Momo Revenge but what tyres?


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Hi, I'm thinking if getting these wheels for my T6 T28 and lowering 40mm with springs.
I've had a search on here and gather that the 40 tyres are too big even though they are suggested by Vanstyle?
Should I source my own 275/35/20 tyres?

I know someone who has the same set up with the 40 tyres and they don't have problems but their van is a T32, so not sure if that makes a difference when compared to a T28. Is the stock suspension different depending on the van payload?

Would be nice to hear from anyone who has bought these wheels for a T28 and what they would advise


Size: 20x8.5J
Offset (ET): 45
Centre Bore: 65.1mm (Direct Fit)
PCD: 5x120



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Yet again, a supplier advising 275 wide tyres on an 8.5" wheel. What kind of Micky Mouse information are they drawing from:mad:
The two quoted sizes above would be perfect if you are a staggered setup with 8.5 and 10" and even then, i'd drop the 10" to 265/40.

8.5" rims should be running 255 as a max and 225 as a minimum. If it was me, depending on the look you want, pick the tyre that has the smallest profile to be load rated to a T28, which in your case gives you a good choice.

Cracking looking wheel in 20" though.


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On the same advert above, where did they find a set of 255/35/20 in 102 load rating? because the highest I can find is 97 in that size.