Sold T6 T30 Standard Suspension - rear springs, rear shocks, front struts inc top mounts

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2019 T6 T30 SWB Kombi Standard Suspension
Van has only done 22k miles

Rear springs
Rear shocks
Front struts, springs and top mounts

Will take pics shortly. In very good condition with no leaks or knocking when fitted.

Ideal if you want to go back to standard height or Swamper style.

Located near Southend on Sea in Essex - collection only.


Also on eBay.
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Here you go @KGCali …..

Front strut part number: 7E5 413 031 H
Rear shock part number: 7E0 513 029 C

Photos (they are bit muddy/dirty so probably need a proper clean before installing):

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Sorry wrong parts for mine :(
Looked at your front suspension part number again but I think you did a typo...

Front strut part number: 7E5 413 035 H
Should be...
Front strut part number: 7E5 413 031 H as in your photo.

Can you tell me what colour codes are on the front springs.

You are correct - thanks, have updated my post above with correct part number.

Will go and look at spring markings in shed now.
Front struts sold to @KGCali (thanks and good to meet you) so will close this thread and start a new one for the rear springs/shocks.
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