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Window Blinds

Discussion in 'Camper/Day Van Conversions' started by Pauly, 27 Aug 2016.

  1. Pauly

    Pauly Senior Member VCDS User Admin Moderator

    Had a look at some window blinds at a van show today that were quite interesting, they sell individual and full sets of window blinds for T6 (as well as many others) including the tailgate window (example shown on floor in picture but not for a T6 )
    Company is called - Swell Shades
    Blinds attach top and bottom on a small metal rail/runner that requires screwing to the vehicle so four holes required per window to attach and are very slim and reasonable looking, circa £450 a set he said.

    Blind display.JPG

    They are not out for sale yet but had a look at their remote control blinds prototype (top right in above picture)
    They come with a remote control pictured below and all blinds can be set to go up & down at the touch of a button, comes with battery pack that fits inside blind bottom rail (although shown temp fitted outside at the show) and lasts for around 600 operations or can be hardwired to 12V supply
    Blind front remote.JPG
    Blind remote rear.JPG

    Not sure what people think of these just saw them and thought they looked quite cool, i know a few people said they couldnt find anything for T6 tailgates
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  2. VanBlanc

    VanBlanc Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru


    They will have the usual problem with Kombi side windows but I can see a potential workaround. Edit:- In fact they have another web site, Campervan blackout blinds T5 T4 VW, that shows they can do it.

    Likewise the wiper on a tailgate is a problem but that too might be solvable.

    The downside I see with any tensioned blinds (which is why they always show them closed) is the tension strings themselves that will inevitably be in line of sight when the blind is open. Aesthetically this is hardly a problem but they wont be bored dog proof ;)
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  3. Rob

    Rob Senior Member Moderator VIP Member T6 Guru

    Not necessarily because the perfect fit system which I am trying to modify to suit (time depending) gets round this issue.
  4. Pauly

    Pauly Senior Member VCDS User Admin Moderator

    Good point well made, the ones I looked at had two strings when opened and don't know how they get around rear wiper motor ?? Just saw them thought of you lot and asked if he had T6 and he said yes ??
  5. VanBlanc

    VanBlanc Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    Looking forward to @Rob 's solution to the tension strings,

    Just had a quote from Dave which is as you said. I see how he does the sliders and have asked him about the wiper motor.
  6. Rob

    Rob Senior Member Moderator VIP Member T6 Guru

    I will try and spend some time on it when I get back of holiday. The blind is the easy but mounting points are tricky.

    It really need a frame to do it properly for the following reasons.

    1, operating string system can be run down sides and opposed to the visable tension tension strings found on standard tension fit pleated blinds.

    2, due to the distance needed to allow for the sliders to work there would be large gaps at the sides with not only not look nice (sort of detached from the van) but also let a lot of light in which for most with campers could be a big issue.

    3, the framework will also solve the problem of mounting issues.
  7. VanBlanc

    VanBlanc Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    A frame rather than strings would be good.

    The top will have to stand off to avoid the top slider and the sides need not to be too deep to avoid encroaching and to let you get hold of the window opener when the window is wide open.. The sliding door is a problem because you need to allow clearance for the door handle.
  8. Caravellet6

    Caravellet6 Senior Member VIP Member T6 Legend

    Our Caravelle has the sleep set of mattress topper and curtains, tried fitting them, work fine but a pain the arse, each one fits a bit different to the next!
  9. BigBarn

    BigBarn Member VIP Member T6 Pro

  10. VanBlanc

    VanBlanc Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    No good for a Kombi. They wont fit around they OE sliding windows.
  11. GarryM

    GarryM Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Not only will VanShades not fit to the slide windows in the T6 they have not developed the shades for the rear doors yet either. Reality is that they only have one set that fits to fixed windows at the rear.
  12. GarryM

    GarryM Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    I have been in touch with Dave at Campervan blackout blinds T5 T4 VW mentioned above by VanBlanc and asked for a bit more information about the work around with the OEM Slide windows and the read door wiper motor.

    Will advise the Group what information he gives me but it looks promising.
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  13. ecowagon

    ecowagon Account Closed

    We have fitted Daves blinds to our demo van which has factory combi Windows . We simply made some brackets up so they stand off a little more . I will post a pic when I get chance
  14. GarryM

    GarryM Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Dave sent a photo of the cut around the wiper motor they do with the rear tailgate that appeared to solve the problem there. He has not indicated anything yet on the slide window but that sounds like a good solution. Fitting a surround to cover the edges would still be possible? VW Camper rear blind.jpg VW Camper rear blind.jpg
    Last edited: 17 Sep 2016
  15. VanBlanc

    VanBlanc Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    Those look like they lift up rather than pull down so they won't open further than the wiper? If so how do you keep them level when open? In all not such a problem in a conversion because they are behind the seat back.

    I saw the ones fitted by @ecowagon. They had made surrounds for the tailgate and the offside but left the near side on the slider as is. They looked fine to me although I am going to be so tight for space that i won't be able to have a surround on the kitchen side so wouldn't bother with the tailgate either.

    One thing we never get to see in the pics is the strings. They are there when the blind is open but how optrussive are they? @Swell shade Dave is on here now perhaps we can have some more info & pics?
  16. GarryM

    GarryM Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    I asked that question on the tailgate blind. The answer from Dave

    "The hatch blind has to lift from the bottom up: widest to narrowest if the blind was rectangular it could move either way.”

    I don’t understand your comment “they won’t open further than the wiper” Surly they open right up to the top? My concern was whether they hung down when the rear door was open as that becomes the ceiling in my van when the bed is in the slide out position underneath it.
  17. VanBlanc

    VanBlanc Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    They close right up to the top not open. When you pull it down it will only go as far down as the wiper cut out.

    I'm not saying that is a problem as I can't see that below the rear seat back. What I am saying is that it needs stops or something to avoid it seesawing on the wiper.
  18. GarryM

    GarryM Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Funny how one person sees or reads something differently. I assumed that they opened from botton to top and in the open position the blind is at the top and to close you would have to pull on tabs on either side the blind and not the middle of the blind due to the cutout. If the blind comes down to and sits on top of the wiper motor that is a real bummer and would make me consider doing two blinds going sideways from left to right and right to left and meeting in the middle.
  19. VanBlanc

    VanBlanc Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    Dave's explanation of why it is bottom to top is obvious when you think about it.

    Your idea of side to middle won't work either - in the first place there is nowhere in the middle to fix the blind to you would need a bar up the middle. They are tension blinds that slide up and down a string so they are fixed top and bottom.
  20. GarryM

    GarryM Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    I don’t get it, If you lower the blind to open then won’t the top bar just flop around on the top of the wiper motor without any clip or lock in mechanism?

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