Insurance Policies For A Van To Camper Conversion

Discussion in 'Insurance' started by Guy, 5 Dec 2018.

  1. Guy

    Guy Phase 1 Complete VIP Member

    I am in the process of purchasing a transporter to convert into a camper. My question, what is the best way to insure it? i have a van quote £240 but as soon as i put a pop top on it or change the wheels etc etc i will have to change the insurance as the van will be classed as 'modified'. Have you any advice on insurance companies that will insure the van without having to change the policy every time i modify a part of it?
    Thanks in advance
  2. Ed Webb

    Ed Webb Webber VCDS User Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    Insurance Companies

    I'm with Adrian flux, they insured me as a panel van and included my extras as I converted it to a camper.

    Have a browse through the insurance section as there are numerous threads on this topic.
    Welcome to the forum. :thumbsup:
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  3. Pete C

    Pete C T30 102bhp converted to camper VIP Member T6 Legend

    A-Plan do a conversion policy, which covers you as you convert the van to a camper.

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  4. F2JON

    F2JON Member T6 Pro

    Brentacre no charge for any future modifications
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  5. Salty Spuds

    Salty Spuds Senior Member VCDS User VIP Member T6 Guru

    I’m with Adrian Flux as they were the only people that would cover the value of the van. They provided a “van in conversion” policy. I’d rate them as “average” as an insurance company.
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  6. Bargy62

    Bargy62 Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    They charge you an admin fee when you go from panel van to campervan/motorhome after it's converted
    £50 admin actual policy increase £30
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  7. ahappychappie

    ahappychappie Senior Member T6 Pro

    We were in same position as you. We used Adrian Flux - insurance started as cover for panel van - when converted we phoned them to advise of change and thus insurance amended accordingly - there was an admin fee.

    However, we had big arguments with them - they advised us price should change very little as although value was going up risk was going down. Policy went up circa £300 - they listened to original recordings and admitted this was the advice given - so reduced the price to pretty much the same - what they didn't tell us was they'd applied a large excess (circa £400) to get the price lower. Toing and froing and eventually threat of ombudsman got excess reduced.

    At renewal time it's a lot easier as of course you're just renewing as Campervan so can shop around etc.
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  8. Dieseldonkey

    Dieseldonkey 150 DSG Shuttle Conversion VIP Member T6 Legend

    Just Kampers also do a conversion policy. Allows you a year to do the build and conversion.
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  9. Guy

    Guy Phase 1 Complete VIP Member

    Cheers for the replies, i will try the above options and let you know how i get on. Thanks
  10. Dellmassive

    Dellmassive 204 T32 DSG LWB SPORTLINE PV MY18 VCDS User Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    I'm with A-plan.

    Have been for years.

    Commercial, panel van, fully comp, insurance.
  11. Guy

    Guy Phase 1 Complete VIP Member

    hi all
    I rang JustKampers, A plan and Herts all about the same £275-330 but A plan have no ammendment fee for non camper related stuff ie. wheels suspension body kit etc.
    haven't got the van yet but will probably go with A plan.
  12. Alby42

    Alby42 Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    One insurance solutions Torquay. Second time I’ve used them and they give 3 months to convert. Noproblems last time and new policy taken out today. Not cheap for me but nobody else is either. It’s vehicle no 6 in the fleet..
  13. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf Member T6 Pro

    A Plan, Thatcham Branch worked out well with me, Ask for Fraser there. He knew his stuff and was very helpful. He quoted me cheaper than my current insurer and that was adding to the value of the van also and not charging any more for modifications i do to the van throughout the year.
  14. RedFirefly

    RedFirefly New Member

    Hi lone wolf, do you mind if I ask what they quoted you? I’ve recently had a quote from A plan which was £560?
  15. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf Member T6 Pro

    Yeah no probs, it was £650 all in with my Dad and my girlfriend on there. My postcode doesn’t help as in Romford which is twinned with the Bronx. Wasn’t going to insure the girlfriend on it but queried it after finishing the quote and said they would throw it in so see what you can get. She’s never allowed to drive it though :sneaky:
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  16. Buzznitro

    Buzznitro Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Hi everyone just gone with Brentacre, fantastic service and got a great deal as I am still converting, fully comp and all the bells and whistles £390.00

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