1. Trouts

    For Sale Standard T30 Suspension & ARB's - full set £110

    This came off my 2016 Kombi at 30k light miles. All clean and in good condition. - only selling to raise wheel funds! (and I’ve had coilivers fitted) Obviously pretty heavy so collection from North Manchester only* thanks *however, i'm coming south next week so able to deliver/meet if that helps
  2. Simon228

    Staggered 20’s..?

    Wheels are ordered trying to decide on tyre size ? What are you all running ? 20” 8.5 front 10 rear ? All sorted now sorry for the wasted post 255/35 front and 275/35 rear Cheers
  3. G

    T32/T30 spring fitment

    Hi, can anyone tell me if standard t32 springs will fit into a t30 ok, my t30 has been lowered and want to take it back to standard height and can possibly do a straight swap as long as it can be done? Thanks in advance
  4. Berto84

    Sold Genuine VW 30mm Lowering Springs

    Selling these Genuine VW Sportline Lowering Springs. Only done around 5k from new in 2017. Part numbers can be seen in pics. Removed only due to having coilovers fitted. £120. Would prefer collection from York but can post at cost which id need to get a price. Can't imagine it would be much more...
  5. markob

    Shuttle (t32) Suspension Options?

    Looking to upgrade the suspension on my LWB Shuttle which according to the v5 is a T32. The standard setup is crazy high and really bouncy, this is probably not helped by the fact I removed all the rear seats (9 seater!) I have read about the van being designed to drive well fully loaded...
  6. Mavis628

    Time For New Boots

    Time has come to replace the front tyres on my t30 it’s a conversion so had a bit of extra weight, currently on 245/45/19 102 xl I’m guessing these are ok as they were on the alloys when I bought them. what do i fit?
  7. D

    Overloading A Van - T28, T30, T32 Question

    I get that a T28 can gave a gross weight of 2.8 tonnes, but is that simply the specified weight, or the legal weight? If I load it to 3 tonnes, am I breaking the law or just risking breaking my suspension? I currently have a T28 T5.1 (why are they both 'T' numbers??) and sometimes I'm sure...
  8. Rapt0rUK

    Complete Newbies At The Start Of A Long Journey...initial Pointers Needed!

    Hi folks, thanks for taking the time to visit the post! Here goes, my wife and I are avid campers, have talked for years about owning a campervan and we now think the moons could be aligning and we’re ready to make the leap… we are complete newbies when it comes to campers. Our first port of...
  9. R

    T6 Caravelle T30 Or T32??

    Hi, hoping someone can help, I have a 2017 T6 Caravelle executive 204 DSG and want to upgrade the suspension to Bilstein coilovers. The kits for T28/30 are different to T32 and I can't work out which one I need, I have spoken to two different VW dealers, one said it is definitely a T32... the...
  10. MrTesco

    Shuttle Lowering T30 Or T32

    Right need a little advice please. I have a 2016 LWB shuttle, now the logbook says T32 but VW say i have the smaller brakes etc. Now been thinking about lowering as the van is out of warranty soon but unsure as to what suspension i need also what load rating i need on the wheels. Does this...
  11. Wills

    Wanted T30 Shocks

    There must be lots of discarded T30 shocks out there?
  12. thevoyager

    T30 (new Shape 2013) Turbo Issue...?

    Just bought a T30 2013, (NEW SHAPE), was hoping people in this T6 forum could advise as it's similar van etc. I bought it for £6900, 170k, 1 previous owner (leasing company), body is tidy and everything seemed fine. 3rd day driving it, not an issue at all, pulling well, was just driving on...
  13. Simon Kay

    T28 or T30 for LWB camper conversion

    Looking for advice on this...have got a T28 on order but now starting to sweat a little as I'm going to go pretty much full options on the conversion,pop-top, solar roof, awning, eibacher heating (or whatever it's called ;)), 80 liter tank, bike rack (tow bar). it'll only be for the 2 of us but...
  14. Y

    Caravelle 204dsg t32 or t30

    Not sure if anybody can clear this question up please? T6 Caravelle executive 204dsg It shows under the bonnet gross weight 3080 same as V5 but when I phone VW they tell me it's a t32 because it's got the larger suspension arms 55mm not 50mm on build sheet So is it a legal requirement to have...
  15. Twoguns

    FREE Brand New T30 Standard Springs

    I have a full set of delivery mileage standard T30 springs which were taken off at the dealers for the Sportline ones for sale which are just taking up space. Not sure on value so just make me an offer. Will have to be pick up from South Wales or maybe a drop off on way to work to Chippenham.