1. B.different

    Rear arms

    Hi all, Could anyone be able to tell me the difference between the rear arms 7E0501414A 7E0501413A and 7HO501071 7H0501072 mine. Thought all the backend suspension was the same? Any help much appreciated
  2. markob

    Garage recommendation: London

    Hope this is the right place for this post.. Can anyone recommend a main dealer for servicing in Surrey / SW London area ? Not sure I believe google reviews anymore ! Been looking at SMC Croydon or Lookers Guildford but they get really mixed reviews, happy to travel a bit further if necessary
  3. VesselPal

    Rear suspension removal 4Motion

    I've noticed that the rubber under my rear springs has disintegrated and I ordered those uprated powerflex ones. As I tow a lot and the van is loaded most of the year I also got 13mm spacers for the back. This is a 4motion, do I have to remove the cv axles to complete this task? I know the...
  4. pixelmix

    Suspension in Scotland

    I am considering getting our T6 Caravelle lowered later this year - likely to be 30mm drop Eibach springs or 40mm H&R as I'm not sure I can justify £1,000+ for Bilsteins. I will possibly add spacers at the same time to fill the arches better and whilst I could easily fit these myself, I won't...
  5. chrissielesmore

    Garage in Wiltshire to work on van with air ride

    Hi All, I’ve got a T6 fitted with Air Ride (originally done by Plush). Van has just been diagnosed with a bent drop link (which I have got a replacement of - as that’s what I thought it was) and a “shock that has gone through the top mount”. The garage it’s at won’t do the work on it, as it is...
  6. C

    Paid for lowering springs but having doubts they’ve been fitted..

    I bought my van in November last year & ordered lowering springs at the same time. The springs have only just arrived at the dealer & they were fitted today. However, the van didn't really look any/much different to when I dropped it off. After arranging to have them fitted when they told me...
  7. M

    Welsh newbie with Ex-RAC van needing suspension work!

    Hi, I have just bought an ex RAC t6. It’s hard and high ! I am putting 20s on it but needs lowering and softening but unsure about what shock and springs to get. It will be my daily and a day can eventually. Mike
  8. Parvus

    Sold Stance+ Coilover kit

    Hi, Recently replaced my Stance+ on my T6/T28 and looking to move it on. Items covered approx. 15k miles and working fine, just upgraded to ST-X setup. New versions are approx. £350 online, would be happy with £100 or make me an offer. Any Q's please let me know, Thanks, Matt.
  9. 993porky

    For Sale T6 t32 full suspension

    Hi removed from my shuttle 2016 full suspension t32 looking for £80 Ono how’s that sound as not really sure what they worth sunderland area collection only
  10. Fellrunner13

    Transporter Suspension Specialist near Warrington

    Hi. Looking to lower a T5.1 camper using something like Bilstein B14’s. Can anyone recommend a specialist near Warrington? I’m tempted to use Transporter HQ but would be interested in someone a little closer to home who knows that they’re doing with Transporter suspension. Cheers.
  11. Jimbob76

    Sold T6.1 T32 OEM suspension (delivery miles only)

    Free to a good home, just taking up space in my garage. Collection only from Leamington Spa, Warwickshire (so about as central as is gets, don’t ask me if I’ll post ‘em, I won’t - I’ll give them a few weeks on here, then it’s off to the tip). They’ve done the sum total of about 20 miles, I had...
  12. W

    Looking for a stock full T30 suspension set up

    Hi guys, I have a 2015 T30 which prior to me buying it had a set of lowered springs fitted. The ride quality is poor, and a recent visit to my mechanic for an oil change identified a broken rear spring on the n/s and a rusty rear spring on the o/s which would account for the poor ride quality...
  13. D

    T32 front suspension removal

    No bank holiday trip for me until I replace one of my front springs that has snapped! Can't find a T32 specific video on YouTube. Do I need to undo all four bolts, two front and two rear, to remove the suspension leg from the hub? Can I get away with not removing the brakes and driveshaft...
  14. Sabre

    FREE Suspension

    Anyone want this before it goes out? Was from a T32 2018. Springs have to be useful for someone if not the rest.
  15. Glenn Board

    For Sale Full set of T6 Suspension from 2016 4Motion Kombi 5,000 Miles

    Hi, I converted my 2016 4motion Kombi to Seiko suspension shortly after getting the van, I guess the suspension has only covered around 5,000 miles, and has been sat in my garage should the time ever come to revert back, but now decided I won't! The suspension is in perfect condition apart from...
  16. A&A

    t32 hard suspension - pot hole avoidance

    I have had a few transporters in the past & a couple of LT's and the ride has been fine, but this van is such a hard ride I have to avoid potholes & cats eyes on every journey. Is it a T32 issue? I know there is a lot of advice here about suspension....but I am still confused. Any advice would...
  17. Deviant Tubs

    For Sale New T6.1 T32 Suspension £125

    Brand new suspension lifted from my 73 plate T6.1. Van is T32 version and had less than 30 miles on it when this was all removed and replaced with Koni Special Actives by Steve at CRS. Will need rubber mount set but otherwise it's good to go. £125. Collection in Cardiff or same/next day...
  18. SamN

    Sold T6 T32 Original Suspension

    Removed from my 2018 T6 T32 at 50k miles. In good condition as seen in the pictures. Only reason for removal is that I fitted coilovers to lower the van. This is a complete suspension set, excluding the front top mounts/bump stops and rear lower spring seat rubbers, as I re-used these. They're...
  19. DanHow

    New T6.1 owner

    Hi all, New to the forum and new to van ownership. I've recently purchased a previously converted T6.1 as a daily driver and have a couple of questions/ issues to iron out before heading off on the road. 1. Previous owner fitted Bilstein B14 coilovers with 20" Riviera alloy wheels and H & R...
  20. T

    Best Comfort setup for towing?

    Hello, after some advice. I currently have OEM shocks and 40mm lowered H&R springs as fitted by previous owner. I find the ride too harsh so am looking for something much more comfortable. The van is partially converted as a camper and we will be completing the conversion so it will be...