1. lexc

    KONI Active vs Heavy Track

    Hi all, I am looking to replace the shocks all round on my T6 Transporter but not looking to adjust ride height. In my area, my options are KONI Heavy Track or Super Active. I have read the write-ups on both and after sifting through the marketing jargon I can't really see how you could...
  2. $immo

    Sold T32 standard suspension / springs Front & Rear

    Front & Rear T32 suspension. Came off my van at about 4k miles and been in garage since. £25.00 collection only from Tonbridge Kent.
  3. BennyLove

    Suspension sagging at the rear. What can I do?

    Hi all, I have a brand new T6.1. I wanted to keep the suspension standard as I'm very happy with the ride. I specced "upgraded" rear suspension from the factory to try and deal with rear sag. The picture attached is of my van fully loaded on a flat surface. I know it doesn't look terrible, but...
  4. K

    Don’t really want to go to the tip with this new suspension.

    So After a week of trying to get my t32 t6.1 suspension off mixed on eBay I’ve made no progress. They’ve only got 400 miles and all looks like new but I guess nobody wants it. So if nobody here would like them then I’ll have to take them to the tip as we are moving house this week and don’t...
  5. R

    For Sale Standard springs and shocks t30

    I have these standard springs and shocks from my van have done 2.5k miles on a 2019 t30 swb looking for £100 all in collection only thanks
  6. L

    FREE T6 T32 Shuttle SE standard suspension

    I recently upgraded to B14's and now have a full set of T32 shocks and springs in the way in my garage. I'm in Camberley if anyone wants them before they get dumped. 24,000 miles and no issues at all.
  7. D

    Sold 3 week old T32 suspension..

    taken off my brand new T32 Lwb, done 500 miles. £180 This is: 2 Front legs 2 rear dampers 2 front springs 2 rear springs Thanks Jon
  8. JordanGT

    Found T6 T32 Standard suspension set up

    Looking for a standard suspension setup for a T6 T32, mine is a 67 plate van. Ideally someone in the leicestershire area and even better would be someone able to install it, I don‘t have the tools these days.
  9. ChrisR

    T32 Suspension News from The Van Cave

    The Van Cave is now offering KW variant 1 suspension for T32 transporters for just £1205! including VAT, plus fitting. Yes, as a number, that's a lot of money, but at that price it is so much better value than virtually all comparable competition. For example, it's almost £500 less than the B14...
  10. osman

    Ok I’ve had enough

    I thought I could live with it but I’ve truly had enough of the standard suspension on my t6 , t28 Tdi ...feeling every little bump in the road as if it was some massive speed bump . I want a smoother ride. What’s the most cost effective way forward ? I have no idea .. would just like to know...
  11. M

    Intermotiv Air Suspension

    Hey guys, been speaking to Intermotiv. (Jonathan) Had a good rummage on the forum, and could only find a handful of posts mentioning Intermotiv but no feedback. Does anyone have any feedback compared to ABP/Bilstein struts? I have read a few posts on other non-T6 forums which have great...
  12. Eclipse Campers

    Announcement - KW ST Dealer

    Hi all, I just thought I would let any interested parties know that we are now a dealer for KW suspension and their excellent ST-X coil over kits. There are many posts on the forum ref Coil overs so I won’t go over that again, but suffice to say, a set of coil overs are a fantastic upgrade and...
  13. Trouts

    Sold Standard T30 Suspension & ARB's - full set £110

    This came off my 2016 Kombi at 30k light miles. All clean and in good condition. - only selling to raise wheel funds! (and I’ve had coilivers fitted) Obviously pretty heavy so collection from North Manchester (although happy to meet if it helps?) thanks
  14. Depron Donkey

    Suspension lift - T32 Swamper.

    I want to raise my van by around 25mm-35mm. Its a T32 which I know is oversprung unless loaded causing the harsh ride. I would like to kill two birds with one stone by fitting a spring kit and maybe a set or uprated ARB's and getting a softer ride but have read that some spring kits are not only...
  15. K

    Suspension T32 New / 600 miles in a box to get rid of.

    I've got the fulls suspension off of my t32 from when CRS swapped it all out for a H&R coilver kit, and I'mnow moving house and I could do without having to lug this heavy box from one garage to the next! Any offers? located near stockport. All the bits that came off in a box... note its...
  16. K

    For Sale T6.1 T32 Fulls suspension.. only 600miles / as new.

    This suspension set came off after driving 600 miles after having a coiler kit fitted at CRS performance.. I'm moving house and could do without moving this box! It's super heavy so if you would like to make an offer and pick it up that would be great.. Marple Bridge which is back of...
  17. Dave Lawson

    How much will a decent suspension upgrade cost me?

    How will a decent suspension upgrade cost me?
  18. Longster82

    Sold T32 OEM Springs

    Hi all, Have just replaced my T32 springs with B14 Komforts. They're off a 66 (Feb 17) plate van and can arrange collection/delivery in/around London or potentially regularly on route between London and Sheffield or London and Poole. Happy to consider offers. Thanks! Phil
  19. Gav s

    CRS Performance new KW Coilovers.... Review

    Today, I was lucky enough to meet Steve and the team at CRS who fitted their new KW coilover kit to my T6 Caravelle. Firstly, the service, advice and care was top notch, couldn’t fault it. Be in no doubt Steve knows what he is doing. The replacement suspension is fantastic. As you can see from...
  20. racerke600

    T6.1 California Rake Level

    Hi all, I've noticed on my t6.1 cali that the rear sits 20mm lower than the front. On a flat surface this means that the van sits level <1°. I'm just in the process of lowering it with a set of kw coilovers. And they dropped it in a way to keep the van level. But since it's dropped you can...