momo revenge

  1. M

    Help Required - What size spacer? 20”

    Hi After a little advice regarding wheels spacers please. After an MOT I had an advisory note/comment that tyres were rubbing on full lock, not something I notice day to day but as it’s been officially highlighted as it were it makes sense to get sorted. With that said I’ve no idea the size...
  2. Sharpe

    For Sale Momo Revenge 18” and Toyo Proxes 101 rated

    Seeing if there is any interest, debating wether to go to 20” or keep these and fit chunkier tyres. Momo Revenge 18” in Anthracite Matt finish. 880kg load rating and straight fit for transporters with no spigot rings required. 18x8 ET45. One rim has a small kerb rash (my fault, can’t blame...
  3. M

    Sold Momo Revenge 20” wheels

    Hi there I may have some Momo Revenge 20” wheels available soon-ish. Still looking at changing things out for a semi-swamper look so might reluctantly sell the Revenges on. Paused my searches over Christmas but will be looking again now.
  4. C

    MOMO Revenge Evo 20" Set Up

    Morning all. When my van is eventually sourced for camper conversion I'm thinking of putting on these smart MOMO Revenge Evo 8.5j 20" rims. I know this question has been asked a thousand times and that other threads are available but I'd be interested in hearing opinions for the best tyre/spring...
  5. T

    Sold Momo Revenge EVO 20" Matt Black Diamond polished

    Momo Revenge EVO 20" Matt Black, Diamond polished 8 1/2J x 20 offset 45 Load rating 750kg Skyfire 255/35 ZR20 102Y XL - done 3000 miles. 5-6mm left on all 4. Excellent condition, no scuffs/kerbing. Came with van. Located North East England. £800 o.n.o.
  6. gonzoromirez

    Momo Revenge but what tyres?

    Hi, I'm thinking if getting these wheels for my T6 T28 and lowering 40mm with springs. I've had a search on here and gather that the 40 tyres are too big even though they are suggested by Vanstyle? Should I source my own 275/35/20 tyres? I know someone who has the same set up with the 40 tyres...
  7. Jayjmac

    Sold 20 inch MOMO Revenge Gloss Black

    For sale: 20 inch MOMO REVENGE gloss black alloys. 2 band new (500 odd miles) General Altimax sport 245/45/R20 Y XL tyres on the front and 2 Nexus N FERA SU1s 245/45/ZR20 103Y on the rear (covered approx 9000) probably about half tread left. Not the greatest tyres but inherited them with the...
  8. T6180

    Sold Momo Revenge 20" Alloys Matt Black (t32 Load Rated)

    Ok so I have my eye on another project so I need to make room in the garage These have been recently powder coated in matt black as they where are the more expensive diamond cut version, however we all know what happens to diamond cut alloys after a couple of months. I was going to fit them and...
  9. Paul H

    Momo Revenge Matte Black 20" Or Wolfrace Assassins Black 20”

    Hi Looking for peoples thoughts and looking to see whether anyone had any pictures of their vans with either of these wheels fitted. My van is a T6 Kombi in Candy Red. Cheers
  10. Loz

    Wheel Identification Thread

    Please post your wheel pictures including the name and size so we can compile a reference. If possible also include the weight range etc. Please try and post a side on shot like the first 2 examples. This topic will be tidied up weekly
  11. Chrisaus

    Sold Momo Revenge 20in Matt Black

    Momo Revenge 20 inch alloys Matt black Covered around 2k Wrapped in Avon zx7 tyres 950 or deal with some sport lines
  12. Lee newton

    Got My New Toy

    So happy with my new t6 camper just can’t wait to get out on the road
  13. LambethBoy

    20" Momo Revenge Evo On T32 4motion

    Hi Guys. This is giving me a headache!! I've settled on these wheels but im concerned firstly about load ratings and also being 8.5 with an et35. Prob be on 275 or 265/40 will these rub on the front with a 50mm drop? Somebody cheer me up...and bring nurofen!
  14. N

    Momo Wheels Anyone??

    Is anyone running on MOMO revenge alloys? Would love to see a pic if anyone is. Finding it so hard to decide on a set of wheels