1. George_T6

    Sold T6 Sportline 18” anthracite 235/50/18. £800

    18 inch sportlines. No curbing, in near immaculate condition. Good climate cross 2s with plenty of tread. Perfect for winter wheels. Recent refurb. 5mm, 5mm, 6mm 6mm left on the 235 50 18 101xl tyres Collect from Nottingham £800
  2. GaryB1980

    Sold Calibre CC-U 20” Bronze alloys with tyres. £695

    As per title these wheels are 850 miles / 4 weeks old and as new and with wheel bolts. Came on my new conversion but I have gone to Devonports. £800 collection from Sutton, Surrey. Thanks.
  3. O

    Coil spring advice

    Can anybody recommend or advise on choice of coil springs on the rear of my T30 transporter T6. I just had a failed MOT for broken spring (on furniture/driver side). This was spotted at only 31k miles. I would like to upgrade the springs. I do not want to lower the ride, but i would like to...
  4. W

    Looking for a stock full T30 suspension set up

    Hi guys, I have a 2015 T30 which prior to me buying it had a set of lowered springs fitted. The ride quality is poor, and a recent visit to my mechanic for an oil change identified a broken rear spring on the n/s and a rusty rear spring on the o/s which would account for the poor ride quality...
  5. D

    Should I replace VW T6 (T28) rear Springs with T30 Springs... Benefits?

    NEWBIE HERE... Can I upgrade my rear springs on my T6 T28 panel van (65 plate), bearing in mind that I've just fitted a towbar, and I will be adding furniture soon into the rear (as part of its conversion into a campervan). Just 2 adults and the dog will travel in it, but I suspect the van will...
  6. 1271A

    Sold T6 T30 standard suspension - from a low mileage Van

    Removed from a T30 with only 13,000 miles. Never carried any weight. collection only from Ringwood, Hants. £80
  7. D

    T6 LWB highline T30 vehicle weight?

    Hello, I am looking to buy some ramps to get the rear end up and provide enough room for me to move a RIB 120 bed to the left side as a numpty put it in the wrong place. However, ramps seem to be either 2T (£40) 2.5T (£80). The reason i ask is, websites state that the T30 is 3 tons! if i am only...
  8. t6blo

    For Sale T6 T30 OEM Standard Suspension - rear springs & rear shocks from 2019 low mileage van

    2019 T6 T30 SWB Kombi OEM Standard Suspension Van has only done 23k miles and has been fitted with coilovers so these are no longer required. Rear springs (see photo for colour code) Rear shocks (part number: 7E0 513 029 C / 7E0513029C) In very good condition with no leaks or knocking when...
  9. t6blo

    Sold T6 T30 Standard Suspension - rear springs, rear shocks, front struts inc top mounts

    2019 T6 T30 SWB Kombi Standard Suspension Van has only done 22k miles Rear springs Rear shocks Front struts, springs and top mounts Will take pics shortly. In very good condition with no leaks or knocking when fitted. Ideal if you want to go back to standard height or Swamper style. Located...
  10. M

    For Sale original T30 T6.1 California shocks and springs £250.00

    Accessories for sale - x4 off original T30 T6.1 California shocks and springs £250.00 Updated the coiler overs on my Cali. Have the originals for sale. if you’re interested drop me a message. Collect from; Poulton le fylde, Lancashire They have done 18k miles and have plenty of life.
  11. louiseverard00

    T32 front springs on a t30?

    Has anyone got any of these? Looking to replace/upgrade springs with uprated shocks. I'm in Essex. Either within 30 miles or able to post please. FRONT 1 green 2 grey D IBA 1BB 1BH 1BJ 1BW+ 0JE 1 green 3 grey E IBA 1BB 1BH 1BJ 1BW+ 0JF 2 green 1 grey F IBA 1BB 1BH 1BJ 1BW+ 0JG REAR 3...
  12. M

    T28 badged as T30

    Bought a 67 plate T6 about a year ago. Camper conversion. Only noticed the other day that all the paperwork (V5C, insurance) says it’s a T28 when the badge says T30 on the back. The badge doesn’t look like it’s been altered in any way or replaced. So I wonder what gives. Is this a van that has...
  13. R

    Sold As new standard springs

    Hi I have a set of as new standard springs for sale from a unregistered van t30 I believe but I,ll double check. Not unless one of you nice chaps can assist with any input. Looking for £30 cash on collection from Renfrewshire or bellshill area.
  14. Z

    New T6.1 - what's the differences between a T28 and a T30?

    I'm considering changing my 2018 T30 swb 150DSG Kombi Edition for a new T6.1, cant believe how much it's still worth after nearly four years and 46,000 miles! Looking on the VW configurator the price difference between a new T6.1 T28 and a T30 is about £600. I understand the T30 is built to...
  15. Buzznitro

    For Sale 2016 T30 140PS Camper. £35500

    Hi everyone, we have decided to sell our "Home Sweet Home" campervan. The is a 2016 VW Transporter Trendline, 140PS diesel, Euro 5 BlueMotion, 6 speed manual, T30 in reflex silver, with 89000 miles. There have been no engine modifications. MOT valid until July 22. It has been used as a daily...
  16. L

    Tyre pressure 235/50/18

    Cannot find this combo, apologies if I missed it. Dealer cannot be bothered to advise (they swapped them out for the Claytons), anyone know? Label in van has same pressure for these 2 235/55 R17 103H 255/45 R18 103 H at 36 unladen, 48 laden Mine are 235/50 101W Any offers - there seems to be...
  17. I

    Sportline wheels - anthracite - £1200

    4 x virtually new T6 sport line wheels and continental tyres for sale only on the van for approx 4 weeks genuine have receipt. £1200.00 Ono.
  18. W

    Aracaju wheel load rating

    Hi, just bought a second hand set of Aracaju alloys (standard spec 17 inch on some Caravelle and California 3070kg GVW models). Hoping to fit them to my T32...but have not been able to find the wheel load rating for them. Can anyone offer a hint of where to look out this information? Many...
  19. G

    T30 suspension, so springy and walowy

    Hi everyone I appreciate loads of threads on the subject of suspension i have a T30 with lovely 20” wheels the ride is so walowy, you feel it’s difficult on enjoy on country lanes as it doesn’t handle the best on bends, wife had to sit in back one day and the ride was horrible ( to bouncy)...
  20. gavp

    For Sale T28, T30 308mm dia front discs and pads

    Bought for previous T30 but too small for current T32. ATE discs, textar pads as pictured. £120 + delivery at cost or collect from Dursley Gloucestershire, might be able to drop/meet or deliver as starting to travel again for work.