/16c with black steel wheels

    Hi there I have a set of as new / 15 miles continental vancontact eco load rated 205/65/16c tyres with unmarked black steel wheels. They come with wheel bolts too. And centre caps. Looking for £150 cash on collection from Renfrewshire.might do someone as a back up set . Thanks for looking
  8. R

    Sold New x4 16” spares

    Hi there I have for sale a set of brand new Hankook Vantra T32 load rated tyre's on 16 inch black steel wheels 205/65/16c they come with centre caps and wheel bolts too. These are suitable for all the T5 / T6 and T6.1 range including the t32 model with the smaller brake callipers. Looking for...
  9. Jason Booth

    Sold New Vw T6 16" Steel Wheels & 205x65x16c X 4

    Full Set Brand New Hankook Tyres 205x65x16C . On Steel Wheels . That was taken off when it was delivered with 230 miles on clock. And have been stored inside for 18 Months. I changed mine to put 17” Alloys on mine . OFFERS £200
  10. B

    For Sale 16” steel wheels and tyres

    selling on behalf of a friend 4 wheels with hankook tyres 205/65/16 all look pretty good collection from Hayes or Hemel Hempstead £100 ono
  11. osman

    For Sale Unused spare 16”

    Ok so this was the spare that was sold with my van it’s smaller than it should be so I’ve purchased the correct size and this is taking up room in the garage . It’s never been used and still has the bar code sticker 205/65 R 16 continental tire never been used . Not sure what it’s worth .
  12. 18T6

    Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons size for 16”

    Hi, looking at swapping the factory hankooks for the Goodyear Vector 4seasons which everyone seems to rave about. We have a T6 camper and so some extra grip in the mud, run flat all seem good ideas for us. But I can’t see them in 205 65R 107, so what size would I need to go for? Not sure I...
  13. Gavin Mac

    16” tyre pressures?

    I have searched the boards... but I may have missed something! I have a SWB T30 on standard 16'' Alloys - Tyre size is 205/65R16c 107/105T. According to the sticker the tyre pressures are 58 front and 51 rear at the low end and 61 front and back for fully laden. I've got a full camper...
  14. R

    Sold Bridgestone Duravis 205/65/16

    Hi there guy's I have a set of Bridgestone duvaris in as New condition, there 205/65/16c and are load rated for all models.including t32 . Cash on collection from bellshill or Glasgow area don't mind delivering within reason. They come with centre caps too if required. Looking for £200 decent...
  15. R

    Sold Bridgestone duravis 10 miles on them.

    Hi there guy's I have another set of Bridgestone duravis 205 / 65 / 16 c with 10 miles on them they have been just taken off the van there load rated for all models including the t32.they will come with centre caps too. Looking for £200 or near offer . Cash on collection either bellshill or...
  16. R

    Sold Avon AV12 tyres 205/65/16 as new.

    HI there guys i have a set of 4 x avon AV12 tyres as new , 205-65-16 and there load rated for all model incuding t32 l.w.b. cash on collection from glasgow - renfrewshire area .looking for 150.00 for them. there happy to meet up.
  17. osman

    For Sale Spare wheel for sale 205/65/16

    Don’t need this one as it’s the wrong size Never used, brand new tyre .
  18. R

    Sold Michelin Agilis Alpin

    Hi there guys I have 2 x 205/65/16c tyres unused never even been fitted either.there load rated for t32. There £80.00 the pair to anybody on here if they can do someone. I,m aware these might not fit everyone's van but incase anyone has a t5 in the family. These might do someone. Cash on...
  19. Oleg

    For Sale Clayton’s £460

    Genuine 16’ Clayton alloy wheels with hankook 205/65/16c tyres done about 100 miles ( delivery miles) £460
  20. D

    Bumpy Ride

    I've had a 2018 Highline SW T6 with factory tyres fitted for a while and find the ride very bumpy when not on a smooth road. Do I have tyre pressure to high (what should they be?) Do I need to change to new tyres or upgrade suspension...expensive. Any advice would be apreciated.