1. Longster82

    For Sale T32 OEM Springs

    Hi all, Have just replaced my T32 springs with B14 Komforts. They're off a 66 (Feb 17) plate van and can arrange collection/delivery in/around London or potentially regularly on route between London and Sheffield or London and Poole. Happy to consider offers. Thanks! Phil
  2. Gav s

    CRS Performance new KW Coilovers fitted....Review

    Today, I was lucky enough to meet Steve and the team at CRS who fitted their new KW coilover kit to my T6 Caravelle. Firstly, the service, advice and care was top notch, couldn’t fault it. Be in no doubt Steve knows what he is doing. The replacement suspension is fantastic. As you can see from...
  3. R

    T6.1 California & Level

    Hi all, I've noticed on my t6.1 cali that the rear sits 20mm lower than the front. On a flat surface this means that the van sits level <1°. I'm just in the process of lowering it with a set of kw coilovers. And they dropped it in a way to keep the van level. But since it's dropped you can...
  4. B

    Coilovers too firm

    Hi guys. After a little advice. I have a 4 year old T6 kombi And the previous owner had coil overs installed. The van looks sweet nice and low but the ride is solid and uncomfortable. There is little to no travel on the rear suspension. Iv has it adjusted as best as I can but it’s still rock...
  5. K

    Do vans usually sit this high?

    hi , taken delivery of a brand new T30 swb highlife kombi Van and the van seems to sit really high with a large gap from top of the tyres to wheel arch. just wondered if this was normal
  6. cy294

    How do you measure coilover height?

    Had Stance+ fitted and yes I know it is a budget coilover and there are better ones out there which are more superior. However, how do you measure the ride height. I know with lowering springs they are either 40 or 50 mm but how do you know with coilovers. This is a picture I have taken and...
  7. cy294

    Top mount bearing issues.

    Please help. I am now at my wit's end! Within the last few months, I have lowered our T30, on 40mm Cobra springs. At the time, I changed the top mounts for Meyle ones, the drops links and also the rear rubber cups. Since, then, I have had issues with the top mount bearings going and have...
  8. P

    For Sale T6.1 T32 Kombi Highline standard springs and shocks

    Hi all, Selling as I now have coilovers fitted. Suspension has done 2000 miles £100. Collection from Dartford/Swanley area
  9. Buzznitro

    For Sale Suspension

    Hi all don’t know if these are any good to anybody, off my 2016 T6 T30 I’ve replaced them with Stance. PM if you are interested
  10. Pauly

    T6 Running Gear / Suspension Workshop Manual 2019

    Workshop manual covering running gear, axles, steering, suspension This document covers removal/installation/repair of subframe, suspension, wheel bearings, drive shafts, anti roll bars, self levelling suspension, wheels/tyres/geometry, TPMS, ACC, steering wheel, steering rack, power steering...
  11. Wills

    VW suspension upgrades

    I’m aware that VW advertise Eibach 30mm lowering springs in their upgrade accessories glossy but what about ARB’s? I’ve read in the Cali forum that beefier ARB’s are available. Anyone aware whether it’s a factory fit option in the “handling pack” or whether they’re available as a dealer...
  12. .50

    What to clean next.

    Been watching a bit of YouTube lately, and a suggested video was by JP Detailing where he spent over 150 hours detailing his Focus RS. I've been washing cars for 35 years, and would of thought someone was bonkers for taking the wheels of and cleaning inside the wheel arch and suspension, but...
  13. Andyf

    Suspension options laid out

    Steve, We have spoken in detail on several occasions With the number of products expanding every month or seams to be could you create a list of your products I know your not a B14 type of guy if that makes sense In your list it may help potential buyers to make a decision if you were to give...
  14. Buzznitro

    Transporter Hq Suspension Vid

    Just for some good info saw this today gives some interesting guides.
  15. W

    Suspension Question

    Looking for advice and thoughts. I have a T32 VW T6 Kombi currently run on H&R lowering springs on 20" wheels running the correct load rated tyres. Will switching over to B14s and ARB make much more of a difference? I have read the ARBs on the T32 are already stiff so will ARBS make a...
  16. D

    For Sale T6 Suspension.

    Any one interested in full set, front and back, suspension, van has 29000 on it, just upgraded to Bilstein b14s, I will throw the original arb,s in for free. all in superb condition with no leaks or faults. Make me an offer and there yours.
  17. K

    Raising The Rear, Lowering The Front

    I think my new van is threatening to make me bankrupt! Given that I've had a T6 VW camper conversion before I've become aware that the steering on my new van is slightly 'skittish', it feels lighter and during recent poor weather the traction has been poor, the van looks rear heavy as well. I...
  18. BognorMotors

    Praise The Lowered....suspension News

    We are always looking at improving our range of suspension upgrades we offer. We have been very successful with Bilstein B14's over the years and have fitted hundred of sets with lots of very happy customers. On the whole 'we all' want to upgrade to bigger wheels and run lower than springs...
  19. czmate1999

    Vb Air On A T32

    Hi, @Martinf very kindly showed me his camper today and his VB Air (on a T28), a very nice set-up! A question arose, however, and I was wondering if the feel of the ride would differ on a T32? If it would be softer or firmer? I know very little, other than the basics, about suspension so any...
  20. K

    How Easy Is It Swap Out B14's Back To Factory.

    Hi all,, So I've got 3 months to wait for my van to arrive from Germany so I've got a lot of questions to ask as a new to the group.. I think I may end up trading my new van in every two years as I get a good discount.. My thoughta are that I owuld like to go down the 19" wheel / B14 route...