1. DanHow

    New T6.1 owner

    Hi all, New to the forum and new to van ownership. I've recently purchased a previously converted T6.1 as a daily driver and have a couple of questions/ issues to iron out before heading off on the road. 1. Previous owner fitted Bilstein B14 coilovers with 20" Riviera alloy wheels and H & R...
  2. Sabre

    FREE Suspension T32 I think

    I bought it from a guy who had upgraded his suspension after 10k miles on a 2018 van. I changed my mind. Collection in Milton Keynes
  3. L

    Suspension setup sub £1K

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a suspension setup that is under £1K? Currently running a 17 plate T28 full camper conversion on some cheap and nasty suspension that was fitted by the conversion company 4 or 5 years ago. It is approx a 70mm drop I think. I'm looking to possibly raise...
  4. RunDSG

    For Sale VW OEM Anti-roll bar bushes (7H5 411 313 B)

    Hi all, Purchased these direct from TPS in June and forgot to bring them with me when I had my front springs replaced, so the garage sourced their own for me. So, these are spare. And I’ve missed by return window for TPS. Paid £22.30. If you can match that, I’ll ship them to your door for...
  5. 1271A

    Sold T6 T30 standard suspension - from a low mileage Van

    Removed from a T30 with only 13,000 miles. Never carried any weight. collection only from Ringwood, Hants. £80
  6. T

    T6.1 suspension to T6 van?

    I'm sure someone on here will know. Would a factory suspension from a T6.1 T32 fit a 2016 T6 T32 4Motion......any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  7. F

    Where can I sell my standard Suspension

    Anyone got an idea of the best place to sell the suspension off my new T6.1 trying eBay but no interest.
  8. D

    H & R spring numbers

    Hi, I’ve seen this touched upon a few times and have searched what I can find but the relevant numbers and info I just can’t see anywhere. Wondered if any of you lovely lot could help. I have a 2011 t30 kombi. I’m looking at buying some springs from someone but as most of the H&R stuff I’m...
  9. Garv

    For Sale T6.1 T32 Full Set suspension

    T6.1 T32 Brand new factory Full Set suspension for sale £150 Collection from Stafford Will need rubber mount set
  10. Donk

    Wales! Suspension!

    Anyone line north wales - Snowdonia area. Up here on hols and van has developed a nasty knocking / clunking sound front offside. I’ve got no tools and jack to get under and have a look. I was thinking something loose - drop link, anti roll bar or top shock mount loose. They’ve only been on...
  11. ma77y

    FREE T32 suspension parts

    What you see in the picture is available for anyone to collect for free, unsure of the year as was given by a fellow forum member. M41 area collection. Cheers
  12. t6blo

    For Sale T6 T30 OEM Standard Suspension - rear springs & rear shocks from 2019 low mileage van

    2019 T6 T30 SWB Kombi OEM Standard Suspension Van has only done 23k miles and has been fitted with coilovers so these are no longer required. Rear springs (see photo for colour code) Rear shocks (part number: 7E0 513 029 C / 7E0513029C) In very good condition with no leaks or knocking when...
  13. Kyle6.1

    Sold VW Sportline (30mm lowered) suspension kit - Springs, shock absorbers and spring cups

    Genuine VW 30mm lowered (Sportline) suspension kit from my Transporter (T6.1) T30. These have had about 6 months of light use before I changed my suspension for even lower suspension. Looking to go quickly so giving away for free to anyone who can collect. All the parts going are in the photos...

    For Sale Standard T32 Suspension - 25k miles

    Free collection to anyone wanting to pick them up - or I will be travelling from Lincolnshire to Stranraer on Friday if anyone throws me 50 quid for meeting them.
  15. Eli

    Who’s got what suspension

    You may have something that isn’t listed so let me know and I will add it to the list
  16. t6blo

    Sold T6 T30 Standard Suspension - rear springs, rear shocks, front struts inc top mounts

    2019 T6 T30 SWB Kombi Standard Suspension Van has only done 22k miles Rear springs Rear shocks Front struts, springs and top mounts Will take pics shortly. In very good condition with no leaks or knocking when fitted. Ideal if you want to go back to standard height or Swamper style. Located...
  17. M

    For Sale original T30 T6.1 California shocks and springs £250.00

    Accessories for sale - x4 off original T30 T6.1 California shocks and springs £250.00 Updated the coiler overs on my Cali. Have the originals for sale. if you’re interested drop me a message. Collect from; Poulton le fylde, Lancashire They have done 18k miles and have plenty of life.
  18. Barley53

    Camper + towbar = sag

    Hi, I've got a t28 with full camper conversion, there's the usual sag over the rear which to date hasn't bothered me over much, but I've recently had a towbar installed and this added to the weight of the conversion plus the occasional passengers, reading past posts on the subject it seem...
  19. Crazymind

    Broken coil…on the double

    Don’t know if it’s just a coincidence but… Sunday I was driving down the motorway and I felt something was off with the van…pulling left as never before… I thought something wasn’t right from the first day I picked it up the 21st of April. I thought it was the cheap cinese tyres and replaced...
  20. louiseverard00

    T32 front springs on a t30?

    Has anyone got any of these? Looking to replace/upgrade springs with uprated shocks. I'm in Essex. Either within 30 miles or able to post please. FRONT 1 green 2 grey D IBA 1BB 1BH 1BJ 1BW+ 0JE 1 green 3 grey E IBA 1BB 1BH 1BJ 1BW+ 0JF 2 green 1 grey F IBA 1BB 1BH 1BJ 1BW+ 0JG REAR 3...