Identifying Oil Leak


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Hi all, really excited to find this forum - my husband has just bought a Vw Crafter 2010 CR 35TDi2461cc combi 109 and it has an oil leak! He’s tried to find a manual but had no luck. He has identified where the leak is coming (See red arrow on picture) from but, being used to much older vehicles, can’t work out what the hell the thing is that has sprung a leak. He feels far too sheepish to ask so I thought I better try.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.F4F5BF4C-C833-4F24-9F91-0DAF0AD32B38.jpeg
Thanks Dellmassive, this forum came up when I googled Crafter forum but I see the difference now. I tried to join the VW Crafter and LT forum but there ‘image recognition’ thing isn’t working so I can’t register - I tried to report it to them but they use the same inmate recognition thing to email them.... arrrggghhhhh. These things are sent to try us.
Thanks anyway
The following VW Self-study programme documents might be of interest although none of these probably answer your question:
SSP 371 The 2.5L TDI engines in the Crafter at The 2.5l TDI Engines in the Crafter - Self-study programme 371 | Pdf Online Download
SSP 446 The 2.5l TDI EURO V engines with SCR system in Crafter at The 2.5L TDI EURO V Engines - Self-Study Programme 446 | Pdf Online Download

Other documents of VW SSP series about Crafter can be found as follows:
SSP 369 The Crafter 2006, at
SSP 370 The Crafter - Electrical System, at
SSP 372 The Shiftmatic Gearbox 0B81

For newer Crafters at least the following exist (google probably can help to relocate these):
SSP 505 Crafter 2012
SSP 506 Crafter Achleitner 4Motion
SSP 566 Crafter 2017​