1. T6180

    Sold VW Transporter T6 Highline 180 (212bhp) 2016 6 Speed Manual. £28,500

    FOR SALE - VW TRANSPORTER HIGHLINE GENUINE KOMBI 2016 T32 180 (212bhp) BLUE MOTION 6-Speed Manual EURO 5 Time has come to sell my pride and joy. I’ve looked after this van and no expense has been spared. It’s always been run on premium fuel, serviced on time and fully cleaned at least...
  2. G

    Found 180/204 Highline Kombi

    Hi, Having had to sell my previous van in April i am now starting the hunt for another.... Looking for an early T6 180/204 Highline - ideally LWB and DSG with twin sliders. Tailgate ideally. Would consider a SWB though. Would consider a LWB 5.1 Sportline panel van - i have access to some rear...
  3. Farnorthsurfer

    Lumpy Low Revs, Cause And Cure?

    LWB EU5 180 On the way to work the last couple of days I have noticed that in slow traffic at low revs there is a rumble and vibration at small throttle openings. In typical fashion I decided to warm it up and give it some red line beans, clean things out a bit. Now runs much better without...
  4. B

    [Guide] Replacing EGR Cooler On A 180PS Engine

    Ok not aiming for a how to but just replaced the egr valve and cooler on my van. Van is a 2015 T6 kombi, dsg and 4 motion with the 180bhp CFCA engine Was throwing egr related fault codes and putting it in limp mode. Had never noticed it using any oil or water so wasn't too worried about...
  5. GONA66

    180 Hp Bi-turbo T6. ( Australian Spec).

    Morning all, looking for advice please. Having read previous stories of the 180 bhp model suffering from increased oil consumption etc,etc ,is the latest 2019 T6 180 hp model ,still an issue ? or is all sorted. I've contacted VW commercial and the person I spoke to seemed uncertain , but...
  6. Bob w

    T6 180 4 Motion Remap

    Good afternoon Hoping someone can help me , I know I’m asking a lot but I’d like just a little bit better economy from my 180hp dsg 4 motion t6 , is this possible with a remap and do you have any recommendations in the surrey area ? Thanks for looking
  7. T6180

    Random Warning Light

    All, I keep getting this random warning light nearly once a week... It's only since I had it remapped by Pendle a few weeks back..... It's happening more often than before but the strange thing is the range I'm now getting out the van :thumbsdown: Once I've filled her up with Shell...
  8. D

    Euro5 180 And Haldex Service Intervals

    Hi newbie just about to purchase a Kombi Euro5 180 4motion. What are the service intervals for the timing belt and Haldex fluid change please?
  9. Bob w

    Hello All

    Hello and good evening all I have just bought a 2016 kombi 4 motion starlight blue dsg, any ideas of real mpg ?
  10. G


    Hi folks. Just got my first T6, I’ve had a 4 and a 5 so have taken the next jump. It’s a 180 Highline on 16 plate. 37000 on it so I’m hoping the engine is ok..got a years warranty with it.
  11. D

    Tube Pipe Just Blew Off ?,

    Hi just towed for the first time with my kombi, 1 mile from campsite a loud pop and huge loss of power . When i crawled to the campsite I popped the bonnet and it's the huge rubber pipe at the top came off. I guess it's the turbo pipe , sounds like a hot rod . Anyone else had this? Is it...
  12. N

    5 Or 6 Speed Gearbox??

    Quite new to the T5 scene and looking to buy a SWB van, but really need the 6 speed gearbox. How from adverts on Autotrader Ebay etc do I know what gearbox is in there? Is there a specific vehicle model number? As it is now I am having to delve through photos trying to spot the gearknob. Or...
  13. D

    I've Got My New Van

    just completedjust completed a 430 mile drive home in my new van and absolutely love it. Lovely to drive Need some advice on tyres it's a 180 4motion on 18 inch wheels, I want to put something like mitchelin cross latitudes on . The existing tyres are 255 45 r18 but I can't find anything...
  14. D

    180Ps - Advice To Avoid Or Not

    hi all new member here dyslexic so if my spelling is rubbish please excuse. im looking at a 180 bhp but have been told by some people ( and one custom cenre) to avoid as they can have problems. Is this true or was it early ones etc. looking at a 2016
  15. Skyliner33

    Transformation Of An Ex Working Van

    First a bit of background. I have toyed with the idea of swapping my car for a van for a number of years. Firstly as a way of transporting my track bike and gear in stead of a car/trailer. Also giving me the option of sleeping overnight at the track. The swapping of the trackbike to a trail bike...
  16. S

    Hello - Potential 180 Owner!

    I'm about to put a deposit down on my most expensive vehicle yet - a 2016 4Motion 180 T32 T6... And I'm bricking it. I've been doing so much research around the forum and net but can't find a definitive answer on the 180 BiTurbo issue with the EGR. Lots of information on the problem, but only a...
  17. R

    t6 kombi 140 bhp or 180 what is the best engine dsg

    t6 kombi 140 bhp or 180 what is the best engine dsg
  18. V

    180PS burning through oil

    Hi, I have now done 10000 miles in my new van (180) I've now put in a total of 4 litres of oil!!! My dealer says it's normal to use 1 litre per 1000 miles!!! (Oil ain't cheap anymore!) Is this right? I also have a very annoying vibration that I think is coming from the small box compartment on...
  19. mhill

    180 BiTdi Oil Change

    I've just ticked over 11K and I'm going to be keeping it a while and don't fancy the idea of 20k oil changes so I'm going to do incremental changes my self. I've ordered the oil & filter but I'm not sure that I like the idea of removing the oil filter and covering the engine bay with oil once...
  20. M

    180 V 180 V 204

    Mate of mine wants a new van, currently drives a oldish 180 with 120K on the clock so thinking of changing to a 204. I actually drove his 180 on the way to test drive a 204- WOW what a difference between my 180 and his, you'd swear it's a different engine. The numbers might be the same but the...